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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Brittany Upsnott: Week 2

- - - Update 17.6.2012 - - - When Brittany returns home on Monday, she has been made Coach - and now needs 3 charisma points before she can think of her next promotion.

On Tuesday, winter truly sets in with the first snow of the season.

In the evening, Benvenuto Broke walks past the apartment building, and Brittany invites him in.

On Wednesday, the sink in her bathroom breaks, and Brittany asks her landlord to repair it. (Note Sarah Love, another tenant in this apartment building, and the topic she has just been talking about with the landlord!)

Thursday sees Brittany maximizing her charisma skill.

On Friday, Jonah Powers comes home with her from work. I am not sure he should still be working in his condition (he is pregnant, as you may remember or have guessed from the picture).

Saturday, Brittany has a lone slice of pizza, provided for by the landlord.

Later, she goes shopping for clothes at the Desprit Deals Clothing store; it is now spring and she definitely wants something else to wear than what she age-transitioned into or her working outfit. Several New Maximilianians show up, but nobody draws Brittany's interest in any special way.

That's some of her new clothes. Grey and black is still her colour scheme, just as it was during her time at university.

On Sunday, Brittany has reason for toasting with her colleague Roxie Sharpe: she has just received her last promotion and is now Hall of Famer! She has reached her lifetime want 16 days away from Elderhood. This means that during her next week, she won't have to focus on skills anymore.
Will she then find a 3-bolt-man, or fall in love with someone even if they do not have 3 bolts? I know as much as you do!


  1. Brittany did great to get her LTW so soon. Be good to see what happens next... :)

    1. It was not much of a challenge; she started quite high up already, and did not have much to distract her from gaining all the necessary skills.

  2. Replies
    1. It was plain sailing all the way :-)


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