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Friday, 21 March 2014

Heather Huffington - Week 2

Heather Huffington's second week in New Maximiliania (after her graduation) starts just where her first week ended: in this small but nice yellow house by the Sea.
Here she is, Heather, the aspiring Rock Goddess! Maybe you remember her from the chapter about the Grunt family. She is Ripp's True Love but won't settle with him until he is ready (i.e. until he has had woohoo with 20 different Sims). In the meantime, she will focus on her career.
On Monday, Erik Swain walks by and is invited in. The two of them have known each other for a long time, probably since their university days, although Erik is much older than Heather, as you can tell.
On Tuesday, Heather rings Ripp. "You're still not quite ready for a 'two people only' relationship, are you?" she asks her 3-bolt-love.
        Indeed he isn't, but that does not stop this couple from loving each other. Heather invites him over, and as soon as Ripp appears on her doorstep, she is all over him.
       He tells Heather how fun it is to have a public woohoo. Not sure she really wanted to know that! Later, she leaves for work. The right decision with a chance card means a sudden influx of money to her account: 15.000 Simoleons!
       On Wednesday morning, she returns from work with a promotion to concert pianist. Phew! I won't have to see this particularly horrid outfit any longer.
      One of her wishes has been to buy a car, and now there is certainly enough money for that.
        Lilo Landgraab (Malcolm's daughter) is her guest for the day.
      On Thursday, Heather invites 8 of her 11 friends over. Most of them have known her and each other from university. Here come Erik Swain, Jasmine Rai, Ophelia Nigmos and Brittany Upsnott.
       From the other side of the road, Gary Greenman, Castor Nova, Kevin O'Feefe (formerly Beare) and Tiffany Sampson approach the house.
        While everyone says hello to everyone else, Heather gives the shrubs in her front yard a quick trim.
       Of course, her electric guitar is very popular with her party guests, and Brittany gets a huge amount of tips from everyone. In spite of Heather deciding she wants a hot bubble bath in the middle of the party, it is a success, and her friendships are maintained in a nice and easy way.

        On Friday morning, Heather wakes up with a) the flu, b) a cold and c) a mysterious desease. How annoying! She can't make Comfort Soup and has no choice but to get as much rest as possible.
        While she is at work, another good decision with a chance card earns her 32.000 Simoleons - not bad for someone who started the week with a mere 500 to their name!
More importantly, she is promoted to Symphony Conductor.
        What she needs now to get that final promotion is two Charisma skill points. Thankfully, she has Saturday off and spends most of the time skilling.
        And her having invested her time off in skilling is rewarded when she returns from work on Sunday night as New Maximiliania's latest Rock Goddess! (Still in her Symphony Conductor's dress here.)
Heather has reached Permanent Platinum 15 days from Elderhood.
Now all that's missing is Ripp Grunt reaching his LTW, so that the two of them can finally be together properly.

PS: This will be the last update for about a week. I won't have time to play this weekend, and on Sunday night will be travelling to another town where I'll be staying all of next week for a work-related course. No internet access there except for my mobile phone, which means I can't even read your updates! I hope you'll have plenty ready for me when I come back :-)


  1. Hopefully your work related course is fun for you as you won't be playing any sims. I am sure they will lots of updates for your to read.

  2. Good round for Heather, she got a lot accomplished in her career and socially. Hopefully Ripp can make good headway with his LTW during his next round and they can get together. :)

    1. Yes, I am hoping for that, too; just have not yet worked out where they should live together. Heather's place is small, but nice; the Grunts' farmhouse is meant for a large family, which they will definitely not be since they don't need children for their LTWs.

  3. Hope your course is fun - I've been away for a bit too, am only just catching up on blogs and the like. Great to see that Heather made her ltw.

    1. The course was great; tiring, but great, and I am already looking forward to the next part in May.
      I have started playing the next household on the list but haven't gotten very far yet :-)


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