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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Perseida Power's Freshman Year

We're at the beginning of another "year" at Pinenut Plaza Dorms on SSU campus.
Our newcomer is Perseida Powers, but oh my, look at the ugly outfit and wrong hairdo she age-transitioned into! I remember Sally Riley - she received the same hairstyle when she arrived at college, for no apparent reason.
Looking much more like her former self now, Perseida seems to be really pleased after a quick makeover.
The other studenst currently living here are Lance Landgraab (left), in his Junior Year; Nelson Newson (one of Ginger Newson's children), a Sophomore...
... Lance's twin sister Lilo Landgraab, acknowledging the newcomer (another half-sister, by the way; they share the same Alien father) but not yet sitting with her in the cafeteria...
...and Nelson's twin sister Nellie, plus Fenya Hart. Fenya is the only Senior here at the moment. She will graduate and leave at the end of this year - something I am actually looking forward to, as there is always a lot of fighting going on between the girls, and that should get better once she's gone.
How is Perseida going to fit in?
For now, it's all everyday business at the dorm. At the beginning of each year, the students work on their skills needed in order to make academic progress and write their term papers. Once this is done, they are mostly left to their own devices, except for making daily phone calls to friends and family back in New Max.
Yes, business as usual - Lilo and Fenya are still shoving and slapping each other every time their paths cross.
Perseida, I am pleased to report, gets along well with everyone. In fact, she already was best friends with Fenya before she arrived here.
And she is on her way to becoming friends with Lilo, too. By the way, on checking each students' relationship panel, I am reminded that Lilo now has 3 bolts with Prezioso Picaso - I think that happened while I was playing the Picaso brothers not that long ago.
Perseida makes more use of the phone than anyone else here. She is diligently working on her lifetime want of having 20 best friends, and today, Dora Dreamer becomes her # 14.
he discovers the exercise bike and stays on it for so long I expect her to pass out when she finally gets off. But she makes it to her bed just in time.
Poor Nelson is unwell for most of the semester.
But his frequent trips to the bathroom mean he comes across Perseida often... and there goes my theory about him possibly being gay.
Nellie is a Family Sim and wants to fall in love. There is no suitable man in her life right now, and she often appears a bit sad and lonely, missing that special someone.
Fenya and Lilo... *sigh* they are as bad as Cows and Llamas!
Some mornings, several students meet in one room, such as the Newson twins here in Lance's bedroom.
Last year, Nelson's attempts to mediate between the fighting girls was not successful. Now, Lance tries his best to convince Fenya and Lilo that they should not let whatever disagreement they may have had in the past keep raining on their relationship as half sisters.
Fenya seems to have listened only to half of Lance's points - true, Nellie is not related to her the way Lilo is, but that does not mean she should turn against her now!
The campus coach pays a visit. I wonder whom she targets this time.
"Young lady, stop stuffing yourself with unhealthy food such as sticky-sweet greasy pancakes - get off that chair instead and exercise!"
- "Can't you see I'm not well? I need all the maple syrup and grease I can get!"
Nellie is more compliant.
Fenya did work out for a bit in the end, though, and is still wearing her sports outfit when she returns from her end-of-term exam with the Landgraab twins.
The beginning of summer means several thunderstorms in a row, resulting in the tree being hit by lightning. We're spared another catastrophe like the ones in the past, though, when several students lost their lives in the flames. This time, the rain takes care of the fire quickly.
Perseida cleans the girls' shower room on her own initiative.
Nellie and Nelson successfully finish their term, too.
And Perseida has her first exam a few hours later. She's not well but her grades are very good nonetheless.
She finally decides on her Major: It is Drama. Plenty of that at this dorm, I think!
Ha-ha, very funny...!
Lilo becomes Perseida's best friend # 15. The two of them can often be seen giving each other a family kiss, something I wouldn't have expected from Lilo, the way she has been behaving towards other girls.
I finally remember to give the boys more summer-like outfits, too. The contents of the dorm's shared wardrobe aren't great, and often don't match, but I think they are students and should be making do with what they've got, not go and buy more fashionable outfits all the time.
Nellie and Lance enjoy a hula session with the cheerleader.
We have another couple that got together autonomously. Perseida and Nelson have two bolts, and I have no specific plans for them when it comes to the choice of a future partner, so they may just as well be an item now. Besides, Nelson is Perseida's best friend # 16 - only four to go to reach her LTW!
Some students definitely are more unreasonable in their behaviour than others. This time, it is Nellie who has a sponge bath in spite of the shower room with three showers being right next to her.
Afterwards, she can't wait for the dorm cook to serve a batch of burnt pancakes (one should think the man knows his job better after all those years!) but stuffs her face directly from the fridge instead.
Fenya, Lance and Lilo finish the second semester of this year. For Fenya, it was her very last exam ever - she has just graduated Summa Cum Laude in Literature.
For her graduation party, the family comes over: nieces Stephanie and Stacy Stacks, (adoptive) Mum Jane Hart (nee Stacks), (adoptive) sister Helena Stacks...
... (adoptive) Dad Matthew Hart, who arrives on his broomstick, and half-sister Hailey Hart.
Fenya is thrilled to be introduced to what will be the latest addition to the family, another nephew or niece for her.
Her nieces have a good look round the dorm. Maybe this will be where Stephanie and Stacy will stay if they decide to go to college.
After the party, the guests leave and Fenya waits for her taxi back to New Max, where she will start on working towards her LTW of reaching her Golden Anniversary - no man in her life at the moment, but that will hopefully change soon.
Perseida completes her Freshman Year.

Who is going to get Fenya's old room, and fill the other three rooms available here? How long until Perseida will reach her LTW? Is Lilo going to calm down, now that Fenya is gone?


  1. o i didnt know you were going over to uni so soon! hey i cant see her face that well, but Nellie seems to look just like mom - and I figured Nelson would prob be gay too - what a surprise.

    1. Well, it was Perseida's turn, after she only had one day at her family's household before going to uni.

      Nellie does indeed look very much like Ginger. She is very pretty, and I really like her hair.

  2. No more fighting, is it a relief or will they be no more action at the college?

    1. Works both ways, doesn't it? A bit of drama livens things up at the dorm, but the constant fighting was getting on my nerves a bit ;-)


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