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Monday, 26 August 2013

Trisha Traveller: Week 3

- - - Update 17.08.2013 - - - Let's have a look at what Trisha Traveller, who inherited this house from her 3-bolt-love Carlos Contender, is up to this week. Her husband Trent Traveller, whom she left to live with Carlos a long time ago, has recently died in a fire caused by his setting a pile of leaves ablaze, and her daughter Tina has left for college just before that tragically fatal accident. Therefore, Trisha has no reason for returning to the former family home, but decides to stay at Carlos' much more luxurious house.

This is Trisha. She has never had a job and is still as far away from earning 100.000 Simoloens (her LTW) as ever.

And she still suffers her old "eating disorder", almost starving to death in front of a well-stocked fridge!

Well, at least she manages to open a can of juice every now and then!

It is Monday, and the cold season is about to begin. Trisha has brought only very few clothes when she left her husband and moved in with Carlos, but now that she owns more than 81.000 Simoleons and the house Carlos left to her, she can certainly afford to buy new outfits.

And some jewellery, too. Also, one never knows who else is going to appear on a community lot - maybe Trisha will find another 3-bolt love. Here, Morty Roth is seen approaching her...

...and obviously finding her very attractive. However, Trisha is not interested in him, and focuses on her shopping instead.

She goes for a cosy jumper in her signature teal colour and a comfortable pair of long trousers.

Back home, she redecorates the sitting room; it now has a more modern look.

Her daughter Tina (back) and friend Jessica Pederson are invited over... are Tara Gieke (nee Kat), Julien Cooke, Erin Singles, Titania Summerdream and Albany Capp. What is the reason for asking so many of her friends over?

It is Trisha's birthday!

Here she is, having a meal with her daughter and trying to find out whether Tina is likely to move in with her after college, now that Trent is dead and there is no way her parents will ever get together again.

The party is a success, and Trisha feels truly happy for the first time since Carlos died.

Still, she is now on her own in that big house. What is she going to do with herself all day?

She spends all morning watching telly in her PJs.

Her birthday cake from last night is still there. She does talk to some friends on the phone, and finally feels like clearing up the party "mess".

When Pablo Picaso walks past, Trisha rushes out to greet the young lad and asks him in.

The same happens a bit later with Angela Pleasant...

...and Tybalt Capp and Jessica Greenman (seen walking up in the background).

On Wednesday, Trisha almost loses her life the same way her husband did. But - I did not remember this - a fire alarm must be installed somewhere outside, because...

... the fire figther's car pulls up a moment later, and Trisha is saved. Angela Pleasant was there, too, and witnessed the whole scene.

Melody Tinker is Trisha's guest later that same day.

Tybalt Capp, who has been a long-term friend of Trisha's, has heard of her near-death experience, and comes over to assure her how glad he is that she was saved.

On Thursday, Trisha does some housework on her own accord.

And some gardening!

A liquid lunch is her choice for the day.

Most of the time, though, she listlessly spends her time watching telly in her PJs.

When spring arrives, she feels more energetic again, and dresses in her signature teal polo shirt.

She goes shopping for groceries instead of having them delivered.

Meeting people is what she needs more than anything else!

For someone like her, to study couples counselling seems an odd thing to do, and yet it is a big wish of hers.

On Friday, Trisha buys a car to fulfill another big wish of hers.

She throws another party, again inviting over her daughter from college. I wonder what Tina thinks about her mother, and whether she will really move in with her once she graduates.

It is still rather chilly out there, but most of Trisha's party guests make use of the spring sun and shift the party action outside.

On Saturday, Trisha spends nearly all day giving financial consulting.

Only on Saturday night does she clear up the dishes left from Friday's party.

And believe it or not, she even eats some of the food that was left over!

On Sunday, instead of cooking for herself, she prefers watching the cooking channel.

Trisha is 61 years old now. 
Will she find love once more? Is she ever going to make her LTW come true?


  1. Trisha is a funny sim isn't she? Half starves but likes watching the food channel. Seems like she enjoys her parties though. I wonder if Tina will return here after college?

    1. I have not decided on Tina's future address yet, but I can imagine her going to live with her Mum - it'll mean she'll get the house.

  2. Is Trisha doing anything productive ever - she seems to be a bit lazy :)
    Maybe selling off all the furniture would help her get to her LTW?

    1. She is a bit lazy, which is why I think getting together with Carlos and inheriting his house suits her so well. Not that she did not really love him - she did - but it was very oonvenient that he was such a wealthy man.


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