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Monday, 2 November 2015

Gallagher Newson: Week 1

Another one of the Newson siblings, Gallagher has also moved back to New Maximiliania after he has graduated Cum Laude in Psychology. To read about his Senior Year at uni, you can click the link in my previous post - it was the same as Gabriella's.

Unlike Gabriella and Georgia, who moved to the oldest part of New Max, he has chosen this house downtown, just opposite the road from where his siblings Ginger and Gavin live with Ginger's family. 
After he buys the house and gets it furnished and decorated, he has 2.109 Simoleons left.
Here he is. Gallagher is a Pleasure Sim who one day wants to be Game Designer.
Do you remember how in my last post he was telling his sisters about a date, and I was wondering aloud who his date may have been? Well, earlier this round, I played the Jacquet household, where Jacqueline was working hard at her LTW of having 50 dream dates - most of which were with Gallagher, who is now firmly established as her 3-bolt-love. On this Monday, he invites her over to have a look at his new place, and the two of them have her Dream Date # 24 together.
Gallagher does not forget his own LTW, though. He is not successful on the job front today, but will keep looking of course.
The welcome committee consists of Ramon Ramirez, Melody Tinker and Sharla Ottomas. Believe it or not, it is actually summer, but a freak snow storm has befallen the neighbourhood. No wonder Gallagher catches a cold, dressed like that!
On Tuesday morning, he cleans the bathroom on his own accord. He is a rather neat type.
He has just managed to find a job as Trash Talker (in his coveted career) when he notices Justin Cleveland walking by. The snow has gone, as you can see!
Chester Gieke is next, and Gallagher begins to wonder whether there are only elderly gentleman around today.
Looks like he's right - Christian Love is Elderly Gentleman No. 3 today.
Never mind the old men! Gallagher invites Jacqueline over again, and they reach half of her LTW today with Dream Date # 25.
A refreshed and happy Gallagher is ready to tackle his first day at work on Wednesday.
He is promptly promoted to Gold Farmer. Maybe it is worth mentioning that work started in the afternoon, and he spent the morning on Dream Date # 26 with Jacqueline.
Serva Pleasant is greeted as she walks by. The day ends with another visit from Jacqueline, and Dream Date # 27.
It is Thursday when Gallagher decides he can now risk spending some money on new clothes, what with autumn fast approaching and his job secured plus a promotion bonus in his pocket.
There is another bonus waiting for him when he is promoted to Flag Capturer later that day.
Callum Capp is his guest for the rest of the afternoon, and then it is skilling time for Gallagher.
While it is still dark on Friday morning, Jacqueline leaves a stereo in front of Gallagher's door as a gift for the lovely dates they have shared so far.
Gallagher is not really interested in gardening, but he makes sure the fruit tree behind his house is well cared for.
He invites Jacqueline over for another Dream Date - not possible this time, because everything took a lot longer due to constant interruptions by nearly endless coughing on her part.
His next promotion means he is now a Platform Jumper.
Another Dream Date is wished for, and this time, the two of them meet at the Crypt-o-Night Club. They really heading to the photo booth only for a photo, not what you were thinking!!
Gallagher's older sister Ginger is here, too, and so is Ripp Grunt. Have these two taken up their affair of long ago? No, don't worry. Ginger is happily married to Clover and had no idea Ripp was going to be at the night club, too.
Later, Jacqueline and Gallagher head over to the photo booth again - and this time it really is for what you were thinking ;-)
Gallagher greets his sister and tells her that he and Jacqueline have just had Dream Date # 28.
They immediately start on another date and sit down to dine.
All of a sudden, Gallagher pulls out a small velvet-covered box from his pocket and puts it in front of Jacqueline.
Dream Date # 29 ends with a surprise engagement - not really surprising, though, as Gallagher has been wishing to marry Jacqueline for a long time. They are three-bolters, after all! She is a Romance Sim, though, and so the engagement means a loss of aspiration points for her.
On Saturday morning before sunrise, Jacqueline places a piano in front of her fiancés door.
Gallagher has a quiet breakfast. Note the pictures on the wall, taken last night at the Crypt-o-Night club: one with his fiancée, one with his sister.
There is a love letter in his mailbox today. How sweet - bouquets and expensive gifts are not enough for Jacqueline to express her love!
Later, she comes visiting - so strong is her want to be near Gallagher all the time! Stephen Riley has been walking by and is greeted, too.
There is not enough time for a dream date before Gallagher has to go to work, though, and so Jacqueline leaves shortly before the carpool arrives for him. When he comes back, he is New Maximiliania's latest Power Leveler.
Sunday morning begins with yet another of Jacqueline's generous presents on the door step: a big TV set. Unlike the other presents which were instantly sold, he keeps the TV set, as he has enough room for it and there aren't any "fun" objects in his house so far except for the computer. (Not that he really needs it - when he wants to have fun, all he has to do is ask Jacqueline over for yet another dream date!)
I did mean to use the community lot St. Simius for Gallagher and Jacqueline's wedding, but I couldn't work out how to do it - how embarrassing is that!! Instead, I had him invite as many of his siblings as would be able to attend, and set up the wedding arch in the garden.
Not what I would have chosen for wedding outfits, but there you go - Mrs. and Mr. Newson have their own mind when it comes to clothes :-)
Georgia did not even bother to dress up for her brother's wedding, but at least Chaz Whippler and Jane Stacks-Hart made an effort. The newlyweds are already planning their next dream date, it seems.
Ginger and Georgia are getting to know their new sister-in-law better, watching some TV together after the party has ended and the other guests have gone home. "It was an... unusual wedding party, but I really liked it," Georgia remarks.

