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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Greenman Family: Week 5

Week Four is here, if you're interested.

This is the last of the Greenman households on my list, and also the original one, where it all began: The home of Jason and Rose Greenman.
Jason is 61 and has been on Permanent Platinum for a while, which means I usually do not control him. He still goes to work as a Game Designer nearly every day.
Gordon is one of Rose's plantchildren. She "needed" him back in the day when her lifetime want was still that of marrying off six children. Now, though, I find she wants to become a World Class Ballet Dancer. Sorry, Rose, at 59 you are too late for that.

Gordon's LTW is to Become The Law, and he is currently working as a Legal Secretary.
Here is Rose. Unfortunately, she was electrocuted when trying to repair the computer. Fortunately, she recovered very quickly and was able to finish the repair.
The picture on the wall shows her first"born", Daisy, with her boyfriend Gilbert Jacquet on a date. Since then, a lot has happened: Daisy married Gilbert and moved in with him and his elderly mother Denise. Eventually, she drank the special potion to turn her into an entirely human Sim. Denise died of old age, Gilbert was abducted by Aliens and has a daughter, Jacqueline, and now both Daisy and Gilbert are Elders, while Jacqueline is a lively teenager.
It is spring, but still snowing. Never mind, thinks Rose and flies the kite.
On this Monday, Gordon is promoted to Legal Biller.
On Tuesday morning, he and his mother share a joke about Aliens who really seem to believe that their green skintone is similar to the skintone of plantsims.
Another promotion means Gordon is now a Paralegal.
This water-wiggler was given to the Greenmans by someone who knows what plantsims need!
But isn't it still a little cold for jumping about in the water like this, Gordon?
On Wednesday, like every working day of the whole week, Jason brings his vampire colleague Tammy along. Of course, just like every day, she runs away from the sun as soon as she gets off the car. Without me having done anything to achieve this, the two of them have autonomously become best friends.
On Thursday, spring is well and truly here, and Rose spends the day doing what she likes best: gardening.
A stray dog joins her for a round of water-wiggler :-)
Gordon is promoted to Personal Injury Attorney and now has this career reward available. Since he needs a charisma skill for his next promotion, he instantly puts it to good use.
Later, he makes sure to catch some more sunlight and joins his mother on the front lawn.
On Friday, having worked on his skills pays off when he gets off the car as New Maximiliania's latest Family Law Attorney.
This calls for a celebration, and since Gordon has been showing the want to throw a party, a party it is! There are Tessa Ramirez, Elizabeth Aspir, Garrett Newson, Daisy Jacquet, Gary and Lavender Greenman (Gordon's humanized siblings)... well as William Williamson and Jacqueline Jacquet, Gordon's niece.
The party was a roof raiser, and Gordon does not even mind that the dishwasher, so rarely used in this house with nearly no meals ever prepared, broke down afterwards and needs repairing on the Saturday morning.
All of this week, few fellow New Maximilianians have been spotted walking by the house. But today, Param Patel is cordially greeted by Gordon.
Another party is in full swing here :-)
It is yet another roof-raiser, last but not least thanks to Gordon and his mother giving off spores of happiness near their guests many times.
On Sunday morning, Rose and Gordon are seen jumping in the rain puddles for hours on end.
It is a lovely sunny Sunday, and of course there is only one possible way such a day can be spent at the Greenmans': Family Sunday!
Jason makes bass & squash for everyone.
Teenage cousins Jacqueline Jacquet and Glenda Greenman (no blood relations, because Jacqueline's "mother" Daisy is not her biological mother) prefer sitting on their own, away from the "old people", on the balcony, where Glenda explains that she does not need to sit in the sun because her skin is always as brown as this anyway.

The parties and the family Sunday were the only really fun moments to play in this household, the rest was, frankly, rather boring. I still have not decided yet whether to turn Gordon into a human Sim; maybe I will once he reaches PermaPlat.

Strangely enough, nobody seemed to have any recollection of the dramatic events at the dorm that lead to the loss of Rose's and Jason's twin daughters. The memories do show in their memory panels, but that's all; no revolving tombstones over their heads, or any thoughtbubbles of the girls.


  1. Ahh how quickly our Sims get over the death of their relatives eh? I think some are slightly more sensitive than others but mostly after 24 hours have passed they are 'over it'.
    I love parties and it's a fun way to pass time during the week. Rose and Gordon had fun outdoors as well and Jason is doing well still plodding off to work. Do your sims ever retire?
    I do like it when they bring friends home from work. :)

    1. The strange thing was that nobody in this family was even thinking about the girls, not once, not even Rose and Jason thought of them. It was as if they had never existed and they couldn't care less. Maybe it was because their death happened at uni and none of the family members were there to witness it.

      My Sims can retire if they show the wish, which I can't right now remember if it has ever happened. Otherwise, they'll just keep going to work. It is convenient when they are on PermaPlat - more often than not, "eating" at work saves them from death by starvation because I don't control them and they are too daft to get their own food :-)


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