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Friday, 25 December 2015

The Ottomas-Monty Household: Week 8

It's not that long ago that we've spent a week at this house, when it was the turn of Romeo and Maria Monty on the alphabetical list. Now we're back for the main family here: The Ottomas.
Once upon a time, the Ottomas family was large and widespread, but not that many of them are left. Peter and Samantha died of old age, and some of their children died in a house fire elsewhere in the neighbourhood.
Who is still around?
Here we have Romeo Monty and one of his nephews. Romeo became Captain Hero 6 days from Elderhood and is now on Permanent Platinum.
Lilith Ottomas, nee Pleasant, married David Ottomas a long time ago. She is now 65 and still going strong as a Rock Goddess, which means she is often out for work at night and sleeps during the day.
Her husband, David Ottomas, is 5 years younger and still waiting for his lifetime want of being The Law to come true.
Brother-in-law Mercutio Monty married David's younger sister Sharla Ottomas. His brother Romeo and Romeo's half-Alien daughter Maria moved in with the family some years back. Mercutio is 55 and has been on Permanent Platinum ever since he became Hall of Famer 16 days from Elderhood.
Mercutio greets Calendula Capp (one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren) on this Monday morning.
Maria (not yet pictured), comes home from school with Stacy Stacks today.
Here she is, sporting her new winter look and serving one of the Baked Alaskas I found in one of the family members' inventories.
The girls talk about the difficult maths problem they were given at school today.
Mercutio greets Mickey Dosser just as the school bus pulls up again in front of the house to drop of Odell and Orlando, the twins he has with his wife Sharla.
At 6.00 pm, Romeo turns into an Elder.
It is Tuesday morning and Romeo, whom I am not controlling, is nearly frozen - he's been playing the electric guitar for hours and hours out there in the snow.
Sharla is not yet on Permanent Platinum, as her LTW is to have six grandchildren, and her sons are still only school kids. Therefore, it is often her who does the housework, but her sister-in-law Lilith helps out, too, as do the men.
The sentry bot - a gift from Lilith's sister Angela Pleasant - breaks and starts zapping an unsuspecting neighbour.
Before Sharla can deactivate and repair it, she gets zapped as well.
Later, Justin Kim walks by and is greeted by Sharla.
Odell does his homework upstairs, with Uncle David nearby in case he has a question.
At 6.00 pm on that Tuesday, Odell...
...grows up into a teenager. The lot decides on his aspiration to be Popularity, and his LTW is revealed as that of becoming Media Magnate.

His twin brother takes a few more hours, but eventually Orlando... a teenager, too. He follows his mother's footsteps: as a Family Sim, he already dreams of six grandchildren.
David sits with his nephew Orlando for a piece of birthday cake and gives him some advice on studying, even though the boy won't really need it for his LTW.
The twins start Wednesday morning with a pillow fight. Their bedroom has only undergone some redecorating for the walls; the furniture is still the same.
I have Lilith greet Castanea Landgraab who seems rather thinly dressed for the weather.
Romeo tells their guest that he keeps thinking of going on a date with his long-term girlfriend Melody Tinker. (All week, Romeo has wishes for dates and woohoo, but never about anyone specific.)
Stacy Stacks gets off the school bus with Maria, Odell and Orlando today.
Lilith greets fellow Rock Goddess Jessie Pilferson-Dosser. She does not approve of the far-too revealing dress the other woman is wearing. Is there some professional rivalry between the two ladies, I wonder?
Odell talks to his Mom about college. "If I go, I want to graduate with honours," he announces.
Orlando, Maria, Stacy and Odell have some more Baked Alaska. Stacy obviously would have preferred something savoury.
Let me begin Thursday with this nice shot of Lilith.
Sharla repairs the toy robot.
Romeo greets Jacqueline Jacquet-Newson and discovers he has three bolts for her.
David finally has reached the top of the Law career and his now on Permanent Platinum, too. Congratulations, David! It took you long enough ;-) (He is 63 now.)
B'Elanna Beaker is one of Maria's many half siblings and class mate. The teenage girls always have something to giggle about.
On Friday, Lilith invites her twin sister Angela Pleasant over, along with Angela's long-term sweetheart Puck Summerdream. Puck and Angela live together but have never showed the wish to marry.
Meike Riley comes home from school with the kids today.
I wonder what Romeo and David are talking about there in the kitchen on Saturday morning!
Orlando tries to flirt with B'Elanna, who has come over on invitation of Maria, and even offers her a backrub. But much as B'Elanna likes the boy as a friend, she is not interested in any romantic interaction with him.
Maria greets Mickey Dosser, Jessie Pilferson's husband.
Orlando rolls the wish to buy a love potion, and I have him do just that. Will it help him in his attempts at winning B'Elanna's affections?
It is Sunday morning, and the house is now surrounded by a lot more trees than at the beginning of the week. This is thanks to Sharla rolling the wish to "buy a tree" nearly every day.
Mercutio makes toaster pastries for breakfast on his own accord.
Odell greets Giselle Goth.
The girl tells her hosts how she is now all alone in the big Goth villa, with her Dad, twin brother and everyone else dead after a tragic fire in the yard.

This was a very long week to play; with so many Sims in the house, some largely uncontrolled while I had to watch the others. That meant I rarely played on fast forward and so it took me a while to complete the week. But it was good fun, and I am already looking forward to seeing what the teens will be up to eventually.

Merry Christmas to all of you! If you visit my other blog, you'll see something about what Christmas is/was like for me this year over the next few posts :-)


  1. Merry xmas to you too. a lovely read for me. Yeah i wonder what teens will be matched with who. It is now and then to play it on fast forward especially if there is only two and both on pp.

    1. With single Sims, I very often play on fast-fast forward, but am always careful to look out for neighbours walking by, so that they can be greeted.
      What I am really looking forward to is to have a full dorm of eight playable students again at some stage. Then, they'll probably fall in love autonomously, as they often do at uni :-)

  2. hope you had a very merry christmas! im on my way over to the other blog now.

  3. Lilith is in her 70s now, she hasn't got long left, between 2 and 12 days left of her life.

    1. Right now I can't remember what her lifetime bar looked like when I completed the week, but 2 or 12 makes a huge difference - 2 would mean she'll die early on next round, 12 would mean she'll live into two more rounds.

    2. That way she could die as early as 2017.

    3. I am predicting that her sister Angela will die in 2016.

    4. I'll see when it happens :-)

  4. Lots to catch up on! A nice round, I do like the busy households and yes they are time consuming aren't they? I only hit fast forward if my Sims are asleep or all busy as I like to watch them. :D
    It's nice to see the Monty boys as Elders! I wonder if Romeo will ever find Romance again?

    1. With (uncontrolled) elders in the house, there was hardly a time when everyone was asleep at the same time :-) But I sometimes fast-forwarded when the kids were at school or during busy family meals that would take "forever". Still love the busy households!
      Who knows what the future helds in store for Romeo... I certainly have no idea.

  5. Lilith? 65 at the start of this round?!?, Gorden Bennett!, I thought she going to be at most 60!

    1. Again, this is due to the way I play my rotations. In this household, there are two surnames at the moment - Monty and Ottomas - and there used to be Pleasant, too, before Lilith and David married. So, this household is played more than once each round, which means Lilith ages faster than if she would have done had she kept living with her twin sister at the old Pleasant house.
      The Sims' age seems to matter a great deal to you, Jack :-)


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