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Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Cordial Sisters: Update 23.01.2014

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The Cordial sisters have been living in this rather beautiful house "forever", and that is where they still are.

Here is Samantha...

...and this is her twin sister Kimberly.
Both are on Permanent Platinum, so for most of the time, I won't tell them what to do.

On this Monday in mid-winter, Kimberly amuses herself with the set of swings.

Upstairs, Samantha is making reagents for spells. (I told her to do that - I don't think Sims can use the "magic" objects on their own accord.)

In the afternoon, Kimberly greets Ramon Ramirez.

Then, at 6.00 pm, very unexpectedly, the Grim Reaper comes for Samantha.
Both sisters are 75 now, and when I entered the lot, both their lifetime bars looked as if they'd still have several more "years" ahead - actually, Kimberly's bar looked fuller than Samantha's, and yet she died first, quite out of the blue!

It is a very sad day for Kimberly. Twins are said to feel it even more keenly when their sibling dies, and Kimberly seems to be thinking of Samantha and her death constantly for a while.

She can't sleep.

She stops whatever she's doing and thinks of her deceased sister.

Again, no rest for Kimberly.

Only when she goes to sleep in Samantha's bed does she manage to sleep through the night. (This really happened - I did not influence anything here.)

On Tuesday, the gardener is here, and receives a generous tip from Kimberly. She may be an evil witch but she is a fair employer!

Later, she wants to cook herself some dinner, but her thoughts were probably still with Samantha, and she burns her meal and nearly the kitchen stove.

On Wednesday, she chats on the Simternet, using not her own (much "better") computer but Samantha's.

I play witches and warlocks so rarely that I forget what they can do. To "magivestivum" somewhere is very convenient, especially when where you want your Sim to go is on a different floor in the house.

On Thursday, I catch Kimberly looking at Samantha's portrait. She really must be missing her sister terribly!

Antonio Monty walks by and provides a little distraction.

But instead of talking to her guest, Kimberly decides to trim the hedge (although the gardener should be doing this).

Friday morning sees Kimberly at the "volcanic" pinball machine in Samantha's old room.

She eats spoiled lobster and gets food poisoning as a result.

Every now and then, she sits on the "Throne of Darkness" she once made.

On Saturday, Ramir Patel is greeted when he walks past the house.

Later, I have Kimberly invite Beaumont DeBateau over, New Maximiliania's one and only Zombie, and Kimberly has three bolts for him.
This is what he does when it is time to say good-bye!

On Sunday, Kimberly has overcome the food poisoning but suffers from a cold.

That does not deter her from inviting some of her friends over and presenting them all with a little something she made.

Kimberly is now 81. How long will she be around, and is there going to happen something between her and Beaumont?


  1. Aww how sad that Samantha passed so soon after you entered the lot. Somehow with it being unexpected it makes it more poignant I think. Kimberly is missing her sister terribly isn't she? I guess she secretly liked Samantha's things better than her own. :)

    1. Yes, but she had to keep up her image of The Evil Sister, once it was created, and would never let anoyne see her sleeping in that white and golden bedroom of Samantha's :-)

  2. I hate it when old people are left alone! good job there's the senior residence, did she go there?

    1. The senior residence did not exist yet when I played that household last, at least I don't think so.


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