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Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Nigmos-Pitts Household: Week 8

Click here for week 7.
The old Spectre villa has long been without any Spectres, but Ophelia Nigmos, Olive Spectre's grandchild, moved back in after she graduated from university many years ago.
She used to share the house with her best friend from uni, Stella Terrano, and Stella's husband Ashley Pitts. But Stella died some years back, and now there are only Ashley and Ophelia left - plus their pets, three dogs and a cat.
Here is Ophelia. She is 59, but her real age is closer to 70. However, she has a Cowplant in her garden, and every time the plant has eaten an unsuspecting townie, Ophelia drank the milk from the plant, each drink making her a few days younger.
Ashley Pitts is 80. Both Sims are on Permanent Platinum and will only be controlled by me when it comes to taking care of their pets, paying the bills and greeting other New Maximilianians walking by the house.
On Monday morning, Ashley discovers that he has 3 bolts for Castanea Landgraab. She is Malcolm Landgraab's widow and would therefore be free for a new love, but Ashley knows it is only a matter of days until he'll be reunited with his wife Stella in the otherworld.
Ophelia is houseproud enough to clean up dirty dishes without me telling her to.
She also gives the kitchen counter a scrub on her own initiative.
Here is Balin, the cat with no tail.
The dogs Alabama (left) and Alegra (right).
Tucker is the smallest of the dogs, and also the oldest.
Portraits of Ashley and Stella in their prime are still above the bed where Ashley now sleeps on his own.
Ophelia greets Maria Monty...
...and William Williamson.
Maria wonders aloud why adults can only ever think of school as a topic for conversation with teenagers and children.
Tuesday morning finds Ophelia getting into bed next to Ashley, who is fast asleep and completely unaware of her company. The two of them are best friends and nothing more. Maybe Ophelia was just cold.
Out in the snow, a fight is going on. Who are the warring parties?
It's the leader of the pack against poor Alegra.
Ashley has a play session with Balin as soon as he gets up.
Sarah Love walks by just as Ashley's car pool and the postman arrive at the same time.
Juliette Davis follows suit. She wonders why Ophelia and Ashley have not moved to the Senior Residence yet. Well, I have thought about it, but it seems impractical with four pets, and Ophelia has always loved the Spectre villa. So she may stay here for the time being.
As I found out some rounds back, the cowplant never eats a playable Sim. All it does is sniff them.
When Ashley comes home from work, Jonah Powers is with him.
And someone else is not far behind.
Just as Ophelia reports one of her dogs missing.... (Alabama ran away - I don't know why, since she is great friends with her humans as well as her fellow pets in the house)
...the sad news of Ashley's death reach her. He was 81.
Ashley was right in not starting a relationship with Castanea Landgraab. He will now be laid to rest next to his wife Stella on the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.

On Wednesday morning, Ophelia cleans yesterday's plates. She seems to have picked up rather well after Ashley's death. Now it's only her and the four pets at the villa.
Three pets, actually: Tucker dies that afternoon, much behowled by his friend Alegra, who turns into an elderly dog moments later.
Something else Ophelia often does on her own accord is mopping up the puddles left by her dogs.
I find her sitting in her most comfortable armchair, thinking about her engagement of long ago to police officer Dorian Kauker on Thursday morning.
Maybe you remember that Ophelia's lifetime want was to have 50 first dates. She completed that task 10 days before she turned into an Elder. There was hardly a man in New Max whom she did not date at some stage, and because it was getting exceedingly difficult to find new candidates for first dates, I allowed her to date townies and NPCs, too. Dorian was the love of her life - her 3-bolt-man - but sadly, one day he was eaten by the cowplant.

The pet beds need cleaning, and Ophelia takes care of that without me asking her to.
She even does a spot of gardening that day.
After a nap in the afternoon, she greets Matthew Hart.
On Friday, the first thing Ophelia does is play with Alegra.
The phone rings, and one Professor Bruty informs Ophelia that she has found her missing dog, Alabama.
Not much later, the professor is here with Alabama and accepts a small reward for her efforts.
Ophelia and Balin are happy to welcome Alabama back.
But... why does the cowplant have a smile on its face all of a sudden?!
"Oh no... you shouldn't have eaten the poor Professor, she's only come by to bring back our missing dog!" But it's too late, and here is another tombstone that will go to the NPC section at the cemetery.
A rare occurrence: Ophelia can pet the skunk without being sprayed. Very few Sims in my game have had that privilege.
Jessie Dosser... (nee Pilferson, wife of Mickey Dosser)
...B'Elanna Beaker...
...and Meike Riley are Ophelia's guests for the rest of the day.
Saturday morning, Ophelia looks at her portrait from when she was younger for a while.
Then she greets Cherry Capp.
Just as she is about to go into the house, lightning strikes her.
She has a bath first, even though eating would have been more important.
The thunderstorm is not over yet when I send her out again to greet Glenda Greenman.
She starts off Sunday by writing her diary. So many men she has dated in her life... many... and yet, here she is on her own. Thanks to another cowplant drink (from Professor Bruty), she is now 66 - still a long way to go alone.

Would Ophelia be better off at the Senior Residence? Or is she going to find love again here at the Spectre Villa?


  1. Hello again! I like Ophelia - and the Spectre villa but havnt played much in the past.I wonder why she doesnt get sprayed by the skunk. None of my past sims have had the privi. You should leave her at the villa. I never used the cow plant either, but my daughter loved it when she played sims 2 - she drank everyone! I didnt know you could not do that to playable sims because i could swear she did. i gues not though. When I start again Im going to try everything. Real life is kind of heavy right now - hope for some good change real soon. another great story glad you do this.

    1. It is very, very rare that a Sim can pet the skunk without being sprayed.
      When I started to have several of my Sims get the cowplant, it was in the hope there would be some drama - and another method of population control, similar to when I have my Sims burn piles of leaves... But I was rather disappointed when I realized that no Sim who lives in New Maximiliania gets eaten, unless I direct them deliberately to grab the cake - which I don't.
      Sorry to hear real life is hard at the moment. I hope things will be sorted out soon, and I'm glad my stories seem to offer you a bit of a welcome distraction.

  2. Leave her at the villa it is her home. It is shame that the cowplant ate her 3 bolt love, let's hope the cowplant doesn't eat anymore npc or she will live forever.

    1. Ashley lived a very long life didn't he?
      I like Ophelia at the Specter villa, it suits her somehow. She's certainly had a fun life with all those dates.
      I wonder if Alabama ran away because of being upset over Ashley's death? So glad he returned safely. Shame about the Professor, heh, that will give Ophelia some extra life. :)

    2. Yes, peachy, the villa is Ophelia's home, and as long as the pets are around, she'll stay there for sure. As for the cowplant, I just have to make sure no townies or NPCs have access to it.

    3. Twoyys4me, I'd never have thought of Ashley's death affecting Alabama so much, but it certainly is a good explanation, thank you!


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