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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Beatrice Monty: Week 8

It's not all that long ago since we've last been here; in fact, I think it was August of this year. If you remember, this is the house where part of the Monty family lives.
Or, rather, used to live. During the last week here, all family members perished in the flames when a rug in front of the fire place caught fire.
No, not all: Beatrice Monty is the only one left. What is she going to do now?
First things first - she sweeps the piles of ashes left from the fire.
The death of her twin brother Benedick, her 3-bolt-man Buck Grunt and his half-Alien son Graham affects her deeply.
She thinks of her dead loved ones all the time.
But she still goes to work on that Monday, and when her flash sports car drops her off in the afternoon, Castanea Landgraab is with her. She has recently lost her husband (Malcolm Landgraab) in a fire, too, and therefore can relate very well to how poor Beatrice is feeling.
Her cousins Mercutio and Romeo Monty are invited over. Romeo is accompanied by his daughter Marla, and Mercutio by his wife Sharla Ottomas.
Marla thinks it is awfully nice of Aunty Beatrice to make Santa cookies.
She and her Dad sit down to be the first to taste the cookies, and make Beatrice have a plate as well, although the poor woman isn't really in the mood for eating.
Later, the cousins and Beatrice's colleague even manage to talk her into a game of "Don't wake the Llama".
eanwhile, sisters-in-law Sharla and Lilith Ottomas (nee Pleasant, she married David Ottomas) eat the rest of the cookies and reminisce about their respective wedding parties.
Nearly unnoticed by everyone, Beatrice grows up into an Elder rather late at night (not at 6.00 pm, as she should have). Her outfit matches the room very well :-)

But this is the end of her stay at the big house alone - she is now eligible to move to the Senior Residence, and that is exactly what she is going to do.

When Beatrice arrives at the Senior Residence, it is Saturday there, and summer.
She moves into her rooms and puts up the photographs of herself and her brother. The only other personal items she has brought are a quilt, which goes on the wall opposite the photos, and some of her own pottery she made during her university years, such as the tea set.
The two ladies already in residence, Carla Reamon-Weir and Juliette Davis (nee Capp) are looking forward to a new face at the poker table. They are now 73 and 74.
But before she thinks of playing poker, Beatrice works on her charisma. She needs 3 skill points for her next promotion.
The Senior Residence by daylight. My offer is still standing - if you want me to send you the package file (furnished or unfurnished, no CC), email me at
The garden is a mess, which explains the skunk's visit. This time, it looks as if he has brought along a friend :-)
Carla surprises me by collecting old newspapers from the yard.
She surprises me even more when she decides to serve omelettes for breakfast. She and Juliette are on Permanent Platinum, and therefore I do not control them apart from making sure they greet other New Maimilianians as they walk by, and other rare occasions.
When Beatrice - who still has not met the other ladies properly - comes back from work, colleague Roxie Sharpe is with her.
When I last checked her relationships, Tybalt Capp was a 3-bolt-attraction. She rolls the want to invite someone over (not Tybalt specifically), and this is how she greets him - even though they have only just become friends during a recent phone call.
To my disappointment, she now has only 2 bolts for him.
On Sunday morning, Carla decides to give her personal bathroom a good scrub.
Later, I find her looking at the picture of Jennifer Burb, who was one of Carla's best friends and lived at the Senior Residence until her death the previous week.
Beatrice invites her cousins Romeo and Mercutio with their families over.
"So, watching telly is all you old folks do here?" Sharla inquires of Carla.
"Yeah... when we're not playing poker," Carla replies somewhat curtly and moves over to the table, where she and Juliette enjoy a game with Romeo Monty and David Ottomas.
On Monday morning, Carla cleans up the dirty dishes from yesterday's visit.
Beatrice is accompanied by colleague Justin Kim today.
She is the only Sim I fully control here, and so it falls on her to clean up when none of the others has done it on their own accord.
She still has time to go jogging with her younger colleague, though.
On Tuesday, Juliette cleans the shower she has been using most (although it is not part of her own rooms).
So far, Beatrice has had very little to do with her new house mates. When I make her get a leftover platter of omelettes from the fridge, I am of course hoping that the other ladies will join her - they are certainly hungry enough, but they prefer staying put at the poker table, and Beatrice eats alone.
She finally manages to maximize her charisma skill. But she has the rest of the time I am going to play this lot off, and therefore won't be reaching her LTW of becoming Hall of Famer until I come here again.
After she has put the thinking cap aside, I leave her to her own devices for a little while. She finds the portraits of some of the former residents here. "Such a nice-looking man, this Jason Larson... It's a shame I never got to meet him," she thinks.
On Wednesday, Beatrice rolls the wish to meet someone new. The Paper Boy happens to be the first person she comes across, and she tips him generously.
With all the move-ins, some of the residents still working plus several inheritances, this has become the wealthiest household I have ever had in my game with over 3 Million Simoleons!
I am a little bored and so decide to finally send someone to the beautiful community lot Twoyys4me has built and kindly sent me a while ago: St. Simius of Pleasantview.
It is the first time i enter the lot. Beatrice meets her old friend Jill Indie there (didn't they go to uni together?). David Ottomas is there, too, and Cherry Capp is dancing... not on the dance floor.
I am saving the rest of the lot for another occasion to show you :-)
Thursday is the seventh day I have been playing Beatrice. She starts it off by inviting her house mates to a round of jogging.
[Later, I have her do some badly needed gardening.
Her week ends with Ramir Patel walking by.

How long until Beatrice, now 60 years old, will reach her LTW? Is she going to fall in love again? Will she soon be on her own here, what with Juliette and Carla being already 80 and 79 years old?


  1. Wow! that community lot is Fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing more. I kinda feel sad because it seems everyone I know is getting old and or passing away! Thanks again for my senior centers I cant wait to look at them! I was gone all day and just got in

    1. It is a great community lot, and I am looking forward to using it a lot more in my game from now on.
      Yes, after having played the pre-made families since 2008, I have now reached that time when most of the original adult generation are growing old and nearing the end of their lives... The next generation is taking over!

  2. It is a shame that she hasn't really got to know the other residents yet or does she already know they won't be there for that long. I like the new community lot and can't wait to you use it.

    1. She has just been rather busy with skilling, cleaning and gardening - and I did not want her to sit at the poker table forever, like the other ladies who will stay there to the point of fainting from hunger and lack of sleep :-)
      Once she'll have reached her LTW, I won't control Beatrice anymore, and I suspect she'll then join the poker round...

  3. It's nice that Beatrice got to move and get some company after the tragic events last time. She seems to have settled well into the Senior Residence.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing new events at St.Simius!

    1. There will probably be more company as the round progresses, as many of the original adults and young adults are now elders, and some are single.

      I don't know yet who will be the first couple to properly use St. Stimius, but I'm sure it is going to be great!

  4. Speaking of adults, Lilith has been an adult since 201X, do you think that Lilith will become an elder this year or 2016?

    1. Definitely this year, Jack :-)
      I think this is your first visit (or at least your first comment) here at my blog. Welcome to New Maximiliania!

  5. Well, can you send me a picture of her as soon she becomes an elder, my email is

    1. She will be in my next update, which will possibly be online by this weekend.

    2. How many days is she from elder hood?

    3. Wait and see - as I said, that will all be in my next update, coming soon :-)

    4. Ok, Send me an email when it is updated.


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