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Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Newson Family: Week 6

Click here if you want to (re-)read week 5. 

The "main" Newson family still lives in this Maxis-made townhouse in Downtown New Maximiliania. We've already visited with some of the siblings, so who is here at the moment?
Gavin Newson, a Fortune Sim who originally wanted to become Business Tycoon and later inexplicably changed his lifetime want to earning 100.000 Simoleons. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in Biology many years ago but never did anything with his studies; instead of finding a job, he decided to stay at home and earn as much money as he could by selling paintings. It's not going too bad, but I doubt he'll ever make 100 grand with it.
His sister Ginger is still here, too. Her LTW changed as well: instead of celebrating her Golden Anniversary, it turned into graduating 3 children from college somewhere along the line. Her oldest child - Nigel Newson, whose father is Ripp Grunt - has recently graduated in Political Sciences.
Ginger married Clover Capp (one of Tybalt Capp's Plantbabies) last round. He took her surname and moved in, looking forward to the day when they both will be elders and can celebrate their Golden Anniversary.
All three adults get along very well. On this Monday morning, just after Ginger's twins Nellie and Nelson have left for school (you'll see them in a bit), they spend some time in front of the house tossing a football.By the way, Ginger and Clover had "only" two bolts between them. After I made them both wear glasses, they became three-bolters for the rest of the week.
Nigel returns from college, much to his mother's joy. He will now start to work towards his LTW of becoming Hall of Famer.
When Nelson arrives home from school, he is happy to see his big brother has moved back in with the family.
Nellie feels the same.
It's wonderful to have the family reunited again - it's been too long since they have all sat down for a meal together!
When Nigel left home for college, his younger siblings moved into his old room. Now that he is back, he is going to share his Uncle Gavin's bachelor pad on the ground floor. It won't be for long - you'll soon see why :-)
Tuesday morning, Nigel is lucky and finds a job as Minor Leaguer on the Simternet.
The twins are only just getting up by the time Nigel has already signed his work contract.
Ginger and Clover make a great team in the kitchen and elsewhere.
That afternoon, Nellie turns into a teenager. The lot falls on Family as her aspiration, and her LTW is to become Education Minister.
The ever-same hairstyle has to go. Now that I have such nice new clothes, objects, walls, floors and hairstyles in my game (thanks to Twoyys4me!), I enjoy choosing a different one for Nellie. Isn't she really, really pretty? The outfit she found in the wardrobe once used to belong to her Aunt Gabriella, I think.
Even though they are twins and I expected them to grow up at the same time, it takes Nelson several hours more before he, too, turns into a teen. He is now a Popularity Sim who wants to be Mayor of New Maximiliania one day.
Wednesday starts with Gavin busily painting away at his easel. Those 100k won't come without an effort!
Ginger is also busy: the cleanbot (a gift from friend Angela Pleasant) needs repairing.
The twins come home from school accompanied by Stacy Stacks.
Nigel comes home from work with his first promotion: He now is a Rookie.
Thursday has more repair work in store for Ginger.
Today, Meike Riley gets off the school bus with Nellie and Nelson. The three teenagers spend most of the afternoon watching TV together.
Nigel has been promoted to Starter.
All adults in the family show the wish to go fishing, and so everybody piles into the recently bought car (a wish from Gavin) to drive somewhere with a pond or river.
This is SimCenter South or something like that; an (of course) Maxis-made community lot also in Downtown New Max.
While the adults indulge in fishing, the teenagers head straight for the espresso bar.
The otherwise really nice family outing comes to a sudden end when a thunderstorm breaks out and Nellie is hit by lightning. At home, she showers and eats and goes to bed early - no permanent harm done.
On Friday after school, the twins make their respective phone calls and move to college. True - they have been allowed to be teenagers only for a VERY short time, but they both know it is their beloved Mum's big dream to see them graduate just as their big brother Nigel did.
Speaking of Nigel, he diligently works on his body skill - he wants more promotions.
With her two younger children gone, Ginger is a bit at a loose end. Before the "empty nest syndrome" can fully set in (Nigel is back, yes, but he works all day), she invites her younger sisters Gabriella and Georgia over. They don't live far.
Castanea Landgraab comes home from work with Nigel today. She is not only Nigel's colleague, but also Clover's sister.
Speaking of Clover - knows just how to deal with his lovely wife's empty nest syndrome!
Good job he did what he did when he did it - because the next morning, Saturday, he is decidedly unwell and can hardly finish his breakfast without a coughing fit.
For every Newson, family is first and foremost. Today, Ginger invites her younger brother Garrett and his sweetheart Paola Picaso over.
Clover wants to see his family, too, and invites is father Tybalt and some of his siblings over.
For some mysterious reason, Paola and Clover can not stand each other. Something very strange happens then - I don't think I've ever saw this in my game before: On his own initiative, Clover offers Paola 50 Simoleons if she "bugs off" (that is what the message appearing on my screen said!). Do you know of this? Paola takes the money but does not leave.
Looks as if he brings up the subject in front of everyone at the table! I wonder why these two sit next to each other when they so heartily dislike each other.
Eventually, they engage into a fist fight on the top floor landing. How embarrassing and totally inappropriate!
The evening ends with Nigel flying the kite in the back garden. I don't blame him for wanting to be out rather than in, with such goings-on!
By Sunday morning, Gavin has earned 37.500 Simoleons altogether. Can that really all be from his paintings? No. There were still several items in his inventory (from uni and shopping at community lots while I was playing other households), as well as in the other family members' inventories. I sold everything they did not want or need, and that contributed quite a bit to the sum total.
Later, it is his turn with the kite.
Nigel gets his last promotion for this week - he is now an All Star.
Here, you'll be seeing Ginger as an adult for the last time.
Two birthday cakes are set up in the kitchen for her and Gavin.
Ginger is the first to blow out the candles. She age-transitions into a rather flamboyant dress - one I've not seen before, it must have come with one of my new download packs. Look at Clover's face - it appears as if he is not overly happy about his wife looking as many years older than he as she is!
Gavin is next. By the way, you can't see any Newson siblings among the party guests because I had Nigel invite to the party - all week he'd been rolling wishes to throw a party, and this seemed to be a good occasion.
Here is Gavin as an elder, and the week ends.
How much longer until Clover will be an elder, too, and finally celebrate the Golden Anniversary with Ginger?
Are the twins going to do well at college?
Is Nigel going to find himself a girlfriend, and will Gavin ever make 100.000 Simoleons?


