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Friday, 15 January 2016

The Powers-Sharpe Household: Week 7

The Powers-Sharpe family have moved into what used to be the Grunts' original house a long time ago. Unlike most other Maxis-made houses, this one has the front door at one side of the lot...
...and the back door at the other side. Who lives here these days?
Perseida Powers, Jonah's half-Alien teenage daughter. She wants to have 20 best friends and is currently at 12.
Roxie Sharpe and Jonah Powers have been firm three-bolters ever since they've been at uni together. They are both 67 now, and both on Permanent Platinum, which means I rarely tell them what to do.
Roxie's younger brother Edwin Sharpe is still there, too. He is also on PermaPlat.
You can nearly always rely on Edwin to do the cleaning and tidying on his own accord, such as emptying the kitchen bin on this snowy Monday morning.
Just as he has closed the lid on the bin, Lavender Greenman walks by and is of course greeted.
Perseida makes her Best Friend # 13 during a phone conversation with Calendula Capp.
Early evening sees Roxie and Jonah autonomously starting a fun snowball fight. Lavender is not sure whether to join in or not; for now, she limits herself on ogling Jonah.
Tuesday is off to a great start for our lovebirds ;-)
Edwin, on the other hand, is a little lonely and reminisces the time at uni when Delilah O'Feefe was his girlfriend for a while. She later went on to marry Kevin Beare, and the two of them have not been in touch anymore.
Odell Ottomas comes home from school with Perseida today.
But she does not really have time for him, as she is leaving for college the same afternoon. We are going to catch up with her there next.

Bianca Capp gets off the limo from work with Edwin. But wait... isn't she dead? She is indeed, and turns into a ghost a moment after this picture was taken. A message informs me that she has died on another lot. This keeps happening every single day of Edwin's working week.
Wednesday morning sees Edwin cleaning up last night's dishes and leftover cake.
When Roxie and Jonah return from work that day, he decides to build a snowman, while Roxie watches him fondly.
The most remarkable thing about Thursday is that Roxie manages to pet the skunk without being sprayed. (Minutes earlier, Jonah tried to do the same and had good reasons for regretting his attempt!)
Lonely Edwin hides behind the newspaper.
And later, he retreats to his bedroom, where he just stares into space. Poor Edwin!
During the night, someone (I never saw who) kicked over the trash can. When Edwin and Jonah get up on Friday morning, they discover that they have a bug infestation.
Roxie greets Carolina Capp.
The clever girls gets a spray can out and deals with some of the bugs.
Roxie seems to be spurned on by Carolina's good example and does a tiny bit of housework.
Meanwhile, her little brother is far more efficient.
He even manages to put the trash can back up without me telling him to.
Saturday morning is the first and only time this week that someone actually plays with the model railway. Something I never noticed before: The streetlights are on when the set is played with during the dark!
Have a closer look: Even the lights on the train itself work!
Later, Edwin remembers the great invention of bug repellant.
A dog fight happens in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Stray Alabama (poodle) and Charlie (wolf) will certainly not become friends like that.
Gary Greenman walks by, and Edwin invites him to stop.
Nobody has taken care of the rose shrubs in the garden all week. Edwin starts with the best of intentions, but stops a short while later when a coughing fit distracts him.
Gary makes himself really useful by tackling the bugs again, while Roxie deals with the (once again) thrown over trash can.

The week was a bit boring after Perseida left for college. I did briefly think about moving the three edlerly Sims to the Senior Residence, but then I thought Jonah would probably like to welcome his daughter back after her graduation (if he lives long enough).
Roxie and Jonah are now 74, Edwin is 68. Will he remain single for the rest of his life?


  1. How weird about Bianca coming home with Edwin. He's so lonely he's bringing home ghosts now. Awww. Looks like he has a touch of the 'flu now from those pesky roaches.

    It will be nice for Persieda to return to her home after college. Looking forward to reading how she's settling in. :)

    1. She's doing great - I played her whole Freshman year this afternoon, and will write and upload the update tomorrow (can't do it now as I'm going to a party!).

  2. another skunk petting! i have got to get to the bottom of this! well i guess i dont have to have to. wonder whos knocking over the can? bugs!ugh!my sims would get so upset - i would try to get someone to clean them up before they got a chance to cry - but they cried anyway most times - only later.

    1. They kept interrupting other activities and cry over the bug infestation in this household, too. But as I am not controlling them most of the time, I leave it to them (and their intelligence...) to deal with the bugs - more or less successfully.

  3. Yes keep the elders at home, so Persieda can came home. I think if you have children that are coming back they should def stay in their own house.

    1. That is how I have so far decided on whom to move to the residence and whom to keep at home, exactly.


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