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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Charlie Cho: The Freshman Year

Charlie Cho has just arrived at the dorm which is going to be his home for at least one "year". Are any other New Maximilianians already there?

Yes, there are: Tina Traveller, the lady with the blond braids, and Beta Beaker.For Tina, the Junior Year has just begun; Beta is now a Sophomore.
Maybe you remember that Tina is the - so far - only playable student in my game who belongs to a Secret Society.

To my surprise, I find Tina's lifetime want changed, but not Beta's. Beta still wants to be Head of SCIA. Tina wanted to have 20 best friends, but now she dreams of becoming Mad Scientist.

Although Charlie has not yet decided on a major, he is the first of the three playable students to finish his term paper.
Beta is ill. Oh, those endless colds and flus!!!
In the dorm's cafeteria, Charlie meets one of the non-playable students who are also residents here. "I hope to find good friends here," he says.

It takes a while, but eventually, Charlie meets Tina and Beta.

        Nobody bothered to take care of the bills, and so the Repoman arrives one day to take care of them.

        Of all things, he takes the message board in the dorm's hallway!
I am sure there are more valuable things in the building, such as the computers, but apparently, the bills run up by the students are not that high.

        This is, by the way, Charlie's room. It was vacated for him by one of the NPC students when he arrived. The small blue vase with the daisy bouquet is a souvenir he brought from home: it was made by his late grandmother Vivian.

       Every now and then, strange phenomena occur at the dorm. Here we have a "ghost" student. Of course she is not really a ghost, but victim of a graphics bug.

        Just like nobody bothered to pay the bills, nobody did anything about the bug infestation outside. Tina stomps on them every time she returns from class, until I finally have enough of it and have Beta call the exterminator.

        No "year" at college is complete without a fight between Llama and Cow! This time, the Llama wins.

        Beta, Charlie and Tina all make it through the first semester without a hitch.
For the second semester, Tina needs to brush up her Charisma, while Charlie needs a mechanical point.

        It is still winter, but the roads are free of snow, when he invites over his "aunt" Sally (she is related to him only by marriage) and little half-brother Stephen. Meike was invited, too; she arrived, ran through the cafeteria and left by the backdoor. Charlie's parents, Hal and Etsu, were also invited, but never showed up.

        Charlie's Freshman Year ends with an A+, as expected. Beta and Tina have done well, too.
What major is Charlie going to settle on? Who is going to join the three students here next? Or are they going to move to a different dorm, once there are empty slots opening up?


  1. It's funny but I've never had a sim get ill whilst at University. I often see the 'invisible' sims in my game too in the dorms. I guess it's a bug that never got fixed. Charlie is off to a good start and has nice dorm mates in Beta and Tina.

    1. Lucky you!! My Sims are constantly sneezing and coughing, and I hate it!
      I hope Charlie, Beta and Tina can move to another dorm soon.


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