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Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Contrary-Capp Household: Week 6

It is only a few weeks ago since our last visit to this household; back then, we were here because of Miranda Capp. But now, we are here because the name Contrary is the next on the alphabetical list.

Opal Contrary is now 76. Maybe you remember that she is a widow (her husband Edward died long ago) and has 3 bolts for Marcel Jocque, who is also a widower.

Rick Contrary, her son, is still working hard on his lifetime want of having 20 best friends.

His live-in love, Miranda Capp, is on Permanent Platinum and not controlled by me for most of the time.

On this Monday, Marcel Jocque is invited over - to stay.
He adds more than 13.000 Simoleons to the household account and, at 69 years, is quite a bit younger than Opal. But this is a 3-bolt-couple, and age does not mean anything to them.

Rick is happy that his mother has found love again. She did seem lonely to him ever since his father died.

Look at the loving glance Marcel has for Opal while she is having a nap on the settee!

As soon as Marcel moved in, the wish to be engaged spun up.

And we all know that the next step after an engagement is to get married. Since Opal does not appear to have that much time left on her lifetime bar, everything is set up quickly in the back yard, and the wedding is scheduled for that same Monday night.

The newly weds!

And their guests. Marcel Jocque's daughter, Violet, is here as well, you just can't see her behind Morty Roth.

There she is, enjoying a piece of wedding cake with her new step mother, her father and another guest.

Opal is happy that the bedside that was left empty since Edward's death is finally occupied again! The hobby plaque and the "Creme de la Creme" prize on the wall above the bed are Marcel's.

On Tuesday, Miranda choses to have a can of juice for breakfast and nothing else.

Marcel is on Permanent Platinum, too (he reached his LTW of being World Class Ballet Dancer at the age of 61) and can do as he pleases most of the time. Right now, he wants to jump rope.

In the afternoon, Opal's dog Balin dies at the age of 31 or 32. A ripe old age for any dog, and Balin had a happy life with "his" humans.

Cornel Capp walks by and is greeted by Miranda...

...followed a little later by his sister Calendula.

Wednesday sees Opal and Marcel getting up at the same time (but hours before Rick and Miranda).

It is a nice summer's day, and Rick tries to grill hot dogs (in his suit - something I do not recommend). He burns them, but puts on a brave face and eats one of the nearly black hot dogs.

Miranda greets Morty Roth.

On Thursday, Marcel wants to surprise Opal by making pancakes for breakfast.

Unfortunately, the surprise does not turn out quite the way he intended. But there is a fire alarm installed in the kitchen, and so the damage is limited to a platter of burnt pancakes and Marcel in desperate need of a shower.

Opal is now 79, and Marcel 72. I am glad I had this sweet elderly 3-bolt-couple get together.

And not too soon: That evening, Marcel is picked up by the Grim Reaper and his Hula Girls. (The young man in the red track suit is Callum Capp.)
I expected Opal to go first, but our Sims do not always do what we expect, do they!

It is the first day this Sim-week that someone actually uses the set of swings in the yard.

Poor Opal, her newfound happiness did not last very long, and now she has to sleep on her own again.

On Friday morning, Miranda feeds the koi without me telling her. I did not know that this is an activity the Sims can do unbidden.

Rick works at his LTW of 20 best friends every day, but I also try to have him fulfill minor wishes, such as sell a masterpiece. His creativity level is not yet high enough for that, but his mother gladly gives him some tips while he is working away at the easel.

That evening, just as Rick turns into an elder, his mother follows her two husbands into the otherworld. She was 81, and although she did not reach either of her two LTW (the first was to have 20 best pet friends and the second one to be professional party guest), the game showed her on Platinum all the time.

It is Saturday morning, and Rick gets up a long time before Miranda. Now that he is an elder, he has the typically erratic sleeping pattern of all elderly Sims.

He makes breakfast dressed in a set of clothes I did not know he owns, while Miranda can't wait for him to finish and stuffs her face at the fridge next to him.

That afternoon, Miranda's parents Albany and Goneril turn up on their own accord. Miranda is very close to her Dad but has a zero point relationship with her mother.

She tries to better this, but Goneril seems not to want a hug from her eldest daughter. Maybe she prefers her younger daughters, Desdemona and Ariel, who live with her.

Well, if I was Goneril, I would not be too pleased with my daughter, either, if she was retreating to the computer while I was visiting.

On Sunday morning, Miranda surprises Rick not only by preparing delicious omelettes for breakfast, but even gives the kitchen a good scrub.

Angela Pleasant becomes Rick's best friend # 14 that day.

We leave Rick and Miranda while they enjoy Sunday evening together, Miranda having a bowl of chili and Rick doing crosswords.

Will either of them ever want to get engaged and married, or will Miranda one day act on her three-bolt-relationship with Ripp Grunt? How long until Rick's LTW of 20 best friends will be fulfilled?


  1. At least Opal found happiness again even if it was short-lived. I think her elder self had a nice life. Rick's outfit as an elder looks like a handmade one from the sewing machine.
    Miranda and her mother need to work on their relationship I think, especially if Miranda wants some inheritance later down the line, heh.
    Rick is doing well with his LTW, not long to go!

    1. I really like the "20 best friends" LTW, it is so easy and can be done mostly by using the telephone - unlike what it was in the first Sims game, when it took our Sims ages to befriend another Sim!
      Miranda does not need an inheritance, she has more money than she knows what to do with it, but it would still be nice if she had a better relationship with her mother and not just with her father :-)


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