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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Davis Family: Week 3

Week 2 can be read here.

Here is another family whose lifetime wants have not changed. Do you remember the house? Maxis had it originally assigned to Catherine Viejo and Betty Goldstein, but both ladies have died long ago, and nowadays, it is occupied by other Sims:
Almeric Davis...
...his twin brother Aldric...
...and Aldric's wife Juliette, who is a Capp by birth.

Almeric still wants to own 5 top-level businesses, Aldric still wants to become Celebrity Chef, and Juliette still is on Permanent Platinum ever since she became Education Minister a while back.

Aldric has left for work already when on this Monday Almeric and his sister-in-law have soup for lunch.

When he returns from work, Aldric makes candies in order to improve his cooking skill. He needs many more skills to make it from Restauranteur, his current position, to Celebrity Chef.

On Tuesday morning, all three house mates have breakfast together.

Tybalt Capp, Juliette's brother who has turned into a Plantsim during the last round, has come visiting. He is apalled at the state of the garden and starts raking the leaves on his own accord.

Meanwhile, Juliette uses her day off to bake as many cakes as she can for her brother-in-law's shop, a home business selling food.

The offer of the week is cakes and cookies. They sell so well Juliette can hardly bake fast enough. The shop is now on Rank 5.

On Wednesday, Almeric thinks it would be an asset if the tea room, which so far hardly any of his customers use, had an Asian-style tea set as well as traditional chairs and tables.

[It took me AGES to find the tea set in buy mode!! Eventually, I clicked on "Collections" and found it in the Vacation collection. The only other household who have one of those is the Cooke-Dreamer family, and they have had theirs for so long I can't remember where in the catalogue it was.]

It looks like Almeric's instinct was right: nearly as soon as the tea set is placed, customers start to sit at the tables as well as using the tea set.

As usual, the groceries delivery people come to the house nearly every day.

All three household members use most of the afternoon, evening and night to bake away in the kitchen.

On Thursday, the shop opens fully stocked - but it does not take long at all to be sold out, and to reach Rank 6.

In spite of there not being anything for sale at the shop right now, it stays open, giving all customers the opportunity of getting to know each other over a cup of tea.
Some Sims prefer exploring the garden :-)
Aldric has not had much time to work on his skills this week so far, but on Friday morning, he makes an effort to get his last cooking skill point.
The shop has remained open all the time, with the doors to the private quarters of the house locked for anyone but the family. Here, one of the customers takes pity on the overgrown hedge.
A little later, the gardener, maid and repair man arrive at the same time. There is plenty of money in the household, and all three Sims are too busy with the shop (and Aldric with his career), so that there really is no need for them to do all those jobs around the house and garden themselves.
Sadly, Juliette takes the wrong decision with a chance card and is demoted on the Friday. She is now back on her old position of College Dean, and very obviously not at all happy about this. Still, she remains on Permanent Platinum, and I hardly ever need to worry about her.
At the shop, a fight breaks out between Sandra Roth and Kimberly Cordial. Kimberly may be an Evil Witch, but Sandra is not afraid of her and wins the fight.
That night, Aldric finally maximizes his cooking skill. Now he needs two more Creativity points before he can hope for that final promotion.
Early on Saturday morning, the shop reaches Rank 7 while Almeric makes yet another batch of Santa Cookies.
A few hours later, I decide it is time for Juliette to quit her job. She does not need it, neither to earn money nor to reach her LTW.
Over breakfast (consisting of Santa Cookies and champagne) Almeric, Aldric and Juliette celebrate her quitting her job and the shop being on Rank 7.
Now that she does not work on her former job any longer, Juliette helps out at the shop a lot more. When she is not preparing platters of chips, cheese or appetizers, she is busy selling.
Sometimes she is even allowed to practice at the cash register, always under the watchful eye of Almeric, who will intervene if she is too slow and customers start to become impatient.
He has now his Golden Cash Register Badge, and the shop is at Rank 8.
On Sunday morning, the tea room is busy while our house mates work in the kitchen to produce enough stock for today.
Juliette has made her Bronze Sales Badge today, and the week ends with the shop still being at Rank 8 and Aldric still being a Creativity point away from his next (and last) promotion.

How long until the shop will reach Rank 10, and until Aldric will make his LTW come true?


  1. I always loved this house and it's nice to see it again as I haven't played Riverblossom in forever. :)
    The Bakery is going great, you are making it looks easy which I know it isn't! I'm sure they will get rank 10 next time. Once someone gets Gold in the Register it makes such a difference doesn't it?
    How nice of Tybalt (and other visitors) to help out in the garden. I love it when sims actually appear to have a brain. :)

    1. It's a huge house and garden, nearly too big for my taste (it takes a Sim ages to get from one end of the house to the other), but I like it.
      Yes, the bakery is hard work, and I'm afraid Aldric's LTW of being Celebrity Chef suffers a bit because of it, but he'll get there eventually :-)


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