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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Grunt-Monty Household: Week 5

For the previous week with this household, click here.

This Veronaville-style row of houses is divided between two owners. The buildings to the left belong to Ty Bubbler and Sam Thomas (they live in one house and run a shop in the other), and the buildings to the right are home to another family. Who are they?

Antonio Monty, 64, with a changed lifetime want from maxing out 7 skills to becoming Celebrity Chef. Good job I had him keep his original job in the culinary career (as an Executive Chef) all these "years" - as if I had known! Otherwise, at his age, he would not have had a chance of ever reaching his LTW.

Antonio's son Benedick Monty, also with a changed LTW. His original one was to have 20 best pet friends, something no Sim in my game has ever reached yet. His new LTW is much easier: he now wants to be Captain Hero.

Who is this? Graham Grunt. How does a "Grunt" end up with a group of Montys?

Well, there is his Dad, Buck Grunt, who lives here with his three-bolt-love Beatrice Monty, Benedick's twin sister. Buck Grunt is also the reason for us being here this week: his name is next on the alphabetical list after the Greenmans.

Beatrice's LTW has changed, too: instead of becoming Rock God, she now wants to become Hall of Famer. No matter how, this woman seeks the limelight :-)
Buck is the only household member who, as Mayor, is already on Permanent Platinum and will not be controlled by me.

On Monday morning, first Benedick and then Beatrice check the job adverts, but there is nothing in either the Law Enforcement nor the Athletic career.

It is Graham's first day at school, and Beatrice helps him with his first homework in the afternoon.

Antonio needs a Creativity point if he wants a promotion, and so spends part of the day on the balcony between the two buildings, painting away.

Meanwhile, Benedick makes sure the rose bushes receive the attention they need before the first snow makes gardening impossible.

Benedick has been diligently building robots, one of which was a munchie bot. The first household member to have a munchie-bot-brought pizza is Buck, who was VERY hungry but too lazy to get anything for himself from the fridge.

On Tuesday, there is just enough time before school for Graham to sit down with his parents for a quick round of "Don't Wake the Llama".

Benedick is in his work room again.

Later, when Graham is at school and Buck and Antonio are at work, Beatrice asks Benedick along to help her shop for clothes. She is secretly hoping for him to meet a nice lady there, someone to capture his interest, but all he does at first is sit and wait for his sister to finish the seemingly endless round of trying on outfits and choosing which ones to buy.

He finally discovers where all the blokes are: While the ladies are browsing the clothes racks, the menfolk gather at the dart board behind the shop :-) (It really happened just like that, and I found it rather funny.)

Back home, Beatrice wisely changes out of her little dress into one of the new outfits she bought, a cosy woolly jumper and long comfortable trousers.

Lavender Greenman walks by. Could have fooled me into thinking she's Angela Pleasant there for a moment!

Meike Riley comes home from school with Graham.

On Wednesday morning, Graham is happy to learn that it is Snow Day and he does not have to go to school today.

After he has been playing outside in the cold for hours, Beatrice lights the fire in the bedroom for him and he gladly warms himself.

Cherry Capp, one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren, is greeted by Benedick.

Benedick has been wanting to throw a party for a while now, and today he invites some of his closest friends over, as well as cousins Romeo and Mercutio Monty.

Tommy, Olivia and Sharla Ottomas are also invited.

The "Don't Wake the Llama"-table is the heart of the party - everyone takes turns in playing.

Beatrice makes sure there is a good supply of appetizers and cookies for those who are not playing.

And Benedick discovers that Cherry Capp is HOT! (He has two bolts for her. The only 3-bolt-lady in his relationship panel is Erin Singles, and not only is she too old for him and the mother of one of his best friends - Shaun Singles-, but also happily married.)

He gets to know Cherry a bit better over a pillow fight.

Towards the end of the party, he gives his friends gifts of hand-made pottery and some of the robots he has built recently.

Thursday morning, Buck chooses to kip on the settee instead of using the bed.

Angela Pleasant (the real one!) is today's passers-by to be invited in.
It is also the day of Graham's first A+. Well done, Graham, his "uncle" Benedick exclaims.
On Friday, the twins are the first down for breakfast. By the way, it is now spring, and I expect either Beatrice or Buck - or both of them - to start spinning up romantic wants about each other. Their thoughts are clearly there already.
Speaking of romantic wants... Benedick and Cherry have not yet reached that stage. At the moment, they are "just friends".
Antonio is promoted to Restauranteur. He now needs 3 more creativity points, and then - if I am not very much mistaken - he'll be able to become Celebrity Chef and spend a few more "years" on Permanent Platinum.
On Saturday, Buck and Beatrice enjoy another pizza, courtesy of the munchie-bot. Buck seems to have chosen his PJs to match the dining room colour scheme :-)
By Sunday, many a romantic want has been rolled (and fulfilled) for these two, but so far, nobody has thought about marriage.
Just as the munchie-bot flies in with another pizza...
...Benedick had the idea of preparing a meal, too.
Every day of this week, Beatrice and Benedick have been checking the job adverts, but neither of them was lucky. Money is not a problem, since Antonio and Buck earn very well, but it would be nice if they could finally get started on their new LTWs.
Oh! Is that...? No, it is not Buck proposing. He is simply serenading Beatrice here.

Will this couple tie the knot? How long is Antonio, now 71, going to live? What is Graham going to be like as a teenager? Is Benedick going to bring his friendship with Cherry to the next level?


  1. you seemed to have a busy time playing sims this week, quite a lot of updates this week.Have you had some time off recently? if you don't mind me asking. I am in the middle of d2 of my megahood halfway through, but it is very quick just playing a day at a time.

    1. To play just one day in each household would not be "enough" for me, I know some play their hoods for one season each, but I like playing an entire Sim-week before moving on to the next name on the list.
      Yes, I am playing loads this week, I'm on sick leave with a big fat cold, which is not what I would have chosen, but such things never come at the "right" time, do they! And at least it does give me plenty of playing time, that's the one good thing about it.

    2. Sorry to hear you are poorly- get well soon! A dose of 'Sims' is just what you need. :D
      I play a Sim week at a time too and sometimes that flies by so quickly you don't notice.
      Good round here, I've never played that lot from Veronaville before but it looks like a nice one.
      I hardly use Munchiebots because of the routing issues but now I fancy giving them a go again after reading this!
      Antonio is nearly at his LTW- it's fitting that he should want to become a Chef. His twins are grown up nicely and I'll look forward to see if they want to settle down next time.
      I wonder what Graham will become, he's happy with his A+!

    3. The Munchiebot is almost as annoying as a Butler who insists on serving mac and cheese all the time, no matter whether anyone wants it or not. But I suppose it will be useful for a household of Sims on permaplat, who are not controlled, and maybe save them from death by starvation through their own stubborn daftness.

      Already feeling better today, I slept very well, and expect to be back to full health by the end of the weekend :-)


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