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Friday, 3 January 2014

Tybalt Capp: Week 2

You can read Tybalt Capp's first week on his own here

Until the previous round, Tybalt Capp#s lifetime want had been so difficult that no Sim has yet reached it in my game: To have 20 best pet friends. When we last saw Tybalt, he had recently turned into a Plantsim, and only two best pet friends, his own dogs Ken and Sam.A few weeks ago, for an unknown reason, all LTWs in my game have changed; only those Sims that already were on Permanent Platinum were unaffected.
So I was curious to see what Tybalt's new LTW was:
At 3 days from Elderhood, he now wants to marry off 6 children!

For a Plantsim, this is less difficult than for "normal" Sims; they do not even need another Sim to have childen. All a Plantsim has to do is "plant" a plantbaby, and I have Tybalt plant six babies instantly.      
Before he has finished, two of them already have walked off the picture :-)Six little Plantsims are "born" in the orchard before sunrise on Monday morning, three girls and three boys. They are Cornel (boy), Calendula (girl), Corydal (boy), Castanea (girl), Clover (boy) and Cherry (girl).
To find six plant names beginning with C, I consulted the internet.
Thankfully, plantbabies are not like normal Sims. They are toddlers from the start, and don't need to learn any toddler skills. Also, they do not need to be fed, just watered every now and then; they don't sleep, just like Tybalt does not sleep. Most important for thm are love and sunlight. Tybalt provides the latter by finally investing in a special lamp for the main room of his house, and the former by snuggling and tickling his offspring. Also, there being six of them, they take care of each other in terms of social interactions, too.

Tybalt's financial situation is still somewhat precarious, since he does not work. But he keeps selling all harvests from his orchard at good prices (all trees are thriving), and he sold some furniture such as his bed and wardrobe (he does not sleep, so what does he need a bed for?). He could not have afforded the special lamp otherwise.
There he is in is orchard, enjoying a rare moment away from his six little ones.
They are safely playing on the porch in the sun. Watching them is fun; they play with each other, with the dogs and with the two toys they have - I found a charisma rabbit in Tybalt's inventory, and a clown-in-the-box.
As soon as Tybalt finishes work in the orchard, he starts the round of snuggling and tickling his children again. He just takes enough time out to have a shower himself, and to wash the dogs.
On Tuesday, Monica Bratford is greeted.
While giving one of the dogs a bath, a puddle formed on the floor. This leads to the little seedlings splashing about in the water, enlarging the puddle until it covers most of the floor in the small house's main room. I did not know it until now, but that's all the water the young Plantsims need!      
On Wednesday, the first snow puts an end to the orchard as a source of income for Tybalt and his family. He has turned into an Elder at 6.00 pm, but I was so busy checking on the wellbeing of all household members that I forgot to take a picture.
On Thursday, the seedlings all grow up. Phew!
As soon as they are grown, they do not like seeing water all over the floor.
So, one of the first things they do (without me telling them) is mopping up all the puddles.
Usually, when a Sim grows up, I choose their aspiration by lot. In this case, having six of them, I simply assigned one of each, and this is what they ended up with:
- Calendula: Popularity / Celebrity Chef
- Cornel: Fortune / Earn 100.000 Simoleons
- Corydal: Knowledge / Education Minister
- Castanea: Romance / Hall of Famer
- Clover: Family / Reach Golden Anniversary
- Cherry: Pleasure / Professional Party Guest

As soon as his career-oriented children will begin work, the money will come rolling in, and Tybalt won't have any financial worries anymore!

Lavender Greenman, daughter of Rose Greenman, has walked past on Thursday and was greeted by Tybalt. It is not spring, and I have not told them to flirt or anything, but Tybalt and Lavender fall in love the same evening. Just to remind you: Lavender is married to Geoff Rutherford.
On Friday, Tybalt thinks it is about time his children meet their cousins, aunt and uncles, and he invites his sister Hermia, her husband Tank (Grunt) and their children over. Uncle Cornwall is part of the party, too.
Cornel is the first to find a job; he wants to earn 100.000 Simoleons and showed the wish to start in the Criminal career. He is now a bagman.Calendula meets and greets Pleasant Servo - and finds out that she has 3 bolts for him!
Before the night is over, Calendula and Servo are an item.Meanwhile, the Capp-cousins Christopher and Callum seem to think typical teenager thoughts :-)

On Saturday morning, Cornel returns from his first day at work with a promotion to Bookie.
Corydal, who wants to be Education Minister, finds a job as Teacher's Aide.
Poor Ken - look at how he jumps! Well, nobody told him to try and befriend the skunk.
Clover (front) and Castanea (back) have a drink of water in the (largely unused) kitchen. Except for when they have human guests, the family never serve a meal.
Ken and Sam both turn into elderly dogs that Saturday.

Something I did not remember (and maybe never tried) from previously playing Servos in my game: They have a flirtatious action available for them, "Tune up" :-) It is quite fun to watch.

Cornel comes home as a Con Artist today.      
On Sunday, Calendula (who wants to be a Celebrity Chef) starts work as a hostess and is promoted to waitress the same day. Also, she and Servo got engaged before she left for work.

Thanks to Cornel and Calendula's promotion bonuses, Tybalt was able to buy two more special lamps for the house. One is installed in the bathroom, which is highly frequented by all family members when they need water. I am thinking of changing it into a shower room like the ones at the campus dorms.

On Sunday afternoon, Calendula and Servo are married - that is one sixth of Tybalt's new LTW achieved. Servo moves in and adds some money to the still quite low household funds.
Clover has met and befriended a townie named Frances Hart. They have two bolts, and she is a townie, so she does not really qualify as a potential wife for him. On the other hand, I don't think I can afford to wait for all six of Tybalt's children to find 3-bolt-partners if I want to see him reach his LTW. And there are already Sims by the surname Hart in the neighbourhood: Matthew Hart and his family. Frances could be a relative, couldn't she :-)

Who is going to be next to find a job or a future spouse? Is the family going to move to a larger place, or will the children move out one by one as they find partners? Is Tybalt going to act on his 3-bolt-attraction to Lavender?

I very much enjoyed playing this unusual household - there is no other like it in my game!

This was - for now! - the last of the Capp households. With the six new additions, they are now the largest family in all of New Maximiliania.


  1. Brilliant that Tybalt got his LTW changed! How fitting as he is a plantsim that he could instantly have those babies. (It gave me a 'Toddlermania' flashback for a moment, :D
    Funnily enough in my Dreamer household a Sim just married the Servo. I will blog that soon, :)
    Maybe another Plantsim In your hood could have some plantbabies- that would be instant partners for Tybalt's kids! :D
    I do love playing the supernatural sims, they are so much fun and this was a very enjoyable read. :)

    1. Thank you :-)
      If they had been "human" toddlers, Tybalt would have never managed to take care of them on his own, and the Social Worker would have made an appearance for sure.
      There is another Plantsim in my hood who wants to marry off 6 children: Rose Greenman. Not all of her offspring are married yet, so maybe they could be potential spouses for each other.


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