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Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Capp-Contrary-Household: Week 5

You can read weeks 3 and 4 at this household by clicking here

The Contrarys have lived in this house from the moment they became part of the game. I always liked this house; it is well playable, with a garden generous in size but not causing too much work.

Opal Contrary and her son Rick live here. Maybe you remember that Opal's husband and Rick's father, Edward, died during the previous round. Opal is now 69 and has several 3-bolt-men in her relationship panel, of which Marcel Joque is first.
Just like it happened with the past few households, I find the Sims' lifetime wants changed here, too:
Rick, who used to want to have 50 dream dates, now wants to have 20 best friends. Opal wants to become Professional Party Guest - something that would be much easier to achieve than her former LTW of having 20 best pet friends, but is beyond her reach now at her age, I'm afraid. Still, for some unknown reason, she is and stays on Platinum all week, in spite of not having all her aspiration points fulfilled.

The family dog Balin is still there, too.

But the Sim we are actually here for this week is Miranda Capp, daughter of Albany and Goneril Capp, and Rick's college sweetheart. The two of them have had 26 dream dates already, and although they have "only" two bolts for each other, seem to be determined to stay together.
Miranda already reached Permanent Platinum during the last round, when she became Mayor, and therefore I neither take her wishes much into account nor do I control her.

On this Monday morning, Rick can be found at the basketball hoop at the back of the house - that used to be his favourite pastime as a teenager, and apparently has not changed much.

Miranda is picked up for work by helicopter.

Opal reaches The Zone for the first time.

Balin makes sure his humans take good care of him, even though Opal's LTW does not revolve around pets anymore.

On Tuesday, the first snow falls.

Opal makes her Golden Sewing Badge.

One of the outfits she made for Miranda during the previous round is this elegant red-and-black evening gown. Why have I made Miranda put it on now?

It is New Year's Eve, and Rick needs friends, friends, friends! What better way to cultivate friendships than throwing a New Year's Eve party? Here, Sofia Baldwin, Etsu Cho-Riley and Desdemona Capp (Miranda's sister) enjoy Hamburgers.

Meanwhile, Florence Delarosa, Sarah Love and Tybalt Capp (Miranda's cousin who turned into a Plantsim some time ago) chat in the living room and watch telly.

At midnight, everybody gathers in the back yard to welcome the new year with fireworks.
Father Time arrives on cue.
Happy New Year to everyone who reads this! [I actually played this on the 30th of December, knowing that I wouldn't have time to play on the 31st, what with getting ready for the New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance my boyfriend and I attended :-), as you can read here on my other blog.]
Early on Wednesday morning, Miranda goes out to play with Balin in the snow. They are joined by Charlie, who we have seen at other households before.
Opal and Rick have lunch together, while Miranda is at work.
On Thursday, the snow has all gone and Miranda makes use of the hours before work by cleaning Balin's house. I have not checked her personality, but I guess she must have many neat points; she is often cleaning something in the house and outside, without me ever telling her to do so.

Rick has been presented with a new outfit, made by his mother. It does look a bit mismatched, I admit, but I wanted to see what the possibilities are for custom-made outfits for male adults.

It is Friday, and who should walk by but Marcel Jocque - the man Opal has three bolts for! Rick is quick to greet him. He is, after all, a family friend.

So far, friends is all he has ever been with Opal. His wife Sophie is still alive, and to my knowledge, the two of them are a happy couple.
And yet - when he says goodbye to Opal that night, he grabs her for a lingering kiss! I don't know who was more surprised - Opal or I :-)
(Still, there were no pink hearts flying after that kiss. We'll have to wait and see how - if at all - things will develop for these silver-haired three-bolters.)
On Saturday, Opal enjoys the mild air of early spring out on the front porch, doing the crosswords in today's newspaper.
Param Patel (the teenager with his back to the camera) and Cedric Cooke are today's dinner guests.
Sunday starts with Miranda playing in the garden with Balin, wearing nothing but her undies. It must be an exceptionally warm spring morning!

Nothing much happens during the day, so this is the last picture for this post.
Opal is now 76, and the dog Balin has turned 30, with not many "years" left to him.
For Rick, the week ends with 11 best friends out of the 20 he wants to have.

Will he and Miranda ever spin the wish to get married? Is Opal going to take her friendship with Marcel Jocque one step further?


  1. Happy New Year to you! I wonder if Marcel is a Romance sim? I find that my romance sims often grab a sim for a kiss goodbye, regardless of whether they are married or not!
    I like the Contrary house, it's a nice layout for playing. Opal is doing well in age and Rick and Miranda make a nice couple.

    1. Can't remember right now whether Marcel is a Romance Sim, but while I was updating my "stats" page for the annual population count, I realized that Sophie has died during the last round - which means Marcel is now free for Opal...


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