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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Geoff and Lavender Greenman: Week 2

Week 1 at this household is here.

According to my alphabetical list, the name after "Greenman, Gary" is "Greenman, Geoff", and so we find ourselves for a week at the blue house belonging to Geoff (formerly Rutherford) and his wife Lavender Greenman.
Here they are. Lavender is one of Rose Greenman's plantchildren. Behind her you can see her older sister, Daisy, Rose's firstplanted (not firstborn). Daisy married Gilbert Jacquet a long time ago and lives with him and his half-Alien daughter Jacqueline elsewhere in New Maximiliania.
Both Lavender and Geoff have unchanged lifetime wants. Geoff reached his LTW of becoming Rock God nine days before his last birthday, and since he is on Permanent Platinum, I hardly ever tell him what to do. Lavender still dreams of having 20 lovers, but as she has found a 3-bolt-husband in Geoff and loves him dearly, she does not wish to cause him pain.
While I was not playing this household, she obviously had something going on with other Sims, though: I find Gunnar Roque and Tybalt Capp listed as being her lovers.
What shall I do, she seems to ask the flower in her hand here.
First things first: Jules Cleveland (nee O'Mackey) walks by and is politely greeted by Lavender.
And since I quite liked the transformation her younger brother Gary made in the previous post, I have Lavender call the Matchmaker and buy a pink glowing bottle from her.
Funnily enough, the bottle changes its glow to orange when Lavender drinks it.
Moments later, she is 100 % human!
This was a bit of a surprise; so far, those of Rose Greenman's plantchildren who have turned human all show the darkest skin-tone (Daisy and Gordon), but Lavender isn't.
In the evening, she invites those of her family members over she feels closest with. She wants to show her new human self to them, and soon, every seat around the large dining table is taken.
After the meal, her guests gather in the open-plan kitchen for a game of kicky-bag.
On Tuesday morning, Geoff (whom I do not control) decides to make pancakes for breakfast.
But he leaves the pan on the stove and goes to use the bathroom, which results thankfully not in a kitchen fire but in burnt pancakes.
He goes to bed after his "tasty" breakfast; you know how funny the sleeping patterns of our elderly Sims can be. Meanwhile, Lavender gets up from her first whole night spent asleep in a bed!
When in the early afternoon Geoff leaves for work, she invites Tybalt Capp over. It was her wish to flirt with him, and here is how she greets him.
She sends him home soon afterwards, really not wanting to be unfaithful "all the way" to her husband, but can't stop thinking of Tybalt.
She tries to distract herself by doing every job she can think of around the house, cleaning the bath included.
Geoff returns from home with Helena Stacks in tow.
On Wednesday morning, the world is covered in a thick blanket of snow and the creek running through the Greenmans' garden is frozen over.
Lavender has thankfully stopped rolling wishes for Tybalt Capp and now wants a hot tub. Wish granted!
She greets passers-by Ginger Newson.
Later, she wants to get fit and buy an exercise machine. Geoff is so smitten with his wife that he follows her everywhere, and watches her working out.
Lavender seems to be determined now not to let other men spoil her marriage.
She thinks of Geoff all the time now, even when talking to other men, such as Loki Beaker here.
It is Thursday morning, and once again Geoff makes breakfast. This time, the pancakes turn out very well and nothing is burnt.
When there are just the two of them, Lavender and Geoff use the small table in the kitchen for their meals, not the large one in the dining room.
Lavender's new fitness regime pays off!
This is the only time during the whole week that Lavender actually gets into the hot tub she wanted. I knew some Sims can hardly be convinced to get out of it!
When Geoff leaves for work on Friday, Lavender goes to Amelia's Closet and buys some new outfits for herself and her husband. Many New Maximilianian men (Gavin Newson, Jonah Powers and Jason Larson) are there, and nearly all of them can't help but notice Lavender, while the young man behind the counter seems more interested in Johnny Smith.
Back home, Lavender changes into one of her new outfits.
Trisha Traveller stops for a plate of salad.
I mentioned above that Geoff follows his wife nearly everywhere, he is so smitten with her. On Saturday morning, he sits next to her while she does the crossword - just to be near her. Isn't that sweet?
Few things mean more to Lavender than her family, although she is a Romance Sim, and she invites some of them over. Her younger sisters Gerlinde and Greta have come from university to spend the day with the family, too.
Seating in the hot tub is limited to four Sims, and those four Sims who get there first stay in the bubbling warm water for a long time.
Geoff has to leave for work in the early afternoon, but he knows his wife won't be lonely with her folks around.
Sunday morning, Lavender cleans the bathroom.
The day passes by without any events worth mentioning. Sunday night ends with Geoff returning from work and being congratulated by Lavender for his excellent hula skill :-)

It looks as if Lavender will not reach her LTW, but fulfilling her daily wishes gives her a good chance at getting enough aspiration points to be on Permanent Platinum one day, too. She will become an Elder soon into the next week at this household.


  1. Lavender certainly was torn between Geoff and Tybalt for a while but Geoff seems so sweet on her doesn't he?
    I do like the way Lavender looks now, it's odd about her Mother's skintone not showing in her but I suppose the pollinating Plantsim must have her skintone as a recessive gene.
    I also enjoyed the family and friends coming over and it is surprising about the hot tub, most sims can't wait to jump (and stay) in it!
    Lavender's bathroom looks very pretty- great colour scheme.

    1. Thank you! I tried to incorporate "her" colours (Lavender...) in both the bathroom and the bedroom, and make the kitchen and dining room more the "large rural family home" type.
      Reg. Rose Greenman's genetics, her only naturally born (not planted) children, the twins Gerlinde and Greta, are fair skinned (like her husband, Jason) and dark (like Rose herself probably is when she is "human").

    2. I know Rose is dark skinned as I changed her back one time myself. Her and Jason had a daughter one time I played Riverblossom and she too had dark skin- it's the luck of the draw I suppose, :)


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