Are husband and wife going to stay in this small house, or join forces with one or more of Gallagher's siblings? What is going to become of Jacqueline's stepmother Daisy Greenman-Jacquet, who is now all alone in the big house? Is Jacqueline going to have all her remaining 21 dream dates with her hubby, or will she keep spinning wishes for dates with other men? (She's been rolling wants around Ramon Ramirez and one of the Picaso men all week!)
Am I going to work out how to have a proper wedding at St. Simius?


  1. What a great round, so happy that Gallagher and Jacqueline got together. I'm sure as a Romance sim she will want other Sims but maybe her husband can keep her happy enough. :)

    Let me know if you need help figuring out the wedding scenario or if you want to do it yourself. :)

    1. A 3-bolt-couple is irresistible, isn't it :-)
      If you could give me an idea of how to play a wedding at St. Simius, I'd be very grateful!

    2. You can hold a community wedding one of two ways,
      1). Arrange a group for an outing, then call the group and have them meet at the lot.
      2). Arrive at the lot and then individually invite your guests (or household) from a mobile phone (much more time consuming!).

      Once everyone arrives just click on the wedding arch as you normally would :)

      You should also note that if you prearrange a honeymoon the taxi will turn up immediately after your Sims get married and whisk them away (which isn't ideal when you want to have the 'after' party).

      Looking forward to seeing how it works out for your Sims. :)

    3. # 1 is what I did - or tried to do - but it didn't work properly. I guess my mistake was that I started the group outing on the home lot... I had started a wedding party, hoping that way I would be able to invite more Sims over (the Newsons are a big family!). When everyone arrived, I had the inviting Sim call a taxi to St. Simius... but only two of his group came along, everyone else stayed behind, including the bride. So he had to travel back home quickly and end the wedding party there, with a very small wedding in his own garden as opposed to the big "do" I wanted!
      Next time I know better - thanks to your explanation :-)

  2. I do love a wedding. Gallagher Newson has just turned to a teen in my megahood. So we don't have any love interests at the morning. Can anyone tell me how to put photos of wedding into frames please. Haven't the foggiest how to do it. And having a wedding on any community lot would help too. Thanks.

    1. This was, I think, one of the least elaborate weddings I have had in my game - and it was originally planned completely different!
      I know there are picture frames you can download from places such as MTS and fill them with snapshots taken in-game. Also, there is always (without any CC) the option to have a Sim take a picture, or to paint a still life at the easel and use a picture of the wedding for that. The camera available as a career reward is also good.

  3. thanks i will try those options.

  4. thats a nice house! i cant remember if i ever did a community lot wedding or not. i feel like i tried and didnt work for me either. one thing i remember - i put a wedding arch in jades villas, then sent one of my large families on vaca along with the to be bride and groom but i was un able to use it - thats all i remember though.

    1. Not sure the wedding arch would work on a vacation lot without a hack, but I am sure Twoyys4me can help :-)


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