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Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Cho-Riley-Capp Household: Update 05.01.2014

Yes, you're right - we've only just been at this household for an entire Sim-week. But that was because of Hal Capp. Now we are here because of the Cho surname being the next one on my list. There is only one member still with that surname living here, and it is not Etsu, pictured here with little Stephen. Her surname is now Riley, since she married Timothy last time we were here.
It is Charlie Cho, Etsu's firstborn. His father is Hal, who is now firmly established as Sally's partner. On that Monday morning, he is the one to help Meike with her birthday.
Looking after Meike took up a good chunk of Charlie's night, and so he has a big mug of coffee before going to school that morning.
During the day, Meike's mother Sally helps her little daughter learn to walk.
While Etsu is at work, she also takes good care of Stephen, who is a very good-natured little boy.
It is autumn, and Hal has been raking the leaves without wearing a coat or warm jumper. He soon ends up with a cold.
Gesine Gavigan is greeted by Sally, while Charlie is happy that Martina Martin came home with him from school today.
On Tuesday, he makes his Silver Cosmetology Badge by giving yet another townie a free makeover.
It is Wednesday, and one of the Picaso boys has come home with Charlie from school today. Look at Sally, it is the last time you'll see her as an adult.
Here she is now as an elder.
When Etsu returns from work... is her turn to become an elder.
And of course Hal...
...follows suit.
On Thursday, Charlie gives as many makeovers to unsuspecting townies as possible. I don't know how long it will take him to make his Golden Cosmetology Badge; so far, I think no other Sim in my game has ever done that.
Unnoticed by everyone, Meike grows up from toddler to child.
To make her look a bit more like the real Meike Riley did at that age, I change her hairstyle and give her a pair of specs :-) (The hair colour is already the right one, I did not need to change that. But her eyes are green, and mine are blue - plus I'm afraid I was a bit prettier than she is!)
Stephen turns into a child not much later.
It is Friday, and Sally shows the wish to get married. I half expected that, it happens so often with my Sims - they don't think about getting married while they are younger, but the onset of their senior years seems to trigger the wish to make things more "secure".
It is rare that everyone in this household is asleep at the same time. When it happens that night (actually it is very early on Friday morning), a burglar appears.
There is no burglar alarm in the house, and so the thief gets away with the TV. Then Stephen wakes up, and the criminal runs away, in spite of Stephen not having called the police.
Of course, money is no issue at this household, so the TV is instantly replaced.
After school today, Isabella Indie comes home with Charlie.
He has just offered her a free makeover and thinks this really suits her skin tone and outfit much better :-)
On Saturday, Hal invites over nearly all his family. His sister Miranda is there together with Rick and Opal Contrary, his mother Goneril and father Albany, and his sisters Desdemona and Ariel.
It is not just an ordinary family get-together, but Hal and Sally's wedding!
Because it is winter and too cold to sit outside for long, the ceremony is very brief, and no chairs are placed on the porch. Still, everybody made an effort in putting on their best outfits, and the new Mr. and Mrs. Riley are applauded with much enthusiasm.
Meike notices that Opal Contrary wears the same colour :-)
Charlie, as the only teenager in the family, has to "rebel" a little and has not changed out of his jeans and zip-up.
Sally has invited very few friends, for two reasons: 1. Hal's family is very large, 2. she has had affairs with most of her friends at some stage in the past and does not want any nasty jealousy dramas at her wedding. Ashley Pitts is one of the few who does not show as a lover in her relationship panel.
On Sunday morning, Etsu takes the children to H&M. They need proper winter clothes.
While she makes her purchases...
...Stephen meets a classmate of his, Carl Capp. The two boys are not related, since Stephen's father was Timothy Riley and not Hal Capp.
In the afternoon, Charlie calls a taxi that is to take him to college. Etsu waves him good-bye.
The large upstairs bedroom that originally used to be Timothy and Vivian's and then became Charlie's is now turned into a proper room for Meike and Stephen.

Here is where this week ends; we'll be back when it is time to play the Rileys. And now, I'll go and make sure Charlie settles in well at college.


  1. how many sims household do you play a day? There always seems to be every couple of days there is an update. Love reading about your characters,. I haven't got a megahood but do play all neighbourhoods.

    1. Hello peachy, usually, it takes me about a week to finish one household and write and upload the update. But right now, I am off work (since Christmas until tomorrow), and the weather is bad enough to keep me indoors, so I get a lot more play-time in than normally.
      Do you blog about your Sims, too?

  2. I don't have that much time to play, I have a 4 year old autistic son, I work and real life gets in the way. I wish I did have time to blog it would be great. But I love reading other people's blog

    1. I am much more free in deciding on how to spend my spare time; I work full time but am a widow and live on my own. Only when my boyfriend is staying over (sometimes for several days in a row), I don't play at all.
      During the warmer months, I much prefer spending time outdoors (I love running and walking) than in front of the computer :-)
      So, when you do get time to play The Sims, do you have a certain way of playing, such as all the Maxis-made families?

  3. What a lovely update. I love the name Meike. Is there an English variation or is it an exclusive German name? Charlie is doing good with his makeovers, I like the green hair on Isabella. With badges that I find time consuming I take my sims on vacation then on their return (assuming they've had a good time) they can learn badges much quicker for a short time.
    Love the wedding too, it's funny how the oldies want to settle down. :)

    1. Meike is an ancient Northern German name, from the time when the Nordic languages were still more similar than today. It is Maria in "proper" German, and my real name :-)
      Thank you for reminding me of the vacation bonus about badges - I send my Sims on vacation so rarely, I keep forgetting what possibilities they have through that!

  4. Meike and Stephen are very cute :)

    1. Hello Chrissy, this is, I believe, your first visit to my blog, so - welcome! :-)


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