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Monday, 4 January 2016

The Pleasant-Summerdream Household: Week 10

Welcome back to the Pleasant Hacienda!
Angela Pleasant is now 66, and has been on Permanent Platinum ever since she made her 20th best friend 22 days before she reached Elderhood. This means I hardly ever control her these days.
Puck Summerdream (same age as Angela) has been the love of her life for a long, long time. The two of them used to be 3-bolters until they became elders. Now, at 2 bolts, they are just as much in love as always, but neither of them has ever thought of getting married.
Maybe it is because Puck's parents, Titania and Oberon Summerdream, are not married and enjoy a happy and loving relationship, whereas Angela's parents, Mary-Sue and Daniel Pleasant, had problems in their marriage that nearly lead to them splitting up.
Serva Pleasant, the robot Angela built, is still here, too.

Puck can not reach his LTW; it changed to "Become The Law" when he was already too old to get to the top of any career. Serva wants to become Hall of Famer, and I have no doubt she will achieve it.
Before Puck's LTW changed autonomously, he wanted to have 20 best pet friends. There are still five pets in the family from those days. Here are four of them: dogs Sheba and Scout and cats Alabama and Pepper. The 3rd cat, Sake, is somewhere else in the house.
The week at this house starts on Thursday (due to me having moved the family here in the middle of a week some time during the previous round).
Puck goes jogging with the dogs.
It is Friday morning, and Angela is up first.
Pepper is now an elderly cat.
Sake, the cat, dies that day. I did not check how old Sake was, but I am sure it was well past 30.
Serva is promoted to Superstar.
Servo Pleasant Capp, the robot Angela built first and who moved out to get married to one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren, walks by. Already last round, Serva met Servo and discovered that they have 3 bolts for each other. Unfortunately, Servo is already married.
That does not stop a true 3-bolt-attraction!
On Saturday morning, Serva cleans the pet beds. With so many cats and dogs, there is always something to do that involves cleaning, washing, filliing of bowls or simply playing with one of them.
Angela could have whatever she likes from the fridge, but she decides to eat a smelly leftover burger from yesterday. Strangely enough, she does not get food poisoning.
Puck decides it is his Family Day today. He invites his parents Oberon and Titania Summerdream over, as well as his little sister Bottom (who is not so little anymore) and her husband Björn (one of Loki Beaker's half-Alien twin sons).
Serva is promoted to Assistant Coach.
On Sunday, it is Angela's turn to have a Family Day. Her parents have died many years ago, but her twin sister Lilith lives in New Maximiliania and comes over with a bunch of Ottomas' - the family she married into. Her husband David Ottomas is at work and will join them all later.
Sharla explains to the young ones that Serva is not an Alien, but was built by Angela. Maria Monty (strictly speaking, not blood-related to the Ottomas family) of course knows everything, like most teenagers do, and wonders why Sharla thinks she has to explain.
Puck starts Monday morning with a nice long bubble bath.
He is still controlled by me, but not all the time. Even when left to his own devices, he does not wait for Serva to do all the chores.
Lavender Greenman walks by and is politely greeted.
Scout turns into an elderly dog.
Serva is now Coach - I think that's just one promotion away from reaching her LTW.
Angela loves playing with the pets.
On Tuesday morning, Serva reads the paper before starting on her chores.
Puck greets Jacqueline Newson (nee Jacquet) and Callum Capp.
On Wednesday, Angela welcomes family friend Hal Riley (if I remember correctly, he went to uni with the Pleasant twins and Puck).
Serva maximizes her Charisma.
Puck greets Stephanie Stacks.
The week ends with Puck cleaning one of the pet beds, closely watched by Pepper (black cat) and Alabama.
Puck and Angela are now 73 years old. It does not look as if they will survive very long into their next week. The pets are nearly all in their 30s now.

Thanks to the pets and Serva's career, as well as the Family Days, this week was not as boring as it could have been. I find it puzzling that Puck and Angela never rolled the wish to marry - but that's our Sims for you, they do have their own mind!


  1. Usually when spring cames around that's when most flirt and marriage wants appear or even or dates. But you know that. Lovely to see still some of the originals still around. Do you know what happens to the animals if the sims die before them?

    1. Well, Angela and Puck have lived through several springs together and still didn't think of getting married :-)

      As far as I know, cats and dogs are being picked up by the Pet Adoption Service when no humans are left in the household. But in this case, there is still Serva - she won't die!

  2. Replies
    1. She's still alive - no need to wish her R.I.P. yet ;-)

    2. If either both Angela and Puck will die, the only thing Serva the robot will move out and to be lived in the Senior household.

    3. Serva has no age, though, so she won't be moved to the Senior Residence. If it weren't for the pets, I'd have moved Angela and Puck there already.

    4. But When Angela and Puck die later this year, if Serva breaks down, who will repair her and if they can't, what will happen to the pets?

    5. Nobody will repair Serva then, and the pets will be picked up by the Pet Adoption Service. But I don't think I'll play the household any longer if there will be just Serva left.

    6. If that's the case, then it will make the Pleasant surname extinct and either Angela or Lilith be the heir of The Pleasants.

    7. The Pleasant surname will then just be one of many on the list of names that have become extinct since the foundation of New Maximiliania.
      I don't play the Legacy Challenge (never did), and my Sim families don't have heirs as such; if a Sim needs children or grandchildren for their lifetime want, I have them have children. If not, no babies :-) Alien abductions are an exception; they simply happen and I do not influence them.

    8. Or should that say "2008-17"?

    9. I really don't know yet!

  3. BTW How full is Angela's life bar

    1. Nearly full, which is why I said that she and Puck are probably not going to survive long into their next week.

  4. At 73 she is between 1 and 11 days from death, so could she die Q1/Q2 or this year or Q2 '17

    1. This household will be played again when it'll be the Summerdreams' turn on the alphabetical list, which should happen in the not so far future.

  5. Great round for Angela and Puck. It's very busy when there are lots of pets but Servo looks to be in control of keeping everything organised.
    I love all the family get togethers. It's a shame Angela & Puck never wanted to marry but they seem very happy regardless.

    1. It's a shame they lost their 3rd bolt and have been on 2 bolts ever since they turned into elders, but as you say, they seem very happy regardless. Often when they weren't doing anything else, they were seeking out each other in the house, and met for a hug and kiss. Once Puck even got down on one knee to serenade Angela, and I was briefly thinking of using this picture in my update - as if he were proposing ;-)

      The two dogs needed baths every other day, the pet beds needed cleaning and the dishes cleaning and filling. The pets themselves were very good and really no trouble.

  6. Hi there! Busy week for me. I thought I had responded already and when I looked this am for your reply I saw that I had not! Ok - so I havent played for several months and not the Summerdreams at all - so Puck doesnt look like an Elder - no grey hair. Men have the coloring option too? cool! Also I can see that Angela and Puck had no kids; Lilith didnt either? I see you guys talking about retiring the surname - Oh I cant wait to start again!Your stories are such an enjoyment to me - is that geeky? o well its true.

    1. Puck had grey hair only briefly, before changed his hair colour in the hope of gaining back the three bolts he and Angela had before.
      Kids in my game only happen when they are necessary for someone's LTW, or when a male Sim is abducted by Aliens and returns with their souvenir ;-)
      Lilith and David did not need kids for their LTWs, either, and David was never abducted.

      Geeky it may be, but it is even more geeky that I have been playing and writing about this 'hood since 2008 :-)


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