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Monday, 21 September 2015

The Jacquet Family: Week 6

It's been nearly 1 1/2 years (real time) since I've last played this house, but now we are back at the Jacquets' place.
Jacqueline turned into an adult at the end of the previous week. Her hairstyle has changed, but her lifetime want hasn't: She still wants to have 50 dream dates and had 13 when I last saw her.
Daisy Jacquet is now 69. Do you remember who she is? She was the original plantbaby Rose Greenman had when the game started. Later, she married Gilbert Jacquet and moved in with him and his mother Denise. Her LTW was to become Game Designer, something that was very difficult to do because her PlantSim needs suffered so much during the day at work. Her mother-in-law purchased a potion for her, and she's been fully human ever since. 12 days from Elderhood, she reached her goal and is now largely uncontrolled by me.
Both Denise and Gilbert have died some time ago.
On Monday, while it is still dark, Ramon Ramirez is seen sneaking up to the house. Is he out to steal something?!
No, don't worry. Last round, while they were still both teenagers, he and Jacqueline had several dream dates. Although they are not dating anymore, Ramon has not forgotten how much he enjoyed being with Jacqueline, and leaves a thank-you gift for her on the front porch.
Daisy gets up long before Jacqueline and decides to fly the kite.
Denise's ghost is roaming the grounds, as nearly every night. Her and her son's tombs are underneath the weeping willow in front of the house, but it is always only her ghost that appears, never Gilbert's. She does not come into the house all week.
Jacqueline looks after the large flowers beds while waiting for her next date to arrive.
Gallagher Newson is here, and they have Jacqueline's Dream Date # 14.
On Tuesday,Daisy is the first to get up once again.
Daisy's bedroom with en-suite bathroom is upstairs, while Jacqueline sleeps downstairs in what used to be Denise's room.
Gallagher is back for Dream Date # 15.
Jacqueline is very neat and often does house and garden work without anyone telling her.
Around midnight (so, technically, it is Wednesday now), Jacqueline wants to go to a community lot. She and Daisy take a taxi to Baliwood Star Lanes. In case you are not familiar with it: Originally, this is a community lot from "The Sims Life Stories" that someone has kindly converted for TS2.Twoyysforme has kindly sent me the file so that I was able to use it in New Maximiliania.
First, they buy coffee.
Then I leave Daisy to her own devices and try to fulfill a few wishes for Jacqueline, such as bowling. She is up against Lilith Ottomas (nee Pleasant) here.
A clear win!
Then she spots Gallagher near the pool table and is of course all over him. This wasn't planned, but a pleasant surprise!
These two are so very much in love! Funnily enough, at the start of the week, they have two bolts. When I checked again towards the end of the week, they were three-bolters!
Gallagher just loves to watch, no matter what Jacqueline does :-)
In the course of the day, the two of them have Dream Dates # 16 and 17. Gifts begin to accumulate on the front porch :-)
It is Thursday morning, and Daisy spends the early hours at her computer.
When Jacqueline gets up, the two ladies go on a hike but come back with a terrible itch caused by poison ivy.
Gallagher is back for yet another date, but apparently he is not too happy - he leaves before the date can turn from "good" to "great", let alone "dream".
He rings later, though, and asks Jaqueline to meet him downtown.
Just as her taxi arrives, Daisy returns from work too tired to get upstairs to her bed. She is, I must say, not taking care of herself all that well. Often, she plays the piano or soaks in the hot tub until nearly all her needs are red, but she still always goes to work when her car pool arrives.
Jacqueline and Gallagher meet at the Crypt-O-Night club.
Their date starts with a romantic dinner, and turns out to be Dream Date # 18.
Afterwards, Jaqueline has not been home long, when the phone rings and Gallagher asks her for another outing. Has that ever happened in your game? Two invitations for going out in one night?
Jacqueline is neither tired nor hungry, so she agrees to meet Gallagher at "Midnight Flows".
I probably have played this Maxis-made community lot before, but can't remember, so it was like new for me. The two lovebirds sing a duet as part of their Dream Date # 19.
After them, Cornwall Capp grabs the mic. Who would have thought he has such Rock Star qualities :-)
Back home, Daisy meets Denise.
And Gallagher leaves a DJ booth on the front porch.
Friday is off to something of an unpleasant start when the downstairs toilet clogs up.
But Jacqueline makes up for that by having Dream Date # 20 with Gallagher. Humour is so important in a relationship, don't you agree!
Later, it is once again Gallagher on the phone to invite Jacqueline on an outing.
This time, they meet at Maple Springs pool and spa, another Maxis-made community lot I am not familiar with.
Soaking in the hot tub together makes sure this becomes their Dream Date # 21.
Someone's watching...!
Mrs. Crumplebottom has a go at the young couple - not for what they've been doing in the hot tub, but because apparently they were dressed inappropriately! "You should be ashamed for not wearing red trunks, young man! And as for you, young lady - haven't you ever heard of green swim suits?!"
Gallagher's gifts become bigger every time. Now we have reached the stage where he leaves a dance sphere on the porch.
On Saturday, the Jacquet ladies invite their relatives over: Daisy's relatives, to be precise.
Her father Jason Greenman (not her father biologically) and one of her brothers sit with her and Jacqueline at the kitchen counter for some delicious cake.
This is one of only two or three houses without a dining table, and so the rest of the family - Rose Greenman with daughter Lavender and son-in-law Geoff (formerly Rutherford) take their plates to the settee.
Brothers-in-law Gary and Geoff go out for a snowball fight. Don't you love such gatherings, it is fun to watch what everyone does.
Jacqueline has a gift for her "grandma" Rose.
Later, she and Gallagher meet at the 1-25 Café and have her Dream Date # 22 there.
On Sunday, Jacqueline is not well, which makes it difficult to go ahead with her next date. Nearly everything I tell her to do is interrupted by coughing and sneezing fits. Very annoying! But they still manage to have Dream Date # 23.
The week ends with Daisy making pork chops on her own accord.
Will Gallagher and Jacqueline roll wishes for marriage when spring comes round? Where are they going to live - this house or one of the Newsons' place? How much longer is Daisy going to be around?


