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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Traveller Family: Week 3

- - - Update 2.6.2012 - - - When we meet the Travellers again, something essential has changed: Trisha has left Trent and has gone to live with Carlos Contender, her three-bolt-love. Trent still loves her and hopes that one day his wife will return to him; Carlos can't live forever, can he...? In the meantime, he tries to make sure their teenage daughter does not suffer from the separation and keeps doing well at school, getting closer to uni every day.

Here she is, Tina, on this Monday morning, reluctantly getting out of bed. She has the habit of not always getting up at six, even though her energy bar is full, but staying in bed for another half hour or hour, and sometimes even until I make her get up in order not be late for the school bus.

After school, Tina is often on the phone; sometimes to her mother, sometimes to one of her friends. She still wants to have 20 best friends and at the moment has seven: both her parents, Jacqueline Jacquet, Etsu Cho, Tessa Ramirez, Marcus Baldwin and Gabriella Newson.

Jacqueline is presented with Tina's first potholder - she seems to be delighted!

On Tuesday, David Ottomas walks by the house and is promptly greeted by Tina.

On Wednesday, the only remarkable event is Trent getting electrocuted when trying to repair the computer. Don't worry, he made a full recovery after a good night's sleep.

On Thursday, while Tina is at school, Trent decides he needs to meet more people and get out of the house. Since it is a rather hot day, he goes to the swimming pool (also hoping to see some attractive ladies in their swimwear - that's one of his turn-ons).

Well, he certainly thinks Melody Tinker is hot!

And when she changes into her tankini and prepares to jump into the pool, Trent can't believe how great she looks - and has 3 bolts for her!!!

On Friday, he invites her over (so far, they are friends; no flirting yet), but already yesterday at the pool, after a while, inexplicably the chemistry bolts went down to two again, even though Melody was still in swim wear.

Trent tells her how he and his wife used to be happy together... or at least he thought they were, until she moved out to join Carlos Contender, who of course has a lot more money than he does.

On Saturday, because Tina has been doing so well at school all week and been helping her Dad around the house without complaining, Trent takes her bowling.

She's a natural and throws a full strike at her first go, applauded by Guy Wrightley.

She then meets and greets Ramon Ramirez, little brother of one of her best friends, Tessa Ramirez. By now, Trent has earned 6.000 Simoleons out of the 100.000 he needs to fulfill his LTW. He and Tina paint a lot, and Trent sells all their paintings; there is no other income.

On Sunday morning over breakfast, Tina wonders what the future will bring for them. "Sometimes it is better not to know, sweetheart," her Dad tells her. And he is right, isn't he!

Most of the day is spent quietly, each of them at their easel. Tina has now maximum enthusiasm in arts & crafts, just like her father.

Her "bestest" best friend, Jacqueline Jacquet (Gilbert Jacquet's half-Alien daughter), pays a visit on her own accord.

 Indeed, what lies in store for the Travellers? Is Trent going to pursue his developing friendship with Melody Tinker, will he meet another 3-bolt-lady, or is Trisha going to come back to him? Tina will soon start college; will she reach her lifetime want there?


  1. Aww, so Trisha went for the money with Carlos eh?! Never saw that coming. Still perhaps Trent will find love again with Melody. How funny that you called the son of Lisa & Chico 'Ramon'... I usually choose that name for their son too!
    Tina is doing well, do all your sims go to college?

    1. Somehow, the chapter I wrote about Carlos and when Trisha moves in with him is not where it should be, but if I'll manage to retrieve it, it will be published, too.

      Almost all my Sims go to college, but there are a few exceptions, mainly if their LTW is not career-related or if their parents have a LTW involving them, and would not live long enough to see it happening.

  2. Left by his wife, poor Trent! I hope he'll find happiness elsewhere!


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