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Monday, 26 August 2013

Natasha Una: Week 3

This is Natasha's 3rd week in New Maximiliania, but for some mysterious reason, everything I wrote about her before has disappeared. Therefore, I'll introduce her once again. Natasha still lives in the house Maxis originally made for her.

She is the only New Maximilianian with the Grilled Cheese aspiration, her lifetime want being that of wanting to eat 200 grilled cheese. Through her aspiration rewards, she is able to paint grilled cheese in various styles. During her first week, she managed to eat 11 grilled cheese, in her 2nd week, only 7. How is she going to fare this week?

Monday morning at 8.00, her car pool picks her up. Natasha works at the Bluewater Baths & Salon, a community lot owned and managed by Malcolm Landgraab.

Usually, she has her breakfast of grilled cheese on the patio behind her house.

Almost every day, a stray dog or wolf digs up a bit of her yard. She never chases the dogs away, although she is not very happy about having to fill in the holes.

On Tuesday evening, Gary Greenman happens to walk past and is invited in. Watching TV together is not the most communicative of activities, it seems!

But the conversation becomes more animated when Natasha serves grilled cheese.

No, not what you think! Natasha went to bed - alone! - while Gary was having a drink of water in the bathroom. He came in to say good-bye, that's all. 
(They didn't even flirt. Gary has recently married Jessica Picaso and is working on their common lifetime want of marrying off six children. Anyway, there is only one bolt between the two of them; Natasha has no 3-bolt-man in her relationship panel. One of her turn-ons is lycanthropy, and since there aren't any werewolves - yet - in the whole neighbourhood, it is almost impossible for her to ever come across the love of her life, I'm afraid.)

She seems a bit lonely, looking out of the window in her kitchen, doesn't she?

On Wednesday, just as Natasha gets off the car from work, Gabriella Newson walks past and is of course promptly greeted and invited in.

A little later, Violet Jocque joins Gabriella. See the painting on the wall? Only a Sim with the corresponding aspiration reward for the grilled cheese aspiration can paint this.

Here is another example of grilled cheese painting.

On Friday, Natasha gets her bronze talent badge for pottery. So far, she has only made plates - to serve grilled cheese on, of course :-)

Friday evening after work, she invites her friends Albany Capp and Alexandra O'Mackey over. Gerlinde Greenman, Gary Greenman's sister, happens to walk past and is greeted as well.

Gary himself was also invited. He is one of only two friends of Natasha's who will listen to her when she wants to talk about grilled cheese. The other friend is Kristen Singles. Everybody else, even those who are best friends for life with her, will put their fingers in their ears and turn away whenever Natasha brings up the subject. Some friends, eh!

After her friends leave, Natasha is so exhausted she falls asleep on the chaiselongue. Above her on the wall is - you guessed it - another grilled cheese painting.

Natasha does not have to work at the salon on weekends. On Saturday, most of the day is spent catching up on household chores and gardening.

But, as usual, every New Maximilianian who walks by is greeted; today, it is DJ Verse.

Gary Greenman is a good friend; he rings on his own accord.

Sunday sees Natasha throwing another party for her friends. This time, Albany Capp, Oberon Summerdream and Alex O'Mackey are there... well as Kristen Singles (who unfortunately chose to turn up in her horrible work outfit of criminal mastermind), Andrew Martin and Gary Greenman.

Looks like the TV program is really great here!

Natasha is less interested in watching TV than in enjoying grilled cheese with all her guests. "You really are my best friends," she exclaims, when everybody gathers round to eat. 

Her third week ends with her having eaten 12 grilled cheese. That's a total of 30 - still a long way off the 200 she aspires to! 
Will Natasha ever meet a werewolf? Is she going to reach her lifetime want? I honestly don't know yet!


  1. The 200 grilled cheese sandwiches is hard! I've only done it once with my grown up Marsha Bruenig in Pleasantview Wishes.
    Natasha has a lovely house.

    1. I don't think I've changed anything about Natasha's house, it really is nice the way it is layed out, furnished and decorated by Maxis.
      How did you manage the 200 grilled cheese? Did Marsha just take a bite, put the plate away and later take another bite, and did that count every time, or do just completely consumed sandwiches count?

    2. Only completely consumed sandwiches count. I took Marsha to the 'Sue's Kitchen' and basically just had her eat sandwich after sandwich after sandwich. She got very fat, lol. :D

  2. 200 grilled cheese - I never did that one either, but maybe one day. I have some active Grilled cheese sims in my hoods.

    1. Not sure I am going to try it ever again - it seems so dominating as a LTW :-)


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