  1. Jacqueline & Gallagher make a nice couple I think. She's doing well towards her LTW and I love all the dating and visiting community lots that we've seen this week. They looked like they had fun at Baliwood Star Lanes!
    It's also nice to see the standard of Gifts rising with each date.
    I have seen calls for dates come very quickly after each other sometimes too and you can often fit a few in a day if each party is in a good enough mood.

    Daisy seems happy in the house doing her own thing and it's nice to see her family visiting. :)

    1. I was surprised to see them go from 2 to 3 bolts without me having changed anything about their looks or skills!
      It was nice to visit all those community lots, and gave all the other New Maximilianians a chance to interact as well, without me controlling them :-)

  2. The bolts sometimes just changes where they are or what they are wearing. I have had a three bolt couple go down to two and the other way around. I like to see new lots too.

    1. Yes, I've observed the bolts changing when, for instance, the attraction was for wearing underwear or swim wear or formal wear, but then reverted back once they were back in everyday clothes. This time was different, though.

  3. Hey! Sorry I'm late to the party. I had always wondered if bolts could change. I think in one of the other stories, someone changed their hair color but they only got 1 bolt or something. They seem nice for each other. I really like the Newsons I play them everytime such good kids and good looking too.I bet Jacqueline will get to her goal in no time.I noticed you say it was 1 1/2 yrs since last play for this house. Is that because so many sims? When I start it will be about 100 or even 200 because of cc just wondering.

    1. I've often had bolts changing, mostly I understood it had something to do with the Sims' turn-ons and turn-offs. For instance when a Sim has "formal wear" as their turn-on, they may get more bolts with a Sim while that Sim is dressed formally, and change back to what it was when the Sim changes back into everyway clothes.

      Yes, my rounds usually are more than one year long because of the number of households, but also because every now and then, I like to play TS3 (especially the travel adventures in France and Egypt) and take a break from TS2. Also, I played TS4 for a while some time ago. But I always return to New Maximiliania!


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