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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Newson Sisters: Week 1

There have always been a bunch of Newson siblings in the game, and since the beginning of New Maximiliania, they have of course grown up. We are about to spend a week with Gabriella, whose name is first on the alphabetical list of Newsons.
She has recently graduated Summa Cum Laude in Psychology, and you can read about her Senior Year here

Last round, when she graduated, I had moved Gabriella into this Maxis-made house. It is relatively big for just one person, and has strangely few windows. But it will do for now.
Here is Gabriella. She is a Romance Sim with the lifetime want of having 20 Lovers - so far, there isn't even one. But maybe her degree in Psychology will come in handy :-)
After having purchased the house and sold the items I had put in her inventory (it was her grant money from uni which she'd been saving), Gabriella has more than 13.000 Simoleons to furnish and decorate her new place. But before she starts on that, she asks her sister Georgia to move in with her.Georgia has also finished her studies last round and has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Biology. She is now all set to start working towards her LTW of becoming Hand of Poseidon. Her money boosts the sisters' common account to more than 18.000 Simoleons.
The sisters' niece, Nellie Nelson, comes visiting on her own accord. "When I'm grown up," she tells Auntie Gabriella, I want to have my own house, too!"
As soon as Mr. Humble has delivered his computer, Georgia looks for a job. But she is not lucky on this Monday.
Most of the walls and floors you'll see in this chapter as well as some of the furniture and clothes are part of the Sims Life Stories set and some other official Maxis sets kindly made available to me by Twoyys4me.
Georgia is a Fortune Sim, and so I purchase most of the furniture as she spins the wishes for them. The kitchen at first only contains a fridge and a counter, but one of the girls had a bowl of comfort soup in her inventory, and so that is being served to the welcome committee.
Remember Gabriella's LTW of having 20 lovers? Ripp Grunt is part of the welcome committee, and of course it does not take Gabriella long to flirt with him. She had no idea, though, that he - a Romance Sim as well - has once had something going with Lavender Greenman. Lavender is married, but she still sees it as cheating on Ripp's part when he returns Gabriella's flirtatious attention.
Georgia is not happy about this development, either. Years ago, Ripp had an affair with their eldest sister, Ginger Newson. Georgia was very upset back then, knowing full well that Ripp was carrying on with other women at the same time. She wanted something better for Ginger, and now she wants something better for Gabriella. [She really is enemies with Ripp ever since she was a teenager and he and Ginger had an affair!] But Gabriella is not asking her sister's opinion about this first potential lover of hers. There is only one thing on her mind right now, as you can see!
The incident with Ripp and Lavender of course means that the elderly woman comes to kick over the trash can nearly every night for the rest of the week.
On Tuesday morning, Georgia finds a job as Marine Biologist. I knew her university diploma was going to be helpful!
While her sister is off to her first day at work, Gabriella takes care of household matters... at least for a while.
As soon as she can, she invites Ripp over. Now that her sister isn't here to object, she quickly makes Ripp her first lover. I have been keeping track of Ripp's lovelife, too, and if I am not mistaken, Gabriella is his No. 20 - meaning he should have now reached his LTW! We'll find out next time we visit the Grunt family, I suppose.
Back from work in the early afternoon, Georgia immediately sits down to study for her first promotion.
Meanwhile, Gabriella (still thinking of Ripp) greets Sharla Ottomas who happens to walk by.
Lavender puts in an appearance again, too, but only to pour abuse over Gabriella. Well, as I said before, Lavender is married - Gabriella and Ripp are both officially single, so she has really no right to react like that.
The sisters want to show their family their new home and tell them about Georgia's job. Here comes Clover, one of Tybalt Capp's plant children. He married Ginger Newson and raises the twins Nelson and Nellie with her (their biological father is Ripp Grunt).
Sister Ginger and  brother Gavin are here, too.
Ripp is still around, but now Gabriella's attention is on her niece.
There is someone special Georgia wants to tell about her new house and new job: Justin Kim. She invites him over, and the two of them soon retreat to Georgia's bedroom.
Downstairs, the Newsons and their guests enjoy the last of yesterday's comfort soup.
Wednesday morning, Gabriella gets up... alone. Ripp has left last night along with the other guests.
Meanwhile, Georgia has kept spinning wishes for kitchen items, and now the kitchen is fully equipped.
She comes home today with a promotion to Whale Tracker.
Justin Kim has come visiting on his own accord.
While he is impressed at Georgia's dedication to her career, he'd much rather cuddle with her on the settee than watching her study.
Before picking up the trash can that was - again - kicked over by Lavender Greenman, Gabriella greets Stacy Stacks, daughter of Helena Stacks (and granddaughter of Jane Stacks-Hart and Matthew Hart).
Gabriella starts Thursday morning with a long soak in the bath tub. She spends her days doing the housework and talking to her male acquaintances on the phone, hoping to build friendships in order to take them to the next stage.
Today, though, the girls decide on going shopping for clothes as soon as Georgia is back from work. Winter is just round the corner and they don't have much in their wardrobes for the coming season.
Gabriella makes use of the opportunity to meet more men while Georgia is making her purchases.

