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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Martina Martin: Week 1

Martina Martin has graduated in Arts and is now ready to pursue her lifetime want of becoming Celebrity Chef.

Maybe you remember that her father, Jacob Martin (son of Andrew Martin and a teenager when the game begins) recently died at the age of 68, in a lightning-induced fire. (In case you can't remember or simply want to re-read that chapter, it is here.) Since Martina did not feel like moving back into the house that is so full of painful memories for her, she chose to live somewhere else in New Maximiliania:

As you can see, this is one of the lots that have graphics glitches; one of the two tiny cottages sits right on the road instead of on the grass. I decide to move Martina out and give her this neat little house instead:

Sorry - don't know what happened there, I meant to show you a proper view of the house. But what's that on the grass in the far corner?

Fish swimming on dry land! Another graphics bug, it seems. But this time, it does not affect playing in the house, and so I let Martina stay here.

She has 13.782 Simoleons left when she buys the house. After decorating and furnishing it, there are 3.333 Simoleons left - I know, sounds funny, but that is exactly what happened, without me planning it, of course!

Oh, by the way, here is Martina. At college, she and one of the Picaso brothers autonomously fell in love with each other. We'll see whether she will roll any wants for him when spring comes round; right now, all she wants is to find a job.

But there is none available in the Culinary career.

The welcome committee has arrived: It's Desdemona Capp and her husband Isaiah, formerly Gavigan, and Frances J. Worthington, the man with the woman's name.

It is nearly 1.00 pm now, and Martina is very hungry. I direct her to make Chili con carne for herself and her guests.

Oh dear, that didn't quite go as planned! Of course there is no fire alarm installed...

...and soon, the welcome committee finds themselves receiving a VERY warm welcome themselves!

Honestly, I did not expect this chapter to be so short- it must be the shortest ever on this entire New Maximiliania blog. Poor Martina dies before her first day back in New Maximiliania is over.

Sorry! Now there is no-one left in the neighbourhood by the name Martin. I wonder what whoever will move here next will find - piles of ashes and an urn, no doubt, but will the flames still be raging? The fire was still burning when the game paused itself at the moment of Martina's death. And I suppose the members of the welcome committee will all need showers next time I'll see them at their own homes.


  1. Oh goodness that was short- but not sweet. Poor Martina. Still that's the way Sim life goes and that's the end of the 'Martin' name for New Max. It will be so interesting to see which names rule as the generations go on. :)

    1. Right now, it's the Capps that are the largest family in New Max. There were many of them to begin with, and several have LTWs that mean they need children. Quite a number of the original names have already died out.

  2. Aw man was looking forward to another juicy installment but thats the way the cookie crumbles!

    1. Indeed it is! And see it that way: A very short stay with one household brings me much quicker to the next one :-)

  3. ok short but not very sweet. Oh well it certainly keeps your population down. Maybe i shouldn't put fire alarms in when i decorate.

    1. Only when a Sim wants one (and when they are not on PP already, so that I still need to fulfill daily wishes) I install fire alarms. In some of the premade houses, they are already in.


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