  1. Great story! That was weird about the 50 simoleans pay off. ha ha! Ive never seen that either. they must really not like each other - its 2 turn ons and 1 turn off right? she prob doesnt like plant sims maybe something about her turns him off too - these stories can get juicy sometimes. hey - where you are is there Thanksgiving today? If so happy happy! i cooked all day and we ate and i took a break and then just finished clearing the dishes and another break found this post! how nice for me! thank you

    1. Thanks :-)
      Well, Clover is an ex-Plantsim, so that should not count towards Paola's dislike of him. I really don't know why they feel like that about each other, I can not remember any incidents (a broken-up romance or anything) to justify it.

      No Thanksgiving in Germany - well, we do have Thanksgiving in church, but that was in October, and it is not celebrated in people's homes. I hope your Thanksgiving was great in spite of sounding very much like a lot of work!

      I am looking forward to the first Advent Sunday. My (few) Christmas/Advent decorations will go up tomorrow.

  2. I have never seen that in my game either. Well even after all these years still something else pops up that you have never seen. I like the Newson family mine are only just growing up.

    We do celebrate thanksgiving in the uk either but we do celebrate christmas. We put our tree up the first sunday of december.

    1. It's one reason for liking this game so much, isn't it!

      Our tree (i.e. the one at my parents', not at my place) only goes up and is decorated on Christmas Eve afternoon. Here, I'll have an Advent wreath with four candles on the coffee table and a handful of other deco dotted around the flat.

  3. Nellie really is a pretty sim and that hairstyle suits her! I'll look forward to seeing her in college.
    I have seen the 'pay off with 50 simoleons' before, it came with blind date and it's used to get rid of jealous sims, though I've not seen the expression 'bug off' before and certainly not Sim-initiated so that is amazing. :)

    I've never played the Newson family past Teen stage so it's lovely to see some of them as Elders now.

    Oh I love Christmas. We generally put up our tree and decorations 2-3 weeks before Christmas though in the UK it really does depend on the individual. Some do it as early as 1st December and some I know only put their tree up on Christmas Eve (and take it down on Boxing day!). :D

    1. 'blind date'? haha, that should read 'Nightlife'. :D

    2. You know what, in hindsight I think the message said "buy off" and not "bug off". My eyesight isn't the best, and usually I only have a small light on my desk on when I am playing TS2 in the evening. So I probably misread it.

      I love Christmas, too! Can't remember exactly when you started to look at my other blog as well, but maybe you have seen my pre-Christmas posts last year. I usually take pictures of how I decorate my flat for the time from the 1st Advent to January 6th.
      Speaking of which - I have just finished decorating, so that everything is ready for tomorrow, the first Advent Sunday.

  4. Its always interesting to me to discover the cultures of others (with similarities and differences) Thanks giving should be in church as we have much to be thankful for! Here, some people put up their trees even before thanksgiving but all the way up until christmas eve. i do not have one up yet. i agree with twoyys it really does depend on the individual and I Love Christmas too - now guess what!? my laptop's screen is broken and my service plan doesnt fix that model i dont have the game installed on my desktop yet as i was using the laptop to test and experiment first. the land of escape is on hold... again / i thought boxing day was a canada holiday

    1. It is one reason why I enjoy the blogosphere so much. Through my other blog (not Sims-related), I have "met" so many people from different parts of the world. I read their blogs and they read mine, and we learn a lot about each other's lives and countries and cultures.
      Boxing Day is an old English term. In times when people still had servants and also usually patronized certain shops in their towns and villages, on the 26th of December the wealthier ones would take wooden boxes with money and sometimes small gifts to their servants and favoured shop keepers, as a thank you for good services throughout the year. That's how Boxing Day came to be called so.

    2. PS: In Germany, it does not have a specific name. The 24th is "Heilig Abend" (literally holy or sacred evening, as in Christmas Eve). The 25th is Weihnachten (Christmas), and the 26th is simply the "second day of Christmas".

  5. Cool! i ckd out your other blog - you're not old! and you do look like your simself. also cool!

    1. Thanks :-) I'll be 50 in 2 years and 3 months... hardly believe it myself!!


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