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Monday, 27 January 2014

The DeBateau-Gere Household: Update 27.01.2014

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This is the town villa that has belonged to the DeBateaus from the start. The family have seen quite a lot of changes since the game began: At first, there were only Armand and his adoptive daughter, Tara. Tara and Alexander Goth became teenage sweethearts and saw each other at college as well. After they both graduated, they renewed their relationship, and Tara married into the Goth family. Currently, she helps Alexander raise his half-Alien twins.
Armand's lifetime want of celebrating his Golden Anniversary was a challenge, since there was no woman he was particularly interested in. He settled for Chastity Gere, of all ladies! She, as a Romance Sim with the LTW of having 20 Loves at the same time, was certainly not wife-material. Still, it worked; Armand moved in with her, became Mr. Gere and reached Permanent Platinum before he died.
Long before all that happened, he had resurrected his parents. His mother was fine, but his father became New Maximiliania's one and only Zombie.

That he still is - he never ages -, and his widowed daughter-in-law, Chastity Gere, has moved in with him after Armand's death. She was turned into a Vampire by one of her many lovers, Count David Gregory. This means she does not age, either, but is forever stuck at 60, her age when she was bitten.
She is still working on reaching her LTW. Actually, she is close to it, but some of her lovers have died during the last round, and so I don't really know how long it'll take her to be on Permanent Platinum.
Beaumont will never become a Celebrity Chef and is forever destined to see close friends and relatives die, unless he'll die in a fire or some other accident.

There are also four dogs in the household: Cilly and Betty...
and Alabama and Cesar. Alabama is the mother of the three others. Betty was in her first litter, Cesar and Cilly in her second.
I'm afraid this is not the best of pictures, but I wanted to show you how Chastity, in bat-shape, quickly flies into the house after sunrise on this Monday morning, and seeks the comfortable darkness of her coffin until sunset.
For Beaumont, the lonely days seem far too lonely, and he invites one of his many 3-bolt-ladies over: Kimberly Cordial.
The two of them realize they are well and truly in love, and Kimberly does not think twice when Beaumont asks her to move in. She adds more than 348.000 Simoleons to the DeBateau fortune, making it a total of over 658.000! She is now 81.
Upstairs, Chastity sleeps peacefully in her coffin, underneath the picture she and Count David Gregory had taken together, and the love letter he wrote her.
imberly has brought her Throne of Darkness, which is her preferred seat.
Beaumont has bought delicious cheese cake at the Davis' bakery and serves it to celebrate Kimberly's move-in.
Later, the loving couple relax on the bed, and Beaumont confesses that he does think of death a lot. He was hoping Kimberly would be able to de-zombify him, or have some other idea, but she admits that none of her spells is powerful enough to deal with death.
That night, Beaumont dreams of Armand, the son he loved and, like so many other people he loved, has been missing for many years.
Tuesday night, Benvenuto Broke and Sandra Roth are guests at the DeBateau villa. For Chastity, this is a welcome chance to befriend (and, possibly, later turn into a lover) Benvenuto.
For Sandra, it is a welcome chance to get into yet another fight with Kimberly! Maybe you remember that the two of them were fighting at the Davis' bakery. The reason is still unknown. Once again, Sandra won.
Chastity is already doing her best to shift things with Benvenuto from friendship to more :-)
It is Wednesday morning, and she has to hide in her coffin until 7.00 pm.
Beaumont invites his adoptive granddaughter Tara, her husband Alexander and some friends over in the afternoon. The lady with her back to the camera is Erin Singles.
Is this another party guest coming up to the house?
No... it's the Grim Reaper who has come for Kimberly.
She dies at the age of 84, and leaves behind a 3-bolt-love in Beaumont, who is desperate at having had to witness yet another Sim die who meant so much to him.
Later that night, Benvenuto becomes Chastity's # 20. That still does not fix her LTW, because as I mentioned above, some of her elderly lovers have died.
Beaumont chooses to sit on Kimberly's Throne of Darkness on his own accord.
As Wednesday slips into Thursday, Chastity is seen outside, mopping up dog puddles, weeding, throwing away old newspapers and cleaning the dog houses - all without me telling her to.
Tommy Ottomas walks past and is greeted by Beaumont.
Sirius Swain has followed Tommy a little later, and talks to Beaumont about his Alien heritage over bowls of soup.
Chastity is pleased to discover that she and Tommy Ottomas have 3 bolts for each other. The perfect candidate for her ever-growing list of lovers!
On Friday, Alabama dies at the ripe old age of 33, mourned by her children.
Jacqueline Jacquet is greeted that afternoon.
It is Saturday morning at the villa, and I want to show you this corner of Tara's former bedroom. The little statue on the chest of drawers is another memento of Kimberly.
Today, Beaumont, who suffers through his lonely days again since Kimberly's death, greets Cornel Capp...
... Gilbert Jacquet...
...and Gerlinde Gavigan.
Chastity has invited Tommy Ottomas again, and he stays until Sunday morning, when he becomes her 21st lover. "What a bird!!" he thinks :-)
When the sun has risen and Chastity is in her coffin, Beaumont is glad to welcome Justin Cleveland to fight his loneliness.
In the evening, Chastity gets up, and when Beaumont comes across her in the dining room, he stops and finds himself thinking of her in a different way than his widowed daughter-in-law.
The two of them find themselves relaxing on the bed together, and Chastity brings up the subject: "Why don't the two of us get together? We have three bolts for each other, are both different from other Sims, and know each other so well there won't be any nasty surprises in our relationship. Why not, Beaumont?"
Why not indeed!
Beaumont and Chastity fall in love, and Chastity finally reaches her LTW.

Will these two really live forever, or is anything going to happen to change their non-aging status?


  1. Well, talk about keeping it in the family! lol. Still, Chastity and Beaumont are living eternally so it's nice for them to have each other now that Chastity has her LTW out of the way. Will she stay faithful though?
    It's a shame there's no way to 'cure' a zombie but it makes for entertaining reading.
    Kimberley had a nice, if short stay at the DeBateau house, and how nice to see Alexander and Tara paying a visit.

    1. I admit I'll have to do something about this household, or I'll die of boredom when playing them. Not sure what that "something" will be, but things can't go on like this.
      Is there really absolutely no way to die for a zombie? How about a fire...? (I have plenty of experience with that in this neighbourhood, as you know!)

    2. Oh yes Zombies can certainly die from fire, starvation, drowning, etc. (I can see your wicked grin from here). :D


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