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Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Patel Family: Week 6

For Parvati's last year at uni click here. For Week 5 at the Patel family home, click here.

The Patels still live at the house I gave them when I started New Maximiliania.
Ramir is now 65 and still going strong as a Rock God. As he is on Permanent Platinum, I leave him to his own devices most of the time. His wife Ana is two years younger, and it is by no means certain that she will reach her lifetime want of having six grandchildren: So far, she has not even one.
Her daughter Parvati has recently graduated Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy and is ready to move back in with her parents. She used to have two younger siblings, the twins Param and Padma. But they died tragically in a fire that broke out at the gym that young Param owned. Therefore, Parvati will have to try and provide her Mom with all six grandchildren.
Good job that she is a Family Sim, too, and dreams of graduating three (but not six!) from college.
Parvati didn't have a boyfriend while she was at uni, but she was best friends with Cedric Cooke, Julien Cooke's half-Alien son. She likes him a lot and thinks he'd make a good father, coming from a large and loving home himself. So on this Monday, she invites him over, along with friend Sofia Baldwin.
In the meantime, Ramir finds his own entertainment :-)
The room that used to be the twins' is quickly furnished with a double bed instead of two single ones, and it takes Parvati only one single flirtatious action before we have read hearts between her and Cedric. Lifetime want, here we come!
To make things a little easier, I have Parvati eat cheesecake afterwards.
"Or maybe you would have preferred fried eggs...?" she asks Cedric, who seems a little distracted.
Early on Tuesday morning, Ramir takes it upon himself to empty the bin. He does that nearly every day without me telling him to.
Ana wans to learn physiology and Parvati, most fittingly, parenting, so I have them sit in the living room with their books.
That night, Ramir returns from work with colleague Florence Delarosa - but she died "years" ago, and her ghost disappears seconds after this picture was taken. Strange, that! I've never had a Sim bring a ghostly colleague home!
On Wednesday, Parvati's pregancy becomes obvious. I do hope it will be twins!
Ana spends a pleasant summer morning harvesting oranges.
On Thursday morning, she watches her daughter sleep, expecting her to need help with giving birth any minute.
But all seems quiet, and so she ventures out on the back porch where Ramir has been playing with his model railway. He is happy to see his wife joining him :-)
Hours later, at 7:11 pm, Parvati goes into labour.
Priya (girl, Alien skin-tone) and Patrick are born without any problem. That's two out of the six grandchildren Ana longs for.
Checking the Patel family tree, I find out that Priya was the name of Ramir's grandmother. Little Priya is the first baby in New Maximiliania that is born to a half-Alien parent and has the green skin tone.
Ana is over the moon and helps as much as she can. Here she takes little Patrick the kitchen to get him a bottle.
It is Friday morning when Ramir decides to make a "light breakfast" of pork chops ;-)
Parvati's bedroom now holds two baby beds (one is at the foot end of the bed) and a changing table.
Parvati invites Cedric over to meet his children... and start work on (hopefully!) the next set of twins.
After Cedric has complied with her wishes (not that he needed much persuading), it's another piece of cheesecake for Parvati.
On Saturday morning, by the looks of her belly and judging from her tiredness, I guess my plan is working out.
Yes, that's right!
The doting grandparents compete for who gets to do what with the little ones. This time, Ramir was faster in getting Patrick out of his crib.
But Ana beats him to it when it comes to feeding Priya a little later.
While guests Carolina Capp and Meike Riley are bickering (how impolite!), Parvati has some more cheesecake. Just to make sure, you know.
It is Sunday morning, and Ana dons an apron with a teddy bear. It's a practical choice of outfit when you handle babies and - soon - toddlers.
Autumn has begun, and amazingly, Ana still finds time to rake the leaves in the front yard.
In the afternoon, Priya is helped turning into a toddler by her Mom. Parvati tries over and over again to do the same with Patrick, but the action of "help with birthday" keeps changing into "hold youngster", and the week ends with Patrick still a baby. I guess I'll have to buy a birthday cake for him next round; I've had this glitch often.

Is Parvati going to have twins again? Will her mother live long enough to see six grandchildren being born? Is Cedric going to marry Parvati, and live with her and the kids?


  1. i like the idea of having cheesecake twins to help Priya with her ltw, and it is nice to see one of them get the alien skin tone too.

    1. Priya doesn't yet have a LTW; it's Ana who wants to have six grandchildren :-)
      Yes, it's nice to have my first green baby born the natural way, from a female Sim!

  2. I often have the glitch also when I have twins and the one ages but the other takes forever! i get the cake but i also cheat sometimes that even does not work. im still amazed with the mixed twins - that is one alien looking one human looking - when i start again i wish to try some genetic tampering that will - down the line show 2 parents of apparently one race and then up pops a diff color baby - i never got to it before but a long time ago i read about it and there is a sim that came with the game like that i forgot her name

    1. Not sure I really understand what you mean about the genetic tampering, but I've had twins of different skin tones before. For instance, the Picaso boys: one has really dark skin and the other one is medium brown.
      The birthday glitch happens relatively often in my game, but the birthday cake always works for me.

    2. well i guess i shouldnt have said tampering. what i meant was lets say gen 1 has dark tone parent/lightest tone parent or even alien tone then when kids are born twins or no but lets say a med tone - ill keep mixing the white or the dark until it appears one race disappears.then generations later - viola! 2 light tones with one dark child or alien or the other way around! like dilute the gene or something - i read it in a challenge/ doesnt have to be skin can be eyes hair whatever. you are right i have had twins like that too i wasnt thinking that way - just alien i havent had twins with 1 alien and 1 human looking before

    3. The genetics in the game are certainly interesting! I like detecting a specific family look about some of my Sims, but sometimes it is hard to tell.
      There seems to be a lot of Sims with black hair in my game, which is why I have started do give some of the half-Alien kids a different hair colour. I know it won't change their genetics, but at least it makes for a less uniform-looking neighbourhood :-)

  3. That twin glitch upon ageing is annoying isn't it? How great that Parvati is going for the cheesecake option. It'll be harder work but a fun house! Will she marry Cedric do you think or will he just be the Father of her babies?

    1. I think they will get married eventually, but I have to work out where they will all live as a family - not enough room at the Patels' current house, as long as both Parvati's parents are still around.

  4. i think parvati's pregnancy is making my excited to read the next post!

    1. also the different skintones of priya and Patrick remind me of my custom hood called aridia where a lady had twins 5 times and they all had different skin tones, they were also all boy girl (apart from two)!

    2. Twins five times?! Wow, that sounds like a very lively household :-)

    3. it was! unfortunately the mother,the father and 7 of the kids died 2 had already made families of their own and the two youngest were taken by social services but I used simblender to teleport Melrose (one of the orphaned kids) to another household and now hes a dad too,i also resurrected the eldest daughter and 4th child Amelia who now lives with a kind family called the Raha's :-)

  5. since cedric is married to stella stacks does that mean that parvati will have to find another man to give her children?

    1. I don't know yet - she could have more with Cedric (which would, morally, not my preferred solution), or she could look for another man.
      But who knows; next time I play her, she could just as well have a new LTW!

  6. thats true but ana might still have the 6 grandchildre ltw...


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