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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Carlos Contender and Trisha Traveller: Week 2

- - - Update 12.6.2012 - - - Back at Carlos' house (this time because of Trisha's last name; we have reached "T" on the alphabetical list), we find Carlos at the age of 103 and Trisha 8 days away from Elderhood. On Monday, Carlos makes his 11th best friend in Cynthia Kim.

The couple have established a cosy routine of doing almost everything together, from raking the leaves in the yard... *ahem* relaxing... cooking. Yes, believe it or not. on Tuesday, Trisha's strange "eating disorder" seems to be forgotten for the moment, and she actually decides on her own to cook a meal!

Later, Carlos makes ribs. Looks like Trisha's cooking wasn't that good ;-)

He has (as almost always) guests for dinner, one of them being Ana Patel. Over a game of kicky bag, Carlos and Ana become friends.

Wednesday and Thursday pass rather uneventfully. Carlos manages once again to set the large outdoor grill on fire. He really is a good cook, just a little forgetful sometimes (which, I think, is excusable at his age!).

Friday, one of the palm trees in the back yard is hit by lightning. Even after all the fires that have already broken out on his lot, to this day Carlos has not invested into a fire alarm - he certainly has enough money to cover the entire place with them! Instead, Trisha is the one to put the fire out.

This calls for a party, thinks Carlos, and he invites as many of his friends as possible.

The party was a success - something that can not be said about Trisha's attempt to repair the computer... she gets electrocuted.

And as if this wasn't enough, the whole desk catches fire as well! This could have very well resulted in the death of one or both of the household members, but in the end they managed to get the flames under control.

Instead of taking a badly needed shower, having some badly needed food and getting some equally badly needed sleep, Trisha enjoys a backrub from Carlos. Little does she know at that moment that it will be the last one she'll ever get from him.

There are two bathtubs / showers in the house, and nobody is blocking them, but what does Trisha do? Take a sponge bath at the kitchen sink! This lady really does behave in the most illogical manner, not only when it comes to eating.

Saturday afternoon, Carlos dies at the age of 109. His was the 25th death in all of New Maximiliania. Trisha is left behind - with the house and more than 80.000 Simoleons to her name. What will she do now? Move back in with her husband and daughter, or have them move here? Or stay on her own, hoping to find a new 3-bolt-love and maybe finally starting to do something about her lifetime want?

Before she decides on anything, she sees to it that Carlos' urn gets buried at Gamesend Grounds. Since he was such an active sportsman for most of his adult life, his tomb is decorated accordingly.

On Sunday, I let Trish simply do what she wants, which isn't much apart from giving financial consulting online and thinking of Carlos. Next time we'll see her, she will turn into an elder herself - but I don't know yet under what circumstances that will happen.


  1. Bye Carlos- how funny him giving Trisha a backrub after getting electrocuted- so funny. :)
    It'll be interesting to see what happens to Trisha next.

    1. I have returned from the GamesCom in Cologne last night, where we introduced Sims4 to the public for the first time - it was great!
      But I don't think I'll ever stop playing Sims2 and New Maxmimiliania...

      Trisha's week was already played before I left for the show, all I need to do is write her next chapter and update it, which will hopefully happen today.

  2. I wonder if Carlos is always living to 109. Nice that he had the time to give Trisha a backrub before he left.

    1. As he lived as long as that in your game, too, I guess he was programmed that way by Maxis.

  3. Hmm I remember that Carlos married Jessica Peterson and they had a son called Michael, Was Carlos a romance or popularity sim?

    1. His aspiration was Popularity. I am not sure if he and Jessica ever met in my game; they may have done, but it is all so long ago since I played Carlos.


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