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Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Grunt Family: Week 5

If you want to have a look at week 4, click here

The farmhouse on Mountain Road is one of the oldest buildings in New Maximiliania, and a house I have always quite liked to play in. I remember how, in my original NPC Challenge neighbourhood, my founding Sim moved here, and the family remained there for several generations, with lots of children, and it was exactly the kind of warm, bustling family atmosphere I had imagined it to be.

Who lives here nowadays?
General Buzz Grunt, who is not a general now, but a 67-year-old Superhero on Permanent Platinum...
...and his son Ripp. Ripp's lifetime want has changed, but not much: instead of dreaming of 20 lovers, he now wants to have woohoo with 20 different Sims. He is 15 days from Elderhood. During the last round, he had 12 lovers, but that does not mean he has had woohoo with the same number: most of the time, he contented himself with reaching the "red hearts" stage which each of those ladies. His one, true, big love is still Heather Huffington, although she is not the only 3-bolt-lady in his relationship panel.
There are also three dogs (one of which, Boogie, you can see in the picture) and a cat. They were all strays, adopted for Ripp's brother Tank, who wanted to have 20 best pet friends. Tank has since moved in with and married the mother of his children, Hermia Capp.
First of all, Ripp makes sure he invites over one by one all of the ladies he is in love with but has not (yet) had woohoo with. He starts with Titania Summerdream.
Buzz returns from work accompanied by colleague Sarah Love. He is very neat, and although I do not control him, it is usually he who deals with dog puddles and other issues of cleanliness about the house. The two dogs here are Rover (left) and Alegra (white). Alegra has just turned into an elderly dog.
Sarah Love leaves after a while, because Buzz makes no attempt to interact with her, and Ripp is... erm... busy elsewhere (in his bedroom, to be precise). Look at townie Brittany Wendland - she obviously thinks this elderly gentleman can well afford to wear such a skin-tight outfit!
That night, when Titania leaves (without Ripp having reached his goal of putting her name on his list of woohoos), Blossom Swain (formerly Moonbeam) walks up to the house. Ripp gave her a call while Titania was still there (which may have had something to do with him not making her a proper conquest). Blossom, though, becomes the 7th lady he has woohoo with.
Early on Tuesday morning, Buzz eats stale soup. He could have well had something else, but obviously couldn't be bothered to prepare anything.
Stella Pitts (formerly Terrano) becomes Ripp's # 8 today.
Unnoticed by his humans, but behowled by his four-legged friends, Rover meets the Grim Reaper for his very last game of throwing a stick.
Upstairs, Buzz practises on his son Buck's violin. Of course you remember Buck from my previous post; he lives with Beatrice Monty (his 3-bolt-love) and his half-Alien son, Graham, elsewhere in New Maximiliania.
Ripp's next visitor - and next name on the list - is Violet Jocque.
And who becomes # 10: Miranda Capp.
On Wednesday, Ripp wants a change of scene (i.e. he rolled the want for a public woohoo), and so he takes a taxi to Nerissa's Own Clothing Store.
He meets his date Ophelia Nigmos there. He once helped her with her lifetime want, now he expects her to return the favour.
Which she does.
Willingly, and much to everyone's entertainment! Mrs. Crumplebottom was nowhere to be seen, by the way. Towards the end of the date, Ophelia shows the wish to marry Ripp - something he is clearly NOT ready to do, and he hastily says good-bye and boards the first taxi he can grab.
Back home, the day is not over yet, there is still time for another one or two names to add to his ever-growing list!
Ariel Capp becomes # 12...
...and Jennifer Burb # 13.
It takes a while until # 13 is reached, because first Ripp, then Jennifer and then once again Ripp keep getting up from the bed for a good thorough coughing session. But finally, they stay put, and Ripp's intentions with Jennifer become reality.
On Thursday, Titania Summerdream is invited over again. This time, she brings along her friend, Goneril Capp. Looks like Goneril is anyhting but happy to see Ripp and Titania on such intimate terms. Maybe she knows what her daughter Ariel did here last night? Or she is worried about Titania's relationship with Oberon?
In spite of Goneril's disapproval, Titania's name is the 14th on Ripp's list.
Kobe, Tank's cat, is now officially an elderly cat.
In the evening, Ripp's attempts to make blackened catfish result in VERY black catfish indeed, and a kitchen fire (quickly put out by a firefighter).
It's apparently Household Incident Day, because only a little after the fire, the cleanbot breaks and spits rubbish all over the porch. It takes a long time for Ripp to first deactivate it and then repair it.
He interrupts the repairwork about 20 times or more, to show me how disgusting he finds the heaps of rubbish. It is very annoying and takes the better part of Friday to complete.
Finally, Ripp and his father find a quiet moment to talk on the front porch, although Ripp could imagine doing other things on this balmy spring night.
It is Saturday morning, and Buzz is up before sunrise and plays with Boogie.
Uh-oh... his brother Buck's sweetheart, Beatrice Monty is here, and NOT just for a friendly visit.
She is Ripp's 15th lady to have woohoo with. Honestly, I will be glad when this is over!
Now Ripp needs time to build his relationships with the last five ladies he needs to fulfill his LTW. While those relationshps ripen, he takes care of the dogs and even does some housework.
The cleanbot breaks yet again, and just like last time, it takes Ripp hours to turn it off and repair the bot. Unfortunately, the repair service can not fix robots.
But townies can help! When his Dad returns from work with pretty townie Sharon Fancey in tow, on her own accord she collects some of the rubbish left on the porch by the cleanbot, while Ripp repairs it.
When he is done, he briefly sits down in the living room with Sharon, and wonders whether he should attempt to befriend her.
On Sunday, Buzz is up before dawn again, cleaning the pavement.
Ripp rings several ladies to make the transition from acquaintance to friend.
Boogie is now an elderly dog, too.
Ripp seems to have a thing for elderly ladies, doesn't he! Here, Daisy Jacquet is about to become his # 16.

Phew, that was an exhausting week! Buzz is now 74, he pretty much takes care of himself, cleans and plays with the dogs a lot.
Ripp will certainly make his LTW come true during his next week, but I am glad that I won't have to deal with him for a while :-)


  1. Well Ripp certainly had a fun week! I do love that LTW and I think it will be amusing the next time you visit all the homes of Ripp's willing participants!
    The broken robots can be a pain. Two people are almost a must to get the job done as you figured out.

    1. That LTW can certainly be the cause of some drama if various lovers who did not know of each other happen to meet on a community lot, and someone initiates romantic interactions :-)
      The robots are useful when they do their job... but such a nuisance when they break!


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