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Monday, 10 March 2014

Gerlinde and Greta Greenman: Senior Year

For the previous year at this dorm, click here.

Hello and welcome back to another "year" at this dorm at the Académie Le Tour!
Last time we were here, two rooms were freed up by newly graduated Sims moving back to New Maximiliania, and I was not yet sure who was going to fill their spaces.
Currently in residence here are, left to right: Selma Singles (daughter of Erin Singles and her husband Nervous, formerly Subject), Greta Greenman (daughter of Jason and Rose Greenman, born the human way, not planted) and her twin sister Gerlinde, Pierre Picaso, son of Jessica Greenman (formerly Picaso) and her ex-husband (now deceased) Matthew, along with his twin brother Placido (not pictured), and Stig Singles, Selma's brother.
The two newcomers are yet another set of twins: Melrose and Myra Moonbeam, whose parents are Blossom (nee Moonbeam) and Erik Swain.
With there already being three bunches of twins, these two should fit right in!

As before, my way of playing college is this:
Until everybody has their required skills and written their term papers, I manage them. After that, they are pretty much left to their own devices. With eight playable students and just one computer between them, getting them all to do their term papers is a bit of a challenge, but it is exactly what I want to counteract the boredom that otherwise would soon set in.

Pierre and Selma both need a logic skill point, and so they sit down for a match of chess.
Gerlinde and Greta study other skills upstairs.
As many a student in their Freshman Year, Melrose is very enthusiastic about everything, and the first to complete his term paper this year.
His sister has just had her first (lonely) meal in the cafeteria.
Placido pretends to be fast asleep while the Llama mascot is trying his best to get his attention.
Stig has mercy and cleans the tub in the boys' wash room.
The very next day, Melrose makes his lifetime want come true: In Tessa Ramirez, he has just acquired his 20th best friend!
He is now the only Sim on this lot to have achieved Permanent Platinum. The others all have career-related LTWs, except for Pierre, who wants to marry off six children, and Greta, who dreams of raising 20 puppies or kittens, none of which can be done at college.
To fulfill in-between wishes, a sculpture is bought and a hot spring installed next to the building. Strangely enough, the hot spring did not satisfy Selma's wish of buying a game worth at least 3.000 Simoleons. In fact, the spring is listed in the buy catalogue under games and is worth more than 9.000 Simoleons! A bug?
Pierre and Greta have been in love for a while, but at the moment, they are not showing any romantic wishes for each other. Still, Pierre's thoughts speak volumes :-)
Not controlling these students usually means that everybody walks around in their PJs, some of them in bad need of a shower, and with growling tummies.
And of course, there is the occasional sponge bath, in spite of a perfectly clean and accessible bath tub being in the adjacent shower room!
Hula is THE dance among this group of students.
And don't forget the occasional kitchen fire, caused by the cafeteria cook who really should know better.
Needless to say, everybody gets through their exams with A+ and their names on the Dean's list. First this group of five...
...followed closely by the rest.
And it's the same all over again: Studying...
...term paper writing...
...and, whenever I remember to make them do it, ring their friends and family members back home for a chat.
Oops! I didn't see it happening, but I guess Greta was hit by lightning while in the hot springs. Don't worry, though; she was as right as rain soon afterwards.
One evening towards the end of the second semester, Melrose waits until the cook has gone home and then prepares a delicious dinner of salmon for his friends.
The next morning, my risk-loving self takes over and I have Melrose rake the leaves in the yard and set the piles on fire. I was quite sure this was going to happen and therefore not surprised when the sculpture caught fire, too.
What I did not expect, though, was the tree to be next.
And I certainly was not expecting this!
Whoah!!! Everyone - the dorm's residents, plus all sorts of townies, run towards the flames. Never mind they should all have left for class by now!
The Grim Reaper appears for poor Greta. I guess that's it, the flames will die away, and everyone will be queueing for the showers and bath tubs.
I was wrong! The fire keeps on raging, and now the dorm cook comes out as well. Grimmy is doing overtime!
In the end...
...what used to be a lively bunch of 8 playable students is reduced to many small piles of ashes and tombstones.

Well, I must say I am a bit sorry to have lost the Moonbeam twins; I quite liked them. Also, to have lost the Greenman girls and the Picaso boys means that Rose Greenman will need two more children, who in turn need to grow up very fast, if she'll ever want to reach her LTW of marrying off six children. The same is true for Gary Greenman, who counts as the Picaso twins' father since he married their mother and their biological father died.

Phew! This semester certainly turned out to be the opposite of boring!


  1. oh dear all those playables gone. You do like your playables to burn leaves.

    1. I do indeed, peachy! I think there must be a secret pyromaniac streak in me... although in real life, I have the utmost respect for fire.

  2. Goodness that was a tragic end, it's amazing that the hot spring is still standing. :D
    I think you must be right about it's placement in the catalogue- I've never understood why it wasn't put in under the sub section of bathrooms with the other hot tubs.
    So the dorm is empty now or did the Singles kids' survive?

    1. The dorm was instantly occupied by NPC students, even while the drama was going on. They couldn't wait to move into the nicely furnished and decorated rooms, it seemed!
      None of the playables survived. That's 8 Sims gone in one single event, the most I've ever had!


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