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Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Larson Twins at the Senior Residence

Welcome to another week at New Maximiliania's Senior Residence - the only building in the hood that I have built myself.
We have three newcomers here: Carla Reamon (66) and her friends Jodie and Jason Larson. The Larson twins are why we are here; their surname follows "Landgraab" on the alphabetical list. They are 80.

Jennifer Burb, now 83, is still here. She is not very well on this Saturday morning.
Florence Delarosa (77) is another one of the residents here. She is fast asleep when Carla and the Larsons arrive.
Last but not least, Juliette Davis (nee Capp) is here as well. She is the second youngest of the group and 67 years old. The lady at the poker table does not live here. Lisa Ramirez has come over for a game of poker.
Immediately after having chosen their rooms, Jodie and Carla engage in a snowball fight. For Carla, a native of Twikkii Island, snow has not yet lost its fascination.
Meanwhile, Jason has gone to join the ladies at the poker table.
Everyone who lives here right now is on Permanent Platinum, so I only intervene when it comes to greeting other New Maximilians or paying the bills.
Jodie makes chef salad for everyone on her own accord. Not a bad strategy for a new arrival.
My meal policy here is that I wait until one of them wants to "stuff face" or serve a meal. I then let them get leftovers, which often results in a spontaneous group meal, such as now. And like many elderly ladies, Florence, Carla and Jennifer like to talk about their health :-)
Later, Florence decides one of the two common room toilets needs cleaning.
Jennifer follows her example.
Melody Tinker walks by and is duly greeted.
Perseida Powers (Jonah Powers' daughter) was not very wise in her coice of outfit for this cold spring day, so Carla rushes out to invite her in.
This is Carla's bedroom, by the way. She has brought all her mementos from Twikkii Island with her.
Ramon Ramirez is the third guest on this Saturday.
After having played poker for a while, Perseida decides on her own accord to help the oldies with their gardening.
Ramon soon joins her.
Another gardener joins the group. But wait, the hooded figure is not a gardener, although he is bearing a scythe. He has come to pick up Jennifer Burb, who at 84 has had a long and often happy life, although overshadowed by the tragic death of her and John's only child, Lucy, who died in a fire at her dorm at uni.
By Sunday morning, the garden looks much better again.
Jason has chosen a blue room (the rooms are all the same except for the colour scheme) and put his portrait on the wall. The rug is new - it has come with one of the stuff packs originally from the official TS2 store and kindly sent to me by Twoyys4me. I really like it - my sister-in-law has a very similar one in real life.
Jason makes salad for everyone today. I realized too late that he was already preparing it, or I would have made him get leftovers from the fridge.
Georgia Newson interrupts her jogging round when Juliette greets her.
Later, Carla greets Frances J. Worthington. (I still have not corrected his wrongly spelled name!)
The salad in the morning turns out to have been Jason's very last meal: He dies at 82 that night.
Poor Jodie! It must be especially hard to lose a twin brother.
She puts his portrait in her room now, next to her own and that of Ajay Loner, who was her partner until his death.
It is Monday morning, and the hydrobot breaks down - as it will keep doing nearly every day for the rest of the week.
Zoe Zimmermann is guest # 1...
...followed by Paola Picaso.
This time, I reacted quickly enough when one of the residents showed the intention of making a meal. A cheesecake, found in one of their inventories, is perfect for this early summer day.
Jodie did not have to wait long to join her brother and Ajay in the Otherworld.
She dies that evening at 9.00 pm, at the age of 83.
On Tuesday morning, Florence cleans her own bathroom for a change.
Meanwhile, Carla mops up the puddles left from yesterday's hydrobot breakdown. Afterwards, she does as much of the gardening as she can - all on her own accord.
Juliette does not want to appear as if not doing her share and clears one of several old newspapers.
The portraits have been moved to the (still empty) second common room on the other side of the kitchen and dining area. I find it rather touching that Juliette stops to look at the recently deceased Jodie's portrait for a while.
Florence greets Jill Indie (nee Smith) who might one day become a resident here herself; for now, she is living at her parents' old house with her stepdaughter Isabella Indie and brother Johnny.
When Florence retreats to her rooms for the night, she finds someone already waiting for her. That's fine - she had a good life, and at 81 did not expect much more of it. It is now Wednesday, 2.00 am.
Juliette takes the death of her long-term friend very hard - she even sleeps in Florence's former bed for part of the night.
After a while, she moves back into her own rooms, still thinking of Florence.
Carla does more gardening today. Summer has always been her favourite season, and so she is happy to spend most of the day outside.
On Thursday morning, Juliette is waiting in the common room for someone to play poker with. Well, there is only one other resident left - Carla - and she is still asleep.
sThursday goes by without any visitors or remarkable events. Friday sees the two ladies at the poker table, playing until exhaustion or near starvation.

