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Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Monty-Ottomas Household: Week 7

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A lot tour of the house can be found here.
Week 6 at this house is here.

The set-up at this household has changed somewhat during the last round. Maybe you remember that Peter and Samantha Ottomas have both passed away peacefully of old age. Their eldest son, David, still lives here with his wife Lilith (nee Pleasant).

Here's David, in the purple bedroom he and Lilith share upstairs.
Lilith is on Permanent Platinum (she still works as a Rock Goddess) and therefore pretty much left to her own devices by me.
In the ground floor bedroom that used to be Peter and Samantha's, their daughter Sharla and her husband Mercutio (formerly Monty) are fast asleep. Mercutio is also on PP and therefore treated like an NPC most of the time.
Mercutio's brother Romeo is about to give his nephew Odell a bath.
Mercutio already had a daughter when he married Sharla: Maria, obviously the result of an Alien abduction.
Here is little Orlando, Odell's twin.
That's everyone introduced now!
On this Monday, I decide to give Mercutio brown hair and Sharla black, to better suit their respective turn-ons.
Sharla with black hair takes some getting used to :-) Their attraction is now at 2 bolts.
Just like before when the twins were babies, sisters-in-law Lilith and Sharla often do the housework together. (Remember, I am not directing Lilith.)
Sharla watches TV while her son Orlando plays with the toy robot, a gift from Lilith's sister Angela.
Sharla greets Ellen Freshe (nee Frost).
Mercutio plays with his son Odell after the little boy has asked him for attention.
Romeo, whose lifetime want is to become Captain Hero, comes home with a promotion to SWAT Leader.
Maria is accompanied home from school by Caleb Capp.
Later, she plays with one of her little brothers, Orlando, with Olivia Ottomas' old dollshouse. (Olivia died in a fire that broke out when she tried to repair a computer at the Ottomas-Singles mansion.)
David is promoted to Family Law Attorney. His LTW is to become The Law.
Two promotions - that's more than enough reason for a family celebration, isn't it? I send them all (except for the toddler twins, who are being watched by a hired Nanny for the occasion) over to St. Simius of Pleasantview, a great community lot built by Twoyys4me:
Beatrice Monty, cousin of Romeo and Mercutio, has been asked along, too. She has recently moved to New Maximiliania's Senior Residence, after her partner, her brother and her stepson all died in a house fire. The cousins think a family outing will do her good. Romeo has also invited his girlfriend Melody Tinker.
Some NPCs are also at the lot, like Peter Sims, the man who sits at the table with Sharla who tells him all about the firey deaths in her family.
Romeo and Melody dance together, but for the rest of the week, she does not appear in his wishes.
As soon as the family are back home, Orlando turns into a child.
David has not even gotten back in from the outing - he turns into an Elder still on the drive.
But he is not the only one - his wife Lilith has just done the same on the other side of the car. Welcome to Elderhood, David and Lilith! Her colour scheme has always been purple, so it is nice to see that she has age-transitioned into a matching outfit.
Although they are twins, it takes Odell several more hours before he grows up from toddler to child, too.
Monday has just slipped into Tuesday, when the boys' nursery is ready for their new stage of life. The twins go to bed for the first time in their "new" room. The wallpaper is from the Sims Life Stories collection.
Before Romeo goes to work and the schoolbus for the kids will be here, he plays a bit with one of his nephews.
That put him apparently into a good enough mood for another promotion: He is now Police Chief.
Maria's class mate Nellie Newson gets off the school bus with her today.
David has been promoted, too: He is now an International Corporate Lawyer.
He is accompanied by his colleague Gordon Greenman.
Mercutio is not on his own when he returns from work, either: Roxie Sharpe comes with him.
It was the last time I've seen Maria run to hug her Dad upon his coming home from work... A moment later, she grows up into a teenager! The lot decides on her aspiration to be Popularity. Her LTW is the same as that of her Uncle Romeo: To become Captain Hero.
The twins have just done their first homework and as a reward are allowed to watch their favourite TV show. Uncle Romeo sits with them, studying for his next promotion.
On Wednesday morning, "NPC" Mercutio decides to clean up the dishes from last night's dinner.
He even rakes the leaves outside.
Angela, Lilith's twin sister, and her partner Puck Summerdream, are invited over.
Lilith has not seen her sister since before her birthday. Now that they are both elderly ladies, they look alike again :-) [I know - technically, they are twins and ought to be exactly the same age. But because of my system to play each household according to the alphabetical list of their surnames, things have changed.]
Romeo has reached his LTW: He has just been made Captain Hero! (Here still in his Police Chief outfit.) From now on, I will not control him anymore when it comes to the day-to-day running of his life. He is 6 days from Elderhood.
Sharla greets Christopher Capp.
To celebrate reaching his LTW, Romeo invites cousin Beatrice over.
Early on Thursday morning, Sharla and her big brother David play a game of chess.
It must have helped David's job performance - he comes home from work with a promotion to Entertainment Attorney. [Actually, it was a chance card - one I'd never seen in the game before!]
Maria is doing her homework, wondering why "Aunt" Lilith feels the need to check in on her. (Lilith is not really her aunt - the two are not blood-related at all. But the constellation in this household is such that "Aunt" fits Lilith's role best.)
Two hours after the school bus has dropped off Maria, it stops in front of the house yet again. Odell and Orlando have their first A+ reports to show today!
Cameron Capp has come home with the boys. He and Orlando spend good part of the afternoon playing Cops and Robbers.
Friday morning sees Maria making toaster pastries for breakfast for everyone.
Sharla welcomes her friend Bottom Summerdream. I seem to remember they studied together at uni. Bottom came by on her own accord.
The "NPC"-brother- and sister-in-law Mercutio and Lilith relax in the twins' room. They are great friends - maybe you remember that I was worried they would become more than that last round.
Oops! They don't seem to mind sharing the boys' bathroom (in spite of there being four perfectly accessible bathrooms in the house), something that usually only lovers will do. But they are not in love, thankfully. It would complicate matters quite a bit if they were!
Sharla loves her husband, and vice versa. So hopefully, no romance will start between him and Lilith.
Glenda Greenman accompanies Maria home from school today.
Cameron Capp is once again with the younger kids.
It's just like in real life, isn't it? The big, bustling families always draw in more people in the shape of friends, colleagues and family visiting. The Monty-Ottomas household is no exception! David's colleague William Williamson gets off the car with him today.
Maria wants to buy a gamepad and asks her Uncle Romeo along. She is a teenager, after all, and it is good to have an adult watch her driving.
At "Sims Gone Wired", Maria makes her purchase, while the sales clerk and the barista seem to be rather pleased with the sight of her!
After that, Romeo and Maria drive to H & M and get winter outfits for themselves.
Maria arrives back home just in time to greet Carl Capp, who seems to have an instant liking for her - and vice versa (two bolts).
But she rolls the wish to sneak out with her friend Stephen Riley that night.
On Saturday, the Capp siblings are invited over: Christopher (blond boy), Callum (boy with cap), Carolina, Carl (blue jumper) and Cameron, the youngest.
Cameron and Odell become friends that afternoon.
The teenagers seem to have little to say to each other - are they too shy, or just not much interested in each other?
That night, Mercutio turns into an Elder. He strange skin colour is due to the fact that he has spent hours and hours outdoors, playing Lilith's Rock Hammer guitar, until he was nearly frozen.
We have reached Sunday, the last day at this household for the week. Romeo clears the dirty dishes from last night's dinner.
An all-male breakfast ensues :-) 
I love the "swing me around" interaction! Here, Mercutio swings his son Odell around.
Meanwhile, Sharla plays chess with Orlando.
Lilith greets Beau Broke.
Maria makes a batch of Christmas cookies.
Who are the cookies for? The family, surely?
Actually, no. Of course they can have cookies if there are enough left. But Maria wished for a party, and I let her invite all her teenage friends over: Stephen Riley (front) and Carl Capp (back)... well as Carl's sister Carolina (not pictured) and Glenda Greenman. Glenda and Maria have become best friends over the week, and after I have had Maria pull a prank on Glenda, I watch as Glenda - autonomously, of course - "returns the favour" and pulls a prank on Maria. They love it, and it's fun to watch :-)
After the party, Orlando helps his big sis putting things back in order on his own accord.

