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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brittany Upsnott: Week 3

On the top two floors of this luxury apartment building, Brittany Upsnott is still renting. Hers is the right half of the penthouse and the right half of the floor just below - rather large for one single Sim.

Since Brittany is on Permanent Platinum (and has been so for good part of the previous week), I generally do not control her; I only intervene when other New Maximilianians walk past the house, so that she'll greet them, and make sure she pays her bills and has a well-stocked fridge.
On Monday, we find her interrupting the making of an omelette for breakfast by a fit of coughing. The poor girl has caught a cold, it seems. Maybe she should have worn something that would not leave her midriff so exposed.

She is a rather intelligent Sim, it seems, for she does keep her apartment clean and tidy on her own accord.

Later that day, Cleo Dreamer walks past and is duly greeted.

Nina Caliente follows suit.

Watched by Sarah Love and Lindsay Louie (both tenants in the same apartment building), Brittany performs a breakdance. I made her do that, because she had it as a wish, and I wanted to see what she can do.

On Tuesday, Brittany skips breakfast and has a light lunch of chef salad, all on her own.

Later, she plays SSX3 for hours.

Jasmine Rai, Lindsay Louie and Brittany have a chat in the hallway.

Of course, Tuesday means the bill is in the mailbox. Brittany will fetch it when she returns from work (she is a Hall of Famer).

On Wednesday, I realize that Brittany has not been at her PC for a while because it is broken. I have her call the Landlord to fix it.

Brittany plays catch with Lindsay.

Just when she finishes making herself an omelett, her car pool arrives, and she never gets to eat it.

Gilbert Jacquet comes home from work with her today.

It is now summer, and Brittany has changed into something more lightweight.

On Thursday, Jimmy Phoenix, an old friend since their uni days, comes visiting and is greeted with a hug. Colleague Benjamin Baldwin accompanied Brittany home from work today.

Do you remember that Brittany was once able to pet the skunk? She tries her luck again, but as you can see, is not successful.
When Benjamin Baldwin says good-bye to his colleague, this is what he does!!! This came totally unexpected - so far, the two of them are just friends, not even best friends, and it is not spring. There were no pink hearts flying after that kiss, but...

...Brittany keeps thinking about the kiss the next day...

...and can't get Benjamin out of her head... matter what she does.

When the phone rings, she obviously hopes it is him, but it turns out to be a townie who has already invited her for an outing twice - and twice she has declined the invitation.

On Friday, Jared Starchild...

...and Samantha Ottomas walk by and are greeted by Brittany.

On Saturday, Brittany does all the necessary tasks to have her apartment nice and ready for the weekend. I never tell her to do any of this, she just seems to enjoy a neat and clean environment.

Hailey Hart is her guest for the day. Hailey seems to have taken the place of Sally Riley, who, when she was a teenager, appeared on almost every lot I played, getting to know almost every Sim living in New Maximiliania.

Of course, it being Saturday, the Landlord has ordered pizza for all his tenants.

To my surprise, he decides to give Brittany a friendly hug, and she accepts it, although the two of them have a relationship of only about 20 points.

I wonder whether Benjamin Baldwin has been talking to his son about Brittany... because on Saturday evening, Marcus "happens to" walk past :-)

For the first time this week, Brittany makes use of the amenities in the basement of the building. After a nice soak in the jaccuzzi, she has a drink from the bar.

On Sunday, Victor Aspir is greeted.

Later, Brittany does a spot of birdwatching.

She ends her third week since graduating by pouring herself another drink. I'm afraid playing a single Sim who is on Perma-Plat tends to be a bit boring, but I was truly surprised when that kiss happened, and when the Landlord hugged Brittany.

Is anything going to become of one of these relationships? Or will someone else manage to capture her interest?


  1. Is Benjamin still married in your game? If so, how odd that he would kiss Brittany goodbye! Maybe he fancies a fling. lol

    1. No, Isabel left him for her 3-bolt-love Beaumont DeBateau. She died "years" ago. I don't think Benjamin has any current love-interest...

  2. Nice to see that there are sims that can take care of themselves!

    1. Some seem to be capable of that much better than others!


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