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Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Landgraab Twins' Freshman Year

As usual, it is the middle of the night when the newcomers arrive at Pinenut Plaza Dorms: The Landgraab Twins, Lilo and Lance.
The other students already living here are Deirdre Dreamer (Dirk Dreamer's oldest daughter) who is in her Senior Year, Fenya Hart (Sophomore) and the Gavigan twins Gesine and Gerlinde, both Juniors. As it is the start of the semester, there are skills to be acquired and term papers to be written. Once that is done, I don't control the students anymore but just lean back and watch events unfold.Here, it looks as if Gesine is very much aware of Lance, the new arrival, but pretends not to notice, while her sister Gerlinde is busily studying.
After a round of Hula, Lance sits next to Gerlinde and tells her how exciting it was to grow up and finally start university life. Gerlinde does not seem to be overly interested.
Upstairs, Deirdre gets herself a body skill point.
The next morning, the Landgraab twins meet outside where they toss a football for a bit.
The workout bike is still as popular as it was last round; whoever gets on it, uses it to the point of exhaustion. I still don't know why they prefer this to the huge telly with game console that is just on the other side of the wall, in the common room.
On their second or third day at uni, the Landgraab twins roll their wants for majors. Lilo chooses Biology...
...and Lance Psychology.
Do you remember Gesine Gavigan's aggressive behaviour towards her half-sister Deirdre last round? Sadly, that has not changed.
Lilo is on her way to the shower room when she witnesses the two girls fighting. She looks truly shocked, and worries about Deirdre.
Poor Deirdre; she has once again lost a fight against the much fitter Gesine.
When the two girls come across each other in the shower room, Lilo tells Deirdre how sorry she is to have witnessed the fight, and that she hopes Deirde is alright.
"Don't be such a hypocrite, Lilo - you didn't lift a finger to help me!" Deirdre does not want to her Lilo's excuses. She is really hurt.
Meanwhile, Gesine stops ignoring Lance and makes him notice her.
And notice her he does! The two of them develop a crush on each other on their own initiative. Hopefully, that will distract Gesine, so that she will leave poor Deirdre in peace.
One night after class, the young love birds only have eyes and ears for each other while Lilo gets back at Deirdre for having rejected her offer of friendship a few days ago.
It is Gerlinde's turn to work out tonight. She keeps out of all the fighting, and is friendly with everyone.
Fenya thinks of friends back home (Dora Dreamer, I think; Deirdre's little sister) she would love to see arriving at uni, too, and living at the same dorm with her.
Gesine and Lilo now gang in on poor Deirdre in the cafeteria.
They do not have the slightest remorse in making her cry!
Gesine attacks Deirde again, cheered on by Lilo. The dorm cook can't believe the behaviour of those girls!
The fight fest continues in another room after the dorm cook throws them out of the cafeteria.
Gerlinde's efforts on the workout bike have paid off - she wakes up super fit :-)
Fenya tries to keep pretty much to herself and out of harm's way, too.
She rather eats with one of the mascots than getting into an argument with either Gesine or Lilo.
Gesine is really smitten with Lance. Sadly, her romantic side does not take over and soften her aggressive side a bit.
Oh dear... the bullies are at it again, another slap fest is about to begin.
I really feel sorry for Deirdre and am very much tempted to intervene.
But I don't, and so I watch as Lilo has obviously learned her lesson from Gesine, and wins against Deirdre.
The first semester of this year ends successfully for everyone, in spite of the tensions at the dorm.
Fenya needs another cleaning skill point now. There is plenty to do for her.
Lance wants to buy a cosmetic chair. Money is not a problem, and so a chair is installed on the ground floor hallway.
He practises on one of the two NPC students who still live at the dorm.
Fenya practises painting, while Gesine has just maxed out her body skill. No wonder she always wins the fights against Deirdre.
Lilo has been so busy bullying poor Deirdre that she has not spent much time with her twin brother lately. Around Lance, she is just as kind and nice as she's always been.
Fenya takes Deirdre's side, it seems, and has a go at Lilo for getting involved in whatever the problem is Gesine has with Deirdre. "You are her half-sister, you should be on her side!"
Seeing her brother working at the cosmetology chair, Lilo rolls the want to do the same. Her first "customer" is an NPC student walking past.
"Umm... sorry, dude, that didn't quite work out as I thought..." Lance apologizes to another NPC student. "You know, I am not on my way to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but to a game of my team, the Llamas!"
Lance gets another chance, and now the student is all set for attending the game.
Lilo thinks, who is Fenya to have a go at her, and attacks the girl.
She has indeed taken a leaf out of Gesine's book, it seems, and Fenya loses the fight.
The cow mascot still thinks it is funny to set off the sprinklers in the cafeteria.
The first year ends for the Landgraab twins with very good grades. Everyone else has done well, too, and Deirdre has graduated Summa Cum Laude.
She can't wait to leave this place, where she has been so unhappy thanks to Gesine and Lilo, and invites her family and friends over for her graduation party. Here she is greeting Dirk Dreamer, her Dad.
One of the guests is Sirius Swain. Gesine has been harbouring her grudge against Sirius (for unknown reasons) and does not hold back on her feelings when she sees him. That really is no way to behave towards other people's party guests!! Charlie Cho is so engaged in the Hula that he does not notice... or at least pretends not to.
Finally, Deirdre is out of the dorm and on her way back to New Maximiliania, where she hopes never to cross paths with Gesine or Lilo again. I wish her all the best!
Are Gesine and Lilo now going to pick on Fenya as their victim, or will they pull themselves together and start concentrating on their studies?
Will Lance's and Gesine's romance stand a chance?
Who is going to join the five playable students next?


  1. oh dear lots of fighting in that round. Hopefully it won't affect Deirdre to much,and forget about college life. I would have intervene you have much better self control than i do. Is there any sims due to go to to college.

    1. I can't remember right now who is going to be eligible to go to college next, but there are several teenagers still coming up during this round. The next household, however, is elderly people - the Larson Twins.
      All the fighting was unpleasant to watch and I was hoping Gesine would calm down once she developed a crush on Lance, but she and Lilo developed into a right pair of bullies.

  2. college life is very lively and play seems to go so fast. This dorm is very lively! i wonder whats next too

    1. I must admit that I often let the game run on fast forward, as soon as everyone has their necessary skills and written their term papers. Otherwise it would definitely feel too long! And the 2nd semester of a "year" always seems to pass a little faster.

  3. Well there's never a dull moment in this dorm is there? It's funny how the tides turn when the body skills rise isn't it? It seems some of them may never be friends but at least Deirdre graduated well and had her family over.
    I wonder if Gesine and Lance will stay together after college or will her mad behaviour towards everyone put him off?

    I love it when the makeover chair goes 'wrong'. Komei Tellerman walked around one version of my Pleasantview in drag the entire time I played the 'hood. :D (Of course in my latest version he's a vampire- I guess he's destined to be something in my 'hoods even though I've never played him).

    1. Lance and Gesine don't have more than 1 attraction bolt, I think, and neither of them needs a partner to achieve their LTWs, so I really don't know what is going to become of them after graduation.

      Poor Komei :-D I must admit I do abuse the townies a bit when a Sim wants to learn cosmetology... Charlie Cho is responsible for some very odd-looking townies roaming the streets of New Max!


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