I love playing big households with Sims at different life stages! The house is small and crowded, but most of the time, everything went smoothly. There were a few last-second-dashes to bathrooms when a Sim would insist on using the very same bathroom that was already occupied by someone else.

Are Lilith and Mercutio going to start something, or will they stick to staying the very good friends they have always been? How long until Sharla and Romeo will become elders? Is Romeo going to see his girlfriend Melody again? Will Maria go to college? What are the twins going to be like as teenagers?


  1. Do you think that Lilith will survive before the end of the decade?

    1. That is highly unlikely, because it would mean I hardly play at all anymore over the next five years! The Sims in my game do not follow a proper calendar the way I have seen other players organizing their game. Do you play that way?

  2. Well at least she was an adult on Back to the Future Day (October 21st 2015)

    1. Umm... no... although I can't tell you exactly what day of the week in real life I was playing what day of the Sim-week, she turned an Elder on the Sim-Monday, which I played on the 18th or 19th. Also, I don't quite understand what BTTF Day has to do with Lilith...?

  3. lovely read, so many people, so much going on. I like big/small one sim families too. I like to much stuff in the sims.

    1. Yes, it's the variety that adds so much fun to the game; one week I play a big household like this one, the next it could be a single Sim working on his or her lifetime want, and after that, it could be a couple on PP whom I don't control and just lean back watching events unfold.

  4. Yeah I love big families, so much to do and so much going on. It's been a very social week for them all one way or another hasn't it and how great to have a few outings as well so they can celebrate.
    In my Megahood Lilith did marry Mercutio- they were a 3 bolt couple I think, they had a son. Mercutio died in a house fire and their son became my first teen vampire though I can't recall why now. :D
    so yeah, rooting for them to get together next time!

    1. In my game, Lilith and Mercutio are 2-bolters just as Mercutio is with his wife Sharla, and Lilith with her husband David. I've had the problem with ex-loves and secret romance at the Riley-Cho household before and am not keen on a repetition!

  5. T was a busy week for everyone! For me as well as the Monty-Ottomas household! lol
    I too love large families in game esp close fams. I like to watch them interact. Some smaller households can be interesting too though - like outgoing sims who party regular. Ottomas is another fav fam of mine. Lucky me - Im just getting to read, so I know another good read is coming soon...

    1. There are some family interactions I love especially, such as when a child drops everything to run to their mother or father for a hug when they return from work.
      Some smaller families (or even single Sim households) turn out less dull to play than I think they will, but most of the time it is the large families that are the most fun for me.


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