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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Brittany Upsnott: Week 1

We are going to spend a Sim-week in this castle-like apartment building. Who is wealthy enough to afford the rent at a place like that?

Brittany Upsnott is! She has saved almost all her grant money from university and has now moved here after graduating Magna Cum Laude in Drama. As soon as possible, she wants to find a job in the athletic career, because she dreams of being Hall of Famer one day. Do you remember her university years? She used to be part of the Tri Var Sorority, and twice she was saved from death by Tiffany Sampson, one of her "sisters".

With more than 22.000 Simoleons to play with, Brittany can furnish her empty apartment in a rather luxurious manner, but she is not that keen on doing more than just what is necessary, and so once she has finished, she still has around 12.000 Simoleons left.

Of course, as soon as Mr. Humble delivers the computer which is part of the welcome parcel for every New Maximilianian, Brittany starts looking for a job in the athletic career. There are no vacant positions today, though.

So she makes herself a sandwich... (see the bottle of champagne? it was bought at "Bubbler's Bubbly", Ty Bubbler's first of hopefully 5 successful businesses!)

...and eats it all on her own, thinking of all the friends she made while she was still at university.

It is only Monday, and our Brittany is already bored. She decides to pay the Platinum Gym a visit. Since it is a community lot I have played on only once or twice so far, it is more interesting for me, too, than watching her in her apartment.

Brittany goes for a swim, but not many other Sims are there, and soon she is tired and goes home.

Allegra Gorey, one of her friends from university, invites her for an outing downtown, and Brittany accepts. They go to "The Hub", and Brittany meets the rest of the group.

Sharon Wirth, Castor Nova, Ashley Pitts, Joshua Ruben and Allegra Gorey are part of the group along with Brittany.

And I certainly don't need to tell you the name of this lady! :-)

Tuesday starts off with a lonely breakfast - Brittany can't even be bothered to prepare herself a bowl of cereals and opts for an instant meal instead.

When she goes downstairs to pick up her mail, she meets and greets Ramir Patel. He admires her (what for, I wonder? Certainly not her outfit...!) and she has 2 attraction bolts for him.

The apartment building has two jaccuzzis and a private gym on the ground floor, and while Brittany is not working yet, she makes use of all that spare time and can often be found there, working out at the exercise machines.

There must be something about Brittany and fire! Those two times during her college years that she had to be saved from death, both her deaths were caused by fire, and today she manages to set the big barbecue grill downstairs ablaze! Good job that the apartment building is equipped with fire alarms... if Brittany would have been caught in the flames, this time there would have been no playable Sim at hand to save her from death for a third time.

Finally, on Thursday morning, Brittany finds a job as an MVP. The career rewards object becomes instantly available to her, and it being autumn (which makes skill-building easier) and her being on platinum level for fulfilling some of her daily wants, she manages to maximize her body skill the same day.

On Friday, she goes to work as an MVP for the first time...

...and comes back as a Superstar. And not only that - she manages to pet the skunk and it is friendly with her!

Only the once, though.

After a badly needed shower, Brittany needs some fun and decides to invite Don Lothario over. So far, they have been "just friends". Now, they are best friends...

...and soon lovers. Brittany does not seem to mind that she is about to become Don Lothario's No. 15 on his "list of 20 Sims I have had woohoo with". Well, if she doesn't mind, why should we?

Hmm... this is odd. When Brittany gets up on Saturday morning, she founds the armchair by the window destroyed. Who or what did this? I honestly did not see. And I never had Brittany welcome any of the stray cats and dogs that keep coming to the lot.

Saturday afternoon, Brittany returns from work with her third promotion (she is now an Assistant Coach) and a colleague. Since that colleague is "only" a Townie, I tell her to say goodbye to him immediately... ...but I certainly did not expect her to go to such lengths for a goodbye among colleagues!!

The rest of Saturday is spent studying. With her body skill maximized a few days ago, Brittany can now concentrate on her mechanical skill.

Later, she talks to her friends to make sure those friendships last. "Do you remember the time when I was Big Woman on Campus?" she reminisces with one of them. (I checked her memories - she was indeed Big Woman on Campus at some stage!)

On Sunday, Brittany brings home yet another colleague. This time, though, when I tell her to say goodbye, it is just a handshake, not a lingering kiss.

After this week of ups and downs, and well on her way towards achieving her lifetime want, a tired Brittany goes to bed on Sunday night. Well done, Brittany! We are certainly going to see you again soon.


  1. Looks like Brittany likes a bit of danger what with the fire and Don Lothario! :)

  2. If you're not interested in a longterm relationship, the neighbourhood casanova might be the right option!

    1. It certainly helped towards his LTW!


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