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Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Maximiliania Head Count 2015

You can find this year's head count (plus the stats for all previous years) by clicking on the page "Lists and Stats" (to the right) or by following this link

I am surprised at the low number of births this year - it felt like many more babies! But possibly I have forgotten to put some names on the list. Anyway, the head count itself is correct, as I have a card for each playable Sim, and make a new one as soon as a baby is born.

Many names on the names list have already become extinct. Right now, the surname that is most widely spread in New Max is certainly Capp, followed probably by Ottomas and Greenman - I didn't count, but there certainly are quite a lot of them around :-)

Will be off in a few minutes to travel to some friends' place for New Year's Eve - should be back by Saturday (at the latest), and will probably have time to play some more over the weekend.

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