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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fenya Hart's First Year at University

Hello and welcome to Fenya Hart's first year at uni! She has only just arrived at the dorm and has not chosen her room yet. Who are the other students here at the moment?
Twins Gesine (left) and Gerlinde (right) Gavigan, Deirdre Dreamer (middle)...
...and Sirius Swain, the only surviving of the three Swain children. His half-siblings, the twins Melrose and Myra Moonbeam (Moonbeam being the maiden name of their mother, Blossom Moonbeam), sadly died in a fire at another dorm here, as you may remember.

Sirius is a Senior, Deirdre a Junior, and the Gavigan girls are Sophomores.
Fenya goes about her duties with the diligence of most newcomers and finishes her term paper before even knowing what major she will choose.
Deirdre is happy to have another green-skinned girl live in the dorm. "Now there's two of us here," she exclaims over breakfast in the cafeteria.
Gesine is all for keeping fit: Nobody uses the exercise bike more often than she. (You know how I play my students - I only control them until they have acquired the necessary skills and written their term papers. After that, all I do is to make them make one phone call to a friend back home every day. So most of what you will see happening this week was not planned!)
Timothy Knight is one of the NPC students sharing the dorm with my New Maximilianians. Apparently, he got friendly enough with Deirdre to share her bed! So far, that's all they are - friends.
The next day, he is disappointed to find that he can't sit with Deirdre at breakfast - the other chair at her table is already taken by newcomer Fenya.
Speaking of Fenya, she frequently cleans and tidies without anybody asking her to - she's even been seen going into Sirius' room to make his bed.
Later the same day, I catch Deirdre jumping into Timothy's arms. That looks like more than friendship now!
For some reason, Gesine has developed a hearty dislike for poor Sirius. Whenever she spots him, she pokes and shoves him.
Her sister, Gerlinde, is much friendlier and helpful.
Sirius starts his very last semester today!
In the cafeteria, a fight has broken out between a cheerleader and a Cow Mascot. The campus coach turns her back on this ugly scene.
The girls have finished their semester, too.
Fenya finally decides that she wants to declare her Major in Literature.
Deirdre, who is just a tiny bit overweight, has to acquire a body skill this semester. She absolutely hates every minute of it and keeps moaning and complaining while she is on the exercise bike.
But she is rather pleased with the result herself!
Although she often shows signs of repulsion when Timothy Knight is near (he is not the most hygienic of guys), she has fallen in love with him.
Well, I let her go ahead with it for the time being. A college sweetheart is alright, but there won't come anything of it once she graduates. It would be different if they were 3-bolters, which is not the case.
Sirius has discovered the exercise bike, too, and I almost fear for his life - he does not get off it until his bladder, energy and hygiene levels are all deep red.
Gerlinde is next - I wonder why all of a sudden this piece of equipment has become so popular?
Sirius decides it is time to hit back (at least verbally) when Gesine has one of her regular attacks at him.
He even waits for her to finish a game of SSX. Look at his face!
This is taking things a bit far, don't you think?
Fenya doesn't know why these two can't get along. She likes Gesine enough to be already best friends with her.
But Sirius is not Gesine's only enemy. She does not particularly like Deirdre, either.
Deirdre is not shy and does not allow Gesine to treat her like that for long.
A fight ensues!
Gesine wins... and the cheerleader is reminded of the fight she recently had with the Cow Mascot.
"Wanna be next, huh?!" she snaps at Sirius.
But Sirius does not stand a chance against Gesine any more than Deirdre. Strangely enough, Gesine's twin sister Gerlinde rather likes the young man.
"Don't worry, Sirius, you'll soon graduate and can leave everything behind you, my sister included," she tries to cheer him up when she finds him later in ther cafeteria, crying over his pancakes.
"You are so sweet, you know! I honestly don't know what's gotten into my sis.."
- "Thank you, Gerlinde, you've really managed to cheer me up."
Sirius graduates Summa Cum Laude in Arts.
His graduation party includes his parents Blossom (the lady he is just greeting) and Erik (not pictured) as well as friends and half-siblings: Lance Landgraab, Ramon Ramirez, Dora Dreamer and Nigel Newson. Gesine pretends nothing has happened and joins the party, too.
Dora can't wait to start at uni herself; she is happy to have a chance to see the dorm before she'll move here eventually.
There is always time for one last school cheer with Nigel, who is all nostalgic about revisiting uni.
Then it is time for Sirius to say good-bye to everyone at the dorm, including Mr. Ngai, the cook.
He gets into the taxi and is soon on his way back to New Max.
There, he will start working on his Lifetime Want (Celebrity Chef) - but he will need to have six children if his parents are ever to reach their LTWs.
There are a few hours to spare between Sirius' graduation party and the girls' end-of-year exams. How better to spend them than by exercising under the watchful eyes of the campus coach!
Everyone has done well with their exams, and Fenya is happy that her first year has gone the way it did. Now that Sirius has gone, it seems Gesine is focusing more on Deirdre. What is it with this girl?

Who will join the four girls here next?


  1. Hopefully some young adult men to stop Gesine picking on everybody. Maybe Gesine is just one of those people who likes to hurt people and is just mainly grumpy.

    1. It's a shame, because she never struck me as such a grumpy, agressive person before. And that does not match her counterpart in real life (my sister, whose name is Gesine) at all, either!
      You're right, maybe she'll calm down when Mr. Right will come along one fine day :-)

    2. Maybe theres something we overlooked. I guess it will come out why shes that way. Isnt there some character trait they can carry to dislike aliens? Maybe she has that.

    3. Oh! I never thought of that, but this sounds like a good explanation, I think you're right. Will definitely check this next time I play the students household!

  2. A bit of conflict always makes for an interesting storyline. ;)
    I have 2 dormies who are constantly fighting at the moment and the residents often stop to 'take sides'. :D
    I guess Deirdre and Gesine are destined to not get along.
    Fenya has settled in well to Uni life and congrats to Sirius for his graduation.
    I recall the exercise cycle does drain the users motives, they must be so addicted to it they can't stop themselves! :)

    1. It certainly did make things interesting!
      I found it amazing how all of a sudden everyone wanted to use the exercise bike - when there were several more objects nearby with a higher "fun" factor, such as the huge telly in the common room, or the computers downstairs.


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