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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The O'Feefes: Week 5

If you want to (re-)read Week 4 with the O'Feefes, simply click on the label with their name and scroll down to that chapter.
Hello and welcome to the 5th week with the O'Feefes. They moved here last round, after the building where they had been renting an apartment ever since they both graduated from college became so full of game errors that I gave up on it.
Here is Delilah O'Feefe. She started out as a Maxis-made playable student, with different hair and no glasses. Her lifetime want of becoming Criminal Mastermind was reached when she was still 19 days from Elderhood.
Delilah's college sweetheart is Kevin Beare. He, too, was a Maxis-made playable student. Originally, he was blond, but adapted his hair colour to better suit Delilah's turn-ons. They got married in order for him to reach his lifetime want of celebrating the Golden Anniversary, which will soon become reality.
Monday starts with Kevin making medicine at the lab station left at the house by its previous owners.
Meanwhile, Delilah has fun on the roof top terrace with the water wiggler.
Later, the O'Feefes share a delicious cheese cake with the Newsons, Clover and Ginger, who happened to walk by.
The cake was actually meant to be for Delilah's...
...and Kevin's birthdays. Welcome to Elderhood, you two!
The choice of clothes in their wardrobes is not the best, and so the O'Feefes go shopping. There, they meet Justin Kim, Georgia Newson, a townie and Sally Riley.
On Tuesday morning, Kevin and Delilah reassure each other of their lasting love and friendship. I think it is most important that a married couple are not only lovers but also best friends, don't you agree?
Kevin can now celebrate the Golden Anniversary and invites his closest friends over. Ripp Grunt isn't one of them, but he happens to walk by and is cordially invited to join the party.
To buy a bar was one of Delilah's wishes, and it suits the party-mood really well.
A dance for Mrs. and Mr. O'Feefe, who are now both on Permanent Platinum!
Uh-oh... that's what happens when you invite Romance Sims to your party, Kevin! Gunnar Roque, Heather Huffington and Ripp Grunt were all involved with each other at some stage... and it's not the best idea to remind each other of that with the third person present.
Now that the O'Feefes are both Senior Sims, they move to the Senior Residence just up the road.
Beatrice Monty was the youngest resident so far at 60. She gladly welcomes the two new ones.

It was Wednesday at their house when the O'Feefes moved out, but it is Friday when they arrive here. I'll still play them for seven Sim-days.
Another current resident here is Carla Reamon. who is 79. Kevin joins her and guest Ramir Patel for a game of poker.
Later, Ripp Grunt walks by and is greeted by one of the others who don't know how problematic his presence can be. Delilah has found the poker table in the meantime, too.
A slapping match between Kevin and Ripp ensues. Delilah pretends to have nothing to do with it. (I can't remember, to be honest, but she must have been involved with Ripp at some stage, too.)
Beatrice was the only Sim here fully controlled by me. Today, she reaches her LTW when she comes back from work with a promotion to Hall of Famer - now they are all "out of control" :-)
Kevin decides to have a nap in a single bed without Delilah, although there are a few rooms here with double beds for couples, too.
Beatrice wishes to throw a party to celebrate her achievement, and invites Jill Indie (nee Smith) with her stepdaughter Isabella Indie and brother Johnny Smith. Next to Delilah at the table sits Juliette Davis (nee Capp), the oldest resident here right now at 80.
Puck Summerdream and Callum Capp have joined the party, too, and play poker with Johnny and Bea.
Unlike Kevin, Delilah chooses an apartment with a double bed to retreat to when she is tired.
The next morning, Saturday, Kevin cleans up the dirty dishes of last night's party.
One of the few occasions when I actually do control the Sims living here is to call the repair service when it is necessary.
Delilah greets Roxie Sharpe. Maybe Roxie thinks about moving in soon, too, and has come to check out the facilities.
Guy Wrightley is too young to move in but is greeted by Carla Reamon nonetheless.
Just as Carla, Roxie and Juliette talk to one of the Servos, someone else wants to join the group conversation...
Carla dies happily at the age of 81, surrounded by her friends, ready to join her husband Connor Weir in the Otherworld. Mr. Reaper's Hula Girls remind her of her native Twikkii Island, and so she goes with a smile on her face.
On Sunday, the three remaining ladies meet for a bowl of soup in the dining room. Juliette congratulates Beatrice once again on her last promotion.
Kevin has called the repair service once more and generously tips Arcadia Bradshaw.
Ripp has been lurking around the place again. This time, slapping isn't enough, and Kevin wins the fight, watched by Juliette.
He feels like celebrating his victory, it seems - he decides to prepare stuffed turkey for dinner on his own accord shortly afterwards.
On Monday, the ladies meet in the common room. When the phone rings, it is always a rush to get to it first!
All three get along really well. Delilah and Kevin made themselves at home here very quickly.
It snows all morning.
Kevin takes advantage of the winter weather and builds a snowman.
Juliette greets Gunnar Roque...
...and then follows Kevin's example. (Note the state of the garden!)
Delilah greets Meike Riley.
She is the one who finally takes it upon herself to do something about the sorry state of the garden.
Juliette has been napping in the afternoon and gets up...
...only to find Mr. Reaper in the next room, handing her that final cocktail. Well, she's been ready for a while; her husband, Aldric Davis, died "years" ago, and she herself is now 84.
It is Tuesday morning and Kevin has a lone breakfast of cold turkey.
Delilah ponders Juliette's portrait from when she was in her prime.
Later, Hermia Capp...
...and Stacy Stacks walk by.
The week ends for Kevin and Delilah with only one other resident still here, Beatrice Monty. All three will most likely be around for quite some time, with the O'Feefes being in their 50s and Bea in her 60s. Who is going to move here next?


  1. What a lovely round. So nice to see Kevin & Delilah as elders (I once played him to Elder too, he was married to Brittany Upsnott) and they are happy ensconced in the Senior Residence.
    So nice to see Beatrice reach her LTW.
    It seemed very fitting that Carla should get the Hula girls as she's a former Twikki Resident.
    Bye to Juliette, reunited with Aldric again.
    There's never a dull moment here with all the residents and visitors. :)

    1. True, it doesn't look too dull now, but I must admit that I play the Senior Residence on fast forward or even FFW most of the time, since they spend so many hours at the poker table... ;-)
      Sometimes it gets a bit annoying and I wonder whether I shouldn't get rid of it, and put something else there instead!

  2. What a busy round! Hmmm... I wonder ... seems like good population control to play the household many times even though its because of different sims, you know? Like idk the apple family and the bear family in same household so we play that household twice thereby aging apple even more... get it? but if town is full thats a good thing - like I would have prob played "senior center" under the s round so this is better.i love the elders!

    1. My way of playing household according to the alphabetical list of surnames makes for some interesting constellations. For instance, twins that were the same age when they left uni (such as Angela and Lilith Pleasant) move in with partners of different surnames, and that means they are played at different times and maybe one more often than the other. The result is a different age for the twins which is of course not realistic at all - but since when were the Sims ever a realistic game when it comes to age (and other things)? :-)
      The Senior Residence can be good fun and means slightly less households in my huge neighbourhood.


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