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Monday, 3 March 2014

The Goth-Roseland Family: Week 7

Click here for Week 6 at this household, and here if you are interested in a tour of the house.

The Goth-Roseland villa stands as proudly as ever, now under a thick blanket of snow.
Alexander Goth (55) still lives here...
...and so does his wife Tara (nee DeBateau).
Alexander's half-Alien twins, Giselle (left) and Gunther (right) are of course still here, too.
Last but not least, the recently widowed Cyd Roseland (69 years old), who was married to Cassandra Goth. After her death, it was never a question of him going anywhere else; he stayed with his brother-in-law, the rest of the family and the dogs.
On this Monday, I send Alexander out to tackle the weeding and clipping. It us usually not my habit to intervene much with my PermaPlat Sims, but there are children and dogs in this house, and for their sake, I can't let it all go neglected.
On Tuesday morning, while it is still dark, I try in vain to send Alexander on a walk with Moody. They make several attempts, but the action always drops out of the action line-up when they reach the door.
Tara makes a snowman. I always thought only Sims in a bad mood make the "devil" snowman - Tara is in a very good mood, but still makes this one.
On Tuesday at 6.00 pm, first Giselle...
...and then Gunther grow up from toddlers to children. Phew! Is there anyone who really likes the toddler "years"?
The room needs different furniture now. Gone are the baby cribs and changing tables, in come the proper beds and a wardrobe at one end of the spacious nursery...
...and a desk for homework at the other end.
I love it when my Sims-kids do that without me telling them!
Especially Gunther turns out to be a bit of a neat freak. He walks about the house and puts things in order on his own initiative.
On Wednesday morning, Giselle gets up before everyone else and bakes herself a muffin for breakfast.
She is soon joined by her "uncle" Cyd, and the two of them don't seem to mind the icy floor of the back porch. Instead, they cosily sit there for a long chat about Giselle's Alien heritage, while Moody listens attentively to every word "his" humans are saying.
It is Snow Day, so the twins' first day at school is postponed. Gunther does not mind - there is plenty to do at the big house. After he finishes with all of his self-imposed cleaning tasks, he takes a spin on one of the two "spin, wobble and twirl" toys that Alexander had in his inventory.
No rest for the neat kid, though, and he is soon busy again, this time clearing up old newspapers. Who needs a household help if they have a child like Gunther!
Later, he follows his sister's example and bakes a muffin.
He has already had his breakfast, but when Alexander makes omelettes for the family, Gunther still joins his Dad in the kitchen.
He sits down with the others and has a second breakfast. "You both grew up so well, I am really very proud of you," Alexander tells his kids.
After the family breakfast, Giselle clears the table. While that is very commendable, I don't think she should be kneeling on the open door of the dishwasher!
Alexander and Tara are still as much in love with each other as they were in their young adult days.
On Thursday morning, once again Giselle gets up first. This time she contents herself playing quietly with her toy horse, while her brother is still asleep. Interestingly, Gunther dreams of one of their many half-sisters, without ever having met her (at least not as far as I know).
Moody has a playful encounter with a stray dog.
It is the first school day for the twins. All the snow has gone, so there is no postponing it any longer.
I am glad Moody has finally discovered the water-whirl toy on the front lawn! This dog is almost constantly on a low hygiene level, and I fed up with the adults having to give him baths all the time, nearly every time resulting in blocked stairways and much annoyance from everyone else who insists on using the same bathroom at the same time.
Today, it is Tara's job to do some gardening.
School was rather exhausting for the children. Of course, they both woke up very early, and so it is hardly surprising that they need a nap in the afternoon.
Malcolm Landgraab is one of the very few fellow New Maximilianians who walks past the house this week. He is promptly asked to stay for dinner with Cyd and Alexander. Having half-Alien twins himself (Lance and Lola), I am sure Malcolm can understand quite well what it is like for Alexander.
In the evening, Alexander helps his son with his first homework. They use Alexander's old room for that.
Giselle is next. She prefers the new desk in the nursery.
Malcolm wants to burn off the dinner calories instantly and heads for the small gym room next to Cyd's bedroom. Cyd joins him there on his own accord, and this is the only time this week that I see anyone using the exercise bike.
On Friday morning, Gunther and Giselle have a nursery breakfast of muffins from their toy oven.
There must have been something in the muffins (or maybe it was all that smart milk they were fed on as toddlers), because they both get their first A+ report on the same day.
It rains on Saturday, but that does not stop Gunther and Giselle from playing in the garden.
Everyone sits down together for a family dinner later.
Giselle is nearly as neat as her brother and cleans the pet bed without anybody asking her.
Sunday morning, Gunther isn't actually hungry when he gets up but still bakes a muffin for himself.
The children have a great day of playing outdoors nearly all of Sunday. It is "cops & robbers" first...
...then they discover why the dogs like this toy so much...
...and after they are both dry and dressed again, Giselle decides she wants to fly the kite.
After a while, Tara brings out a story book, and Giselle happily gives up the kite and sits on the grass with her "Mum".
Cameron Capp is the only other child the children have met all week.

I'm afraid Cyd and Tara will leave this world early into their next week. Then, there will be only Alexander and the children left, plus the two dogs.


  1. What a lovely round. Gunther and Giselle are very likeable. I do love it when I have a super neat sim in the house and that's the great thing about aliens with their dominant personalities in certain traits- I always hope one is going to be maxed in 'neat'!
    Sims make the evil snowman according to how grumpy they are as opposed to their mood. If they aren't nice at all you'll always get an evil snowman. I'm not sure what the cut off is but I assume less than 4/10.
    I also like the water wigglers, great for kids and adults to play in and for dogs to get clean. (I usually place a bath in the garden somewhere so I don't get the routing issues- what's funny is if a sim decides to use it, having a bath right there in the garden, lol.).
    Alexander will have lots of company in his children when Tara and Cyd depart.
    I do love the house. :)

    1. I like the kids, too; they are similar in many ways (as you'd expect from twins), but different in others. Giselle seems much more the outdoorsy kid than her brother, and Gunther tires long before his sister, although they both have the same aspiration rewards etc.
      Thank you for the explanation about the evil snowman! I had no idea Tara was a grumpy Sim (never really look much at my Sims' personality traits).
      I had a bathtub on the back porch for the dog-washing, but got fed up with the human family members always wanting to take baths out there :-)
      The house is, I think, one of my favourites in New Maximiliania.


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