Back home and in one of her new outfits, Georgia greets Dirk Dreamer who happens to walk by. I really like that outfit - it is definitely something I'd wear in real life, too.
On Friday, Georgia has the day off. She does the crossword first and then works some more on her skills for the job while Gabriella plays The Sims.
Later, she invites Hal Capp-Riley over; a potential candidate for helping her with her LTW.
Georgia wants to buy a sauna, and so this becomes one of the few houses in New Max with a sauna. I have added several windows and think the house looks much better now (this is the back view, but there are more windows on the front, too.)
Georgia greets Maria Monty.
Hal and Gabriella are the first to test the new sauna. "You do know I'm married, don't you," Hal says. Gabriella nods. "Yes, I know. But when has that ever stopped anyone?" I'm afraid she is right there!
Again, much of her time is spent on the phone. She has not made much progress towards her LTW yet, although Hal became her Lover # 2 soon after their conversation in the sauna.
On Saturday, Georgia is promoted to Deep Sea Fisherwoman.
Gabriella is now working on Geoff Rutherford-Greenman - he is Lavender's husband, and I bet she would not be happy if she knew, even though she herself has cheated on Geoff!
It has now become cold enough for the girls to wear heavy jumpers when they leave the house, such as Georgia here when she feeds the koi in her little pond.
Sunday is family day, especially since Georgia does not have to work. This time, the girls' brother Garrett (not pictured) has come over, too, and brought his girlfriend Paola Picaso along.
Nelson and Nellie discover Gabriella's bedroom upstairs and take advantage of the adults all being engaged in conversation downstairs.
Gallagher (who lost his girlfriend Olivia Ottomas in a house fire last round) tells his sister Gabriella of his latest date, while Paola Picaso seems to be thinking about having a baby with Garrett.
You will meet more members of the Newson family in the next post. Are Paola and Garrett going to have a baby? Who is Gavin's date? How long will it take Gabriella to complete her LTW at this rate? Is Georgia going to keep focusing on her career or will she allow Justin Kim to play a more important role in her life?


  1. Mornin!/Evenin! I forgot which. So As I have mentioned before Im sure, I love the Newsons! I always have them get together often too when I play and they end up with large families too. Of course I love their interactions.This was a great story, thank you as always. I dont think the Kims come with the megahood I downloaded so I wont get the chance to play them. I only played occasionally before. Im still gathering things to begin my sims new futures. I found a hood on mts that is from life stories and involves Vincent's life its called bitville - i just downloaded it but my town's not together yet. anyway, if you know of it let me know and have a great week!

    1. The Life Stories hood sounds good! I've often thought about playing Life Stories in free play, with all the pre-made Sims in turn, just like I am playing New Maximiliania. But I know it would mean I'd have to neglect New Max for it, and I am not willing to do that.
      How come the Kims are missing from the megahood? They came with the Pets expansion pack, as far as I remember.
      Nearly 3.00 pm here as I am typing this :-) You too have a good week!

  2. So many Newsons and you can remember who had affair with who after all this time, or did you look it up in your notes?. the 20 woo hoos or lovers is sometimes can get bit of a nuisance. Sometimes i change mine when they are at college. Good read never played life stories either or hear of vincents life or bitville

    1. I did indeed remember Georgia's reaction to her big sister's affair with Ripp Grunt, but to confirm, I looked it up and found that she was # 6 on his list of lovers.
      In my game, LTWs are never changed - unless the game changes them by itself, which has happened several times in the past!

  3. A great round for Gabriella, it's nice that her sister is living here too, no doubt we'll see her soon again. :)
    The house and furnishings look great as do the outfits. Georgia's 'autumn' outfit is one of my favourites too.
    The 20 lovers can be hard at first, but once you get going it seems to flow well.

    I think Bitville is a Sims2 converted hood, I'm sure I read about it somewhere- probably at MTS2. :D

    My Megahood never had the bin families in if I recall, which is why the Kat's and Roseland's weren't in it either.

    1. The Newsons will keep visiting each other as I'll be playing the various family households.
      Gabriella started on her LTW only now, not already at university as that would have probably lead to rather unpleasant consequences for everyone at the dorm ;-)
      The Kims are not a bin family. They live in the "space-ship" house when the game starts for them. When I started New Maximiliania, I was determined to include each and everyone of them.

    2. You are right that the Kim's (and the Kat family) live in a house, but it's not a placed house and therefore is in the lots and houses bin. I got my Megahood from MATY and none of those families were included, which is a shame.
      I'm sure there are other Megahood's out there that include them all though, or like you if you make it yourself. I'd have no idea where to start on that. :D

    3. True - I forgot about the occupied houses in the lots & houses bin!
      It was a lot of work to set up New Max, took me the best part of a weekend :-)
      First of all, I cleaned all the character files with SimPe. By cleaning them I mean I removed each and every memory that involved a Sim not living in the same household, and deleting all dead Sims from their family trees.
      This had to be done in order to prevent character overflow which inevitably leads to an unplayable hood after a while.
      Some of what to do is explained on SimsWiki; I can find the link for you if you are interested.

    4. I've never used Sim PE, I wonder if it's still available. I'd love the link if you have time sometime. :)

    5. SimPE is still available. I have re-downloaded it (didn't have it on my computer anymore) but can't get it to run properly; most likely a problem with my OS.
      As for the link that describes how to set up your own megahood (the article also contains a link to SimPE), I have just remembered that it has been here on my blog all the time :-)
      Just go to the left hand side of my blog and click "About New Maximiliania".


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