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Friday, 11 September 2015

Hailey Hart: Week 1

Hailey Hart has recently graduated Magna Cum Laude in Arts and has moved back to New Maximiliania. While she wouldn't have had a problem moving back in with her Dad, Matthew Hart, her step mum Jane, her half-sister Helena and her nieces Stacy and Stephanie plus recently arrived cousin Frances, that house is bursting at the seams already. Therefore, Hailey has bought a little place of her own. This will also make it easier for her to pursue her lifetime want of having 20 loves - one does not always want one's family around, does one?
This is the modest place she was just about able to afford.
It has come empty, not even a phone has been installed.
But Hailey quickly gets the basic items and, thanks to IKEA, still has over 8.000 Simoleons left. She knows that won't last forever, and she will need some more stuff in the future, at the same time not wanting a job. So she'll better be careful not to spend too much money in one go.
On this Monday, Malcolm Landgraab walks by and happens not only to become Hailey's Love # 3, but also...
...the first man she approaches about children. "I need one or two babies to help my parents with their lifetime wants," she explains. Malcolm, who married Castanea (one of Tybalt Capp's plantchildren) and has two half-Alien children himself, twins Lance and Lilo, understands. He does not want to leave his own family, but that's not what Hailey is asking.
Later, the welcome committee arrives - and they are very welcome indeed when Hailey realizes that there are two more potential candidates for her LTW: Isaiah Capp and Gunnar Roque, who happens to be another 3-bolt-man for her (Ripp Grunt being her first one).
That's how Hailey loves life - three men obviously smitten with her!
On Tuesday morning, she puts on her pink bathrobe and is just about to get the paper in when Heather Huffington comes running up on the back porch and steals it.
This happens a few times this week. Apparently Heather is still very jealous of Hailey - after all, until this green-skinned woman turned up, Heather saw it as certain that she and Ripp would eventually get together for good.
For now, Hailey works on another one of her male friends. Nigel Newson becomes her Love # 4.
Yesterday's encounter with Malcolm has had the desired result.
It takes Hailey until Wednesday to take out Tuesday's bills, she is so busy with working on her friendships (and more).
Prezioso Picaso seems a bit skeptical about getting closer to a pregnant lady, but he becomes Hailey's Love # 5 that same day. She has now reached 1/4 of her LTW.
On Thursday morning, her fun level is so far down she starts juggling bottles in desperation.
Out of the blue, the gypsy lady appears and leaves her famous magic lamp.
At first, Hailey doesn't notice it, she is so busy trying to keep her small household in order.
She has a particular good reason for cleaning today: Friends and family are about to arrive. Here are Parvati Patel, a friend from from her university days, Martina Martin, half-sister and also a uni friend, Fenya, adoptive sister...
...and of course her parents and older sister Helena.
"So this is your new place, Hailey... When will one of your gentlemen friends move in with you?" Martina asks.
Hailey gives no answer, because she enters labour.
Look at Jane's face - she is over the moon to see another grandchild (her fourth out of the desired six) being born!
Welcome to New Maximiliania, little Harry!
If Hailey wants to survive and keep her sanity, she will have to upgrade some of her basic furniture and buy everything her baby needs. It is therefore time to sell the computer still in the parcel.
Next, she summons the genie.
Of course, she wishes for wealth, and is soon 10.000 Simoleons richer.
It is Friday morning and Hailey is on her way to the fridge to get a bottle for Harry. The mess of yesterday's visiting friends and family is still there.
Once Harry is fed and peacefully asleep in his crib, Hailey sets up a living room corner with a TV to help with her fun level which always goes down extremely fast.
A larger table, more comfortable chairs and a better fridge and stove are also bought.
Harry's crib and changing table had to be bought, too, and Hailey spent some money on a more comfortable bed for herself as well.
Ripp Grunt, her first 3-bolt-love, comes visiting on his own accord just as Hailey has invited Isaiah Capp over.
And to make it a quartet, Chaz Whippler walks by and is invited in, too. He is another 3-bolt-man for Hailey! This is the first time they ever meet, but I assure you, it won't be the last time ;-)
"Is he mine, I wonder...?" Ripp doesn't know, because Hailey has not told anyone who Harry's father is.
While Ripp is here, Hailey does not start anything flirty with Isaiah or Chaz, but simply serves dinner and demurely focuses on her plate.
To cheer herself up (and possibly get pregnant again), she later invites Ripp to test her new bed. But the jingle doesn't sound, and Ripp won't become a father anytime soon.
After Ripp and Chaz have left, Hailey can finally make her move on Isaiah.
On Saturday morning, in between feeding little Harry and herself and cleaning the house, Hailey just about manages to snatch a quick bath.
She has invited over all her family. Well, not all - in that case, she'd have to invite the 22 half-siblings dotted around New Maximiliania, all of whom have the same Alien father!
Her big sis Helena is an experienced mother and immediately proceeds to give her little nephew his bottle.
Meanwhile, Isiah has just become the 6th name on Hailey's list. If you remember, he is originally a Gavigan, but married one of the Capp daughters and has children with her.
The reason why Hailey has invited over her family again becomes apparent: She wants them to be here for Harry's birthday.
Isaiah knows full well Harry is not his, but he loves kids, and so he sits down with the little boy for a game of peek-a-boo.
Early on Sunday morning, what shouldn't be happening to this household happens: A burglar sneaks up to the house.
She is welcome to take the broken telly...
...but what does she take here? The dirty dishes? That would actually be nice!
No, it's of course the chairs she was after. All four are gone by the time Hailey wakes up.
She is in desperate need of some cheering up after this, and Isaiah is willing to help.
Poor Hailey! She is pregnant again (this time the father is Isaiah), hungry, needs a bath and the toilet... and she is so tired that she falls asleep in her bowl of chili.
Isaiah knows what it's like for a pregnant woman and toddlers int he house, having experienced the situation with his wife and his sister-in-law, and without Hailey - or me - telling him what to do, he gives Harry a badly needed bath...
...and later puts him to bed. Poor Hailey, he probably thinks; she took a larger bite than she can swallow.

How is Hailey going to cope for the rest of her pregnancy, and once her second baby is born? Will she ask one of her gentleman friends to move in and share in the task of raising her children? Or is she only going to settle with one man after she has fulfilled her LTW?

Thanks to the earnings of their Rock Goddess daughter Helena, Hailey's parents have some money now. Harry's father Malcolm Landgraab is a very rich man. Will they contribute financially to ensure the wellbeing of their grandchildren and son?


  1. I think once she has finished her ltw which sometimes can take a while, while romancing loads of men, and she will soon have two children to look after. They could proceed giving money to their daughter, While wait to her parents to die to have some money. Lovely read.

    1. Thank you, peachy!
      I hope Jane and Matthew will live long enough to see Hailey's second child being