Who is going to occupy the six empty rooms? How long will Carla and Juliette be around?
Actually, I made a mistake here - I should have stopped playing after both the Larson twins died, because it was neither Florence's nor Juliette's or Carla's turn to be played. But I did complete the week - which began on a Saturday here - and hope to remember better next time.


  1. Good Morning! What a surprise and thank you. I like your senior facility.Have you ever posted a tour of it? I would like to see more. I think it is a great idea for seniors with no other relatives or low funds to get together this way. I use a home from cc that i came across one day. my game had gotten so glitchy and when I began downloading, i didnt really organize properly. That is what im working on.I like yours though.Also, at a site that i visit often (sugahs place), one of the members gives his platinum members their own subhood - elder or not and then leaves them to their own. Im planning to combine your style and his. I will play/visit the elder homes - i get so attached to my sims! i told my daughter when im older ill probably say to her do you remember so and so? but ill be talking about a sim lol!

    1. Good Evening :-) Glad you like the post!
      No, I have not done a lot tour of the Senior Residence, but it is actually a good idea. The entire lot is without CC, and I can offer a furnished and an unfurnished version as a package file, if you would like it.
      To send the PP Sims to their own hood and then leave them to it is one way of dealing with them. But never play them again? They won't die, will they, and that particular hood will just get fuller and fuller...
      That could be me, too - talking about a Sim as if they were a real person I know :-)

  2. That's quite a few elders gone this round. I am sure the population won't suffer too much. I got myself a bit confused and thought for a minute that Juliette Capp was the only one left. But there is two. I am going to change my hood a little bit when i start from the beginning again. I have been updating/and changing the community lots.

    1. Yes, they are all at that age now... I have not checked yet how many of the original playables are left, but definitely all of those who were elders when the game begun have gone, and I am sure that it must be more than half of those who were adults at the start who have died now, too.
      It will be interesting to see the changes in your hood!

  3. You know, I wondered where you might be because i thought it was an early post. Yeah, I dont agree with not playing them anymore, but just putting them on the same hood. I dont know yet.I think he mentioned that as one of his problems but he's task oriented very organized so i guess theres no more need to him. they never age i guess he goes in now and then as the need presents but he said he doesnt play. I plan to put them (elders only) in a senior subhood but im going to play them. also i had been looking at and collecting challenges - one is a bucket list for elders only maybe ill give a motherlode bonus to those and put them in a posh place to end theie days - so Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love love love bothe versions to add to my collection; especially the furnished one because you have some ea content that i do not have. Thank you thank you!

    1. I do have your email address, don't I? As soon as I've found it, I will send you the packaged lot.
      My elderly Sims are usually so wealthy after a life of full-time work (either their own or in their family) that I'd rather cheat the other way round and take some money off them instead of adding to their huge accounts :-D

  4. I mean put the pp elders in a posh place to end their days after a motherlode bonus

  5. Aww, bye bye Jennifer, at least she'll finally be reunited with Lucy again. :)
    Also the Larson's and Florence- they all had lovely long lives though. Will you keep the gravestones or are you sending them off to your Cemetery?
    I also really like the rugs that came with some of the store packs- it's always great to get new décor.

    I have the Senior Residence in Pleasantview- I'm just waiting for some elders to put in it! I'm in the middle of my last house for the current round and I'll start the next round straight away (I was going to play TS4 but just want to continue with this 'hood!) so I'm sure I will find a few Sims to fill the place up.

    1. All the urns and stones have been moved to Gamesend Grounds, which is rapidly filling up now that so many of the original Sims have reached elderhood. I think I'll send a Sim over soon for a lot tour.

      Yes, the new rugs are really good! I wish there were some new curtains... There isn't really all that much choice in the game, is there.

      I am looking forward to seeing the Senior Residence in your game!

  6. aww so sad for Jennifer burb to go! I think she was a great sim what was her LTW? in sims 2 tales her LTW is have 6 pets reach the TOC ugh I don't think she'll complete it since she also has quadruplets meanwhile john wants to marry off six children and lucy wants to graduate three kids from college

    1. I can not remember what her LTW was, but I am sure it is somewhere in the posts about the Burbs from the time before she came to live at the Senior Residence.


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