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Monday, 12 October 2015

Sarah Love: Week 4

Few Sims still live in apartments in New Maximiliania, because I got fed up with the glitches that seem to befall most apartment lots sooner or later.
In this building, two flats are rented by playables:
Sarah Love and Jasmine Rai.
This week, we are here for Sarah, because "Love" follows "Larson" on my alphabetical list.
We left Sarah last round when she had been throwing a party, and Jasmine came over to complain about the noise. Regardless, it was a great party, and Sarah is still thinking of it on this Monday morning.
She finishes a leftover bag of crisps for breakfast. Her lifetime want of becoming Captain Hero was reached last round, so I am not controlling her actions except for when it comes to paying the bills and greeting other playables.
Here she is off to work.
Monday means the rent is due, something Sarah never forgets.
I send her to "Freya's Rayments" after work, so that she can buy some new clothes.
Also, I really want her to meet the townie who shares her surname, Christian Love. So far, she has never met him - I want to pretend he is a relative of hers, so that he could move in and become playable. But as long as she does not know him, she can't build up a friendship.
There are several other New Maximilianians on the lot, and some townies put in an appearance as well, but no Christian.
Carolina Capp happens to walk by just as Sarah returns from her shopping trip.
It is always interesting to observe visitors. Unlike most Sims, who will either head straight to the toilet or the computer or the jaccuzzi in the apartment building's basement, Carolina is most attracted by the aquarium in the hall.
Sarah makes pork chops on her own accord.
"My job is to save the world - every day," she explains to her young guest.
Tuesday morning sees Sarah diligently cleaning her bathroom.
She has not yet cleaned up last night's dishes - but as she is suffering of a cold, the flu and a mysterious disease all at the same time, I think she can be excused.
Gabriella Newson is greeted.
After a badly needed nap, Sarah accidentally burns the salmon she planned for her dinner. Yep, she's definitely not well.
Still, she cleans the kitchen counter (although the empty plate is still on the floor - I would have put that in the dishwasher first before starting on other tasks, really).
On Wednesday morning, Sarah watches telly.
This is one more instance where I direct her actions: When her wombrat Blacky's cage needs cleaning or when he needs feeding.
This time, she succeeds in preparing herself a delicious plate of salmon.
On Thursday morning, she is still ill.
Maybe the fresh air and late autumn sunshine at the park will help? Sharon Fancey, a townie, keeps ringing Sarah and inviting her for outings. so today I make her accept.
The group consists of several townies, but Christian Love is not one of them.
Back home, Sarah pays her bills before heading upstairs to her flat.
I make her play with Blacky twice a day, and it is one of the first things she does on Friday morning.
She even remembers to recycle yesterday's newspaper.
Back from work, Sarah has obviously managed once more to save the world!
Dora Dreamer walks by and is invited in.
It is Saturday morning, and for the first time this week, Sarah makes her bed. I suppose it has something to do with her being healthy again.
Before she leaves for work, she catches up with her diary.
The first snow of this season falls just as she returns from work.
Erin Singles walks by.
Sarah is invited to yet another outing. This time, the group of townies visit a bowling place together.
Tom Freshe is the only New Maximilianian on the lot, apart from Sarah, and still no Christian Love in sight.
Sunday morning is off to a firey start when the breakfast of omelette Sarah intended to have goes wrong.
But all apartments come with a fire alarm, and so the fire fighter is there in no time. Sarah knows it is no small feat to save lives - it is, after all, part of her job as well - and she rewards the fire fighter with a generous tip.
After she has eaten her VERY crisp omelette, she cleans the kitchen.
Wilma Williamson walks by.
But Sarah is soon off to her last outing of the week, this time to the Lulu Lounge, on invitation of her colleague Gabe Mazza (a townie).
A different group of townies, but still no Christian Love.
Sarah only has the one drink before heading back home; she is very tired.

Will she ever meet her "relative"?
She has no romantic interest in anyone; is that going to change when spring comes round?


  1. It's always the way isn't it that when you are looking for someone you can never find them?!
    Sarah had a great week though. My Sims have never had a 'mysterious illness', what is that?
    Hopefully she will meet up with Christian soon.

    1. It's just what it says - a "mysterious disease". My Sims keep getting it same as the message about colds and the flu, it's been in my game for so long I can not remember whether it started with the vacation expansion pack or earlier.
      If Christian appears on other lots during the round, I will try and have another playable befriend him. He can still move to New Max then.

  2. As Twoyys4me said when you look you can't find. I have seen Christian Love in my game and is always walking past my sims houses. Not sure if he has ever met Sarah Love though. You never know she might him one day.

    1. He's been around quite a lot on other Sim's lots, just not here, where I wanted him :-)

  3. Poor Sarah, maybe she should get a cat. Or, does she care? I know she was a family sim but is she still? Im going to have so many questions for you when I start up again - not yet, as the Holidays arrive. Oh and when I was playing, Christian Love showed up ALL the time! everywhere. I think he is a romance sim. I like him he's cool to play.Maybe, if she knows one of the other sims on the lot where he frequents, that sim can invite her over for a "chance" meeting.

    1. Yes, Christian appeared on other lots all the time, too - just not here!
      Sarah is still a Family Sim and frequently shows thought bubbles about babies, adoptions, engagements and weddings. But the proper wish has not appeared, and she currently has no love interest.
      She did wish for a cat during the week, but she already has a wombrat, and as she already is on PermaPlat, I did not feel like giving her a cat; it's "bad enough" her living in an apartment building without the added possible glitches with pets :-)

  4. oh...that's true apartments and pets! i wasn't thinking in that direction but it is a relief to know someone else suffers the apt glitch(ever have multiples of the same 1 person? i had like 13 of a cutie named dominique something they were fighting and passing out and peeing all over the place even when i "erased them" more would generate! i thought it was my cc apt house - i digress - you know i just assumed because you know how some family sims get depressed and all. Hey, I tried to email you through the link to give you my email address but it didn't work. i hope you have better luck finding me.

    1. I have not had multiple clones of the same person yet, but I know that some players have experienced such a bug in their games. Occasionally (as is also described in some chapters here on my blog), a visiting Sim will not leave and pass out on the floor etc., no matter how many times the host Sim will say goodbye. So, apartments really are not my favourite place to play, although I really like the original idea and how some of them are laid out.

    2. PS: There is no email address on your blogger profile, so I can not email you. You say mine didn't work? Well, it should, as it has been the same for years! Anyway, I am not particular about the email address I use for blogger, it is


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