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Monday, 26 August 2013

Natasha Una: Week 4

Natasha Una's fourth week in New Maximiliania starts with her watching early morning TV on Monday before going to work.
She finds just enough time to clean the bathroom before heading off to Malcom Landgraab's Salon & Baths, where she works as a stylist.
A back view of her house reveals that it is now autumn.
Just as she returns from work, Sirius Swain, Erik Swain's half-Alien son, walks by. Of course, Natasha greets him.
And to her delight, the young man seems to be really interested in talking about grilled cheese with her, unlike most of her friends!
Tuesday morning sees Natasha having a breakfast of (what else!) grilled cheese.
When she returns home, she is ready for a nice long hot soak in the tub.

While waiting for her car pool on Wednesday, she does the crossword out on her front porch.

At night, she dedicates a few hours to pottery before going to bed, which usually happens around 11.00 pm.

While Natasha is still asleep, very early on Thursday morning a magic lamp is left near her front door. So far, she won't be using it, but it may come in handy one day.

Thursday night after work, she watches "The Mime Cat", a popular movie which has seen many re-runs :-)

On Friday morning, there is enough time for another plate of Grilled Cheese before the car pool arrives.

In the evening, Sirius Swain rings. I wonder whether he was so impressed with Natasha's Grilled Cheese that he rang to ask for the recipe :-D

It is Saturday, and Natasha makes sure to get all her house work done for the weekend.

Winter has set in, and she needs to dress accordingly whenever she leaves the house.

Hailey Hart, Matthew Hart's half-Alien daughter, walks by and has obviously spotted someone who makes her think of kissing them. It probably is not Natasha's gardener, but it could be either Sirius Swain or Ramon Ramirez, who both happen to be there at the same time, too.

In any case, Hailey really likes talking about Grilled Cheese with Natasha! (I find that quite interesting; almost every teenager Natasha talked to this week was OK about her talking of Grilled Cheese, while almost none of the adults she met liked that topic.)

Here they are at Natasha's impromptu party: Ramon Ramirez, Sirius Swain and Hailey Hart, all enjoying their hostess' famous Grilled Cheese.

In the evening, Natasha gets dinner going... of course, it is Grilled Cheese on the menue once again.

By Sunday, her stock of cheese is as good as gone, and so Natasha takes a taxi to the Pentameter Parkway.

Jacob Martin is definitely NOT interested in Grilled Cheese.

I don't know whether the atrociously evil witch would have been - Natasha didn't ask her.

Sunday ends with her warming herself at the fireplace in her sitting room.

This week was her best one so far, with 14 Grilled Cheeses consumed. That gives her a total of 44 - still way below what she needs to achieve Permanent Platinum. So far, there is no love interest on the horizon, but she does have the magic lamp, and maybe she'll use it eventually.


  1. I don't use the magic lamp as often as I should, more to give Fortune Sims a quick fix.
    Natasha hasn't conjured herself Grilled Cheese? She loves to paint it. I like that they can paint something different.

    1. Hmmm now that you mention it, I think she has conjured Grilled Cheese during one of her previous weeks.
      The wish never appears, so I simply forgot about it.
      The magic lamp has been delivered to so many households in New Maximiliania, it is nothing special anymore. Yes, it is good for Fortune Sims!

  2. Slowly but steady progress on the GC consumption. I find that nice sims are more inclined to hear about GC, while mean ones will not have it.

    1. Yes, I am sure it has something to do with the other Sim's personality and interests.


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