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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Jasmine Rai: Week 4

Only a few Sims still live in apartment buildings in my game; I got fed up with the bugs that inevitably seem to crop up after a while of playing such lots, and moved most of them out.
Here, though, we still have two playable Sims renting, and we're going to spend one week with one of them:
Jasmine Rai.

You probably remember her from her uni days; she used to be "in a band" with Zoe Zimmerman and Gunnar Roque. After graduation, she worked on her lifetime want of becoming Rock Goddess, and reached that goal a while ago.
Ever since she's been on Permanent Platinum, I am only controlling her actions occasionally, such as when it comes to paying the rent and the bills, or greeting other New Maximilians as they walk by.

On this Monday morning, Jasmine wakes up still (or again) feeling ill.
She spends the morning in her bathrobe, first writing her diary...
...and then watching the fish in the aquarium in the entrance hall of the building.
Friend and colleague Hermia Capp comes home from work with her.
At 6.00 pm, Jasmine turns into an elder. You can guess what'll happen next, don't you?
She moves to the Senior Residence, where she joins three other residents: The O'Feefes (Delilah and Kevin, formerly Beare) and Beatrice Monty.
It does not take long for Jasmine to discover the poker table! There, she plays for hours with Delilah O'Feefe and guest Stacy Stacks. Hermia Capp has somehow come along, too.
By the way, it is Wednesday here when I enter the lot. So we have skipped Tuesday, but I am still going to make sure I'll play Jasmine for 7 days.
Kevin and Bea are very good friends (but nothing more) and often talk, share a joke or engage in their old school cheer.

Bea is the eldest here right now at 65, Delilah and Kevin are 60.
A funny scene: Autonomously and independently of each other, Bea and Kevin went into different rooms at the residence, each relaxing on a bed, each doing exactly the same at the same moment :-) The wall between the two rooms means they did not see each other, and usually, I take pictures with the walls up, but I left it down for this picture to show you.
Delilah still misses their old friend Juliette Davis (nee Capp), who died some time ago here at the Senior Residence peacefully of old age. Her portrait shows her as she was in her prime, married to Aldric Davis.
On this Wednesday, Gary Greenman walks by and is greeted by Delilah.
Later, all four current residents gather round the poker table.
On Thursday morning, Jasmine does a spot of housework, cleaning up one of several old newspapers...
A surprise visit from Gunnar Roque, former band member with Jasmine in "The Shifting Paradymes", reminds the elderly people of their uni days.
Desdemona Capp follows a little later.

It seems Jasmine is still most happy when she can go to work and feels that she has a purpose, like here on Friday morning. Well, she could take on the gardening as a purpose, but she does not seem to be interested in what is becoming a monumental task.
On Saturday, Kevin is nearly starving when he gets up. No need to tell you that there is plenty of food in the fridge.
Eventually, he manages to get something for himself and anyone else who cares to leave the poker table long enough. It's funny how he and Beatrice eat at different tables. Maybe they do not want to make Delilah, Kevin's wife, jealous of their closeness as friends?
I have no idea why Georgia Newson should be angry with any of the residents here, but she kicks over the trash can as she walks by.
Bea greets Gerlinde Gavigan, who has recently graduated from uni and moved back to New Max.
Jasmine comes home from work just in time to greet Pleasant Servo Capp.
Later, she looks at the portraits of the Burbs. Jennifer moved here after her husband died, and lived here until her own death some years ago.
On Sunday, Kevin greets Beau Broke.
Jasmine cleans up the dirty dishes on her own accord.
She even cleans the stove...
...and one of the toilets off the community room.
Beau has been out in the garden during a thunderstorm and was struck by lightning. Hardly surprising, he left a moment after this picture was taken.
On Monday, General Buzz Grunt comes visiting.
In the afternoon, Beatrice greets Deirdre Dreamer, another recent graduate who has moved back to New Maximiliania.
The garden is a total mess by now. Nobody seems to have any inclination to do something about it.
Much to my surprise, Deirdre starts to pull weeds on her own accord.
Jasmine has just come back from work. Deirdre's example must have spurned her on, because she starts to tackle the overgrown hedge.
She does not stop until late into the night, when urgent physical needs make her put the shears aside and go to her rooms.

Will anyone else join her in her efforts of getting the weeds under control? Who will be next to move in with the current four residents? Are Bea and Kevin going to take their close friendship to the next level, or will Kevin stay loyal to Delilah?


  1. It's a great round for Jasmine and she's very productive in the Senior Residence!
    I'm amazed how you are able to keep the portraits of Sims when they move. Every time I add one to an inventory and I move the Sim the picture appears on a wall as red and yellow stripes when I place it.

    1. Sometimes the portraits were lost after a move, but not always. I remember the Capp family's portraits; they were all gone after a move, sadly.

  2. its nice to see the originals aging up and to see their offspring and what they are up to. does gunner have a household? he should be getting elder soon i would think - many folk hat were young when he was have already aged.

    1. Sure, Gunnar lives in New Max like all the other Maxis-made Sims :-)
      Just click on the label "Roque" to find the chapters I wrote about him. Not sure now how much longer he has before turning into an elder, but we'll find out soon; his surname isn't so far away on the alphabatical list.

  3. I think Jasmine is too young for the senior residence household lol. But at least she has people t talk instead of being on her own.

    1. Well, she's the same age Beatrice Monty was when she arrived at the residence, and I think the O'Feefes were like that, too :-)
      I couldn't wait to get her out of the apartment lot! All she ever did there was talking to the NPC tenants, writing her diary and watching the fish!


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