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Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Greenman-Picaso Household: Week 6

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This modest house has been Jessica Picaso's home ever since the foundation of New Maximiliania. But wait a minute - we have not reached the letter "P" yet on the alphabetical list, have we?
Indeed we have not. But Jessica and Matthew divorced a long time ago, because Matthew decided he wanted to be with Alex O'Mackey, his 3-bolt-love. Matthew is long dead, and Jessica has married again. Her new surname is Greenman, and her husband is Gary, one of Rose Greenman's plantchildren.
I accidentally deleted the pictures I had taken on the Monday of this week, and so we plunge right in early on Tuesday morning, when a burglar is seen approaching the house. Not that there is much of value in it - neither Jessica nor Gary work, and they basically still live off the money Jessica and her first husband had when he moved out, plus the occasional inheritance from a deceased friend.
The burglar still finds something to steal, but although he looks at the book shelf, he ends up taking the telly (which you can't see in the picture, it is of course placed opposite the settee).
When Jessica wakes up a little later and becomes aware of what happened, she is rather upset.
This is Gary! Upon starting this week, I found I wasn't too keen on a never-sleeping Plantsim in the household, and decided to have him invest a few precious Simoleons into the substance that "cures" Plantsimism. It works also on Sims who never were entirely "human", but started out their lives from a seed planted by a Plantsim parent.
Glenda Greenman is the only child Jessica has with Gary. Her other five children - two sets of twin boys and a girl - are all from Matthew. Glenda is also the only one still living at home: yesterday, the two brothers closest her age, Prezioso and Pablo, have left for college.

Do you remember how, at the start of this round, for some unknown reason the lifetime wants of many of my Sims had changed? And how now, for quite a few households in a row, everything stayed the same? Well, this time, we have Jessica's LTW changed, while Gary's is still the same: he wants to marry off six children. Good job that Jessica's children ALL count as his, even if actually they are not his biological children except for Glenda.
Jessica now wants to become Chief of Staff, something which is not possible at her age, I'm afraid.
The annex that was built when the number of children began to increase is now, with Glenda being the only child left in the house, redecorated and furnished for her.
Usually, Glenda feeds the fish before she goes to school in the mornings, and this Tuesday is no exception. (The pond is a heirloom from Matthew, who used to work in the Oceanography career.)
Upstairs, Jessica and Gary have put away their winter clothes and changed into outfits better suited to the sunny spring weather.
With there being no regular income, it is out of the question to call the repair service. Gary and Jessica are well able to look after such things themselves.
Glenda brings Meike Riley home from school.
Is is her birthday, and her aunt Lavender (Gary's older sister, standing right behind Glenda) and grandmother Rose Greenman (behind Jessica) have come to celebrate, as well as Romeo Monty, who just happened to walk past but was asked to share the cake with them.

Glenda's aspiration is Popularity, and her LTW is that of having 20 best friends at the same time.
Her older sister Paola, whom she is very close with, has come over from university for the afternoon, too. Nearly every day for the rest of the week, Glenda rolls the wish to ring Paola for a chat.
The first thing Jessica does on Wednesday morning is clean the dog house. Yes, Jack the family dog is still there, too, and very well.
He loves it when someone turns the stereo on so that he can "sing" along :-)
Today, Gesine Gavigan comes home from school with Glenda.
The girls spend most of the afternoon dancing away to the music from the stereo.
On Thursday morning, Jessica wants to make omelettes for breakfast, but the stove catches fire. Thankfully, there is a fire alarm, and the flames are soon put out by the expert fireman.
Glenda's choice of classmate for today is Sirius Swain.
Glenda and Sirius get along very well and are friends by the time the young man goes home, but nothing more.
On Friday, Jessica tries to repair the stereo and is electrocuted, witnessed by her shocked husband. She recovers quickly, though, and finishes the repair with no further incident.
On Saturday morning, Jack asks Glenda for food. Usually, I make sure that my Sims always keep their pets' food dishes well filled, but somehow everyone was asleep when Jack finished his food. So this is the first time I see this happening: a pet asking for food, and the Sim going to fill the dish without me telling them!
It being Saturday, Jessica, Gary, Glenda and Jack board a taxi that takes them to Greaves Greener Gardens. A fun day in the sun and lots of fishing (that had been everybody's wish for a few days already) is had by all.
On Sunday morning, Jack gets into a fight with a stray wolf with gleaming eyes. Glenda is wise enough not to intervene, but of course she hopes her dog will win.

Well, it was the stray wolf who prevailed over Jack, and he is glad that Glenda is there to comfort him afterwards.
It will still take a long time until Gary's LTW of marrying off 6 children will be fulfilled, and so I try to make many of his daily wishes come true. One of them has been to get fit, and on Sunday afternoon, he works out to the stereo long enough to achieve it.
Jessica and Glenda both want to host a party, and so Glenda is allowed to invite those Sims who mean the most to her. One of them is her sister Paola.
The others are Sirius Swain, Perseida Powers (half-Alien daughter of Joshua Powers) and Gesine Gavigan.
Jessica, who is now 65, buys a pet bed and a second food bowl for Jack, who has so far always only slept in the cheap and not very comfortable dog house outside.
Have you ever noticed that our Sims are left-handed? I realized that just now when I was watching Glenda writing her diary, ending the week at this household.

There are several more households with the Greenman family name in the neighbourhood. Who is next?


  1. A good week here. It's funny how the LTW's change- I often have found that once they attend college the LTW's are different than I have noted previously. I have a hack that lets me change them back when I remember.
    Glenda is a nice sim, very helpful around the house too. I love her bedroom makeover.
    Lucky that Jessica didn't die from electrocution, it always makes me laugh when they get zapped.
    I like Gary as a human, he has a nice look.

    1. Yes, I am quite happy with Gary as a human, too, and am now thinking about changing some more of the many Plantsims in my 'hood, just to see what they'll be like.
      Also, it can get a little boring to play a Plantsim who never needs to eat or sleep. I like my Sims to have large gatherings around the dinner table with family and friends.

  2. Glenda is a beauty! and Gary looks good as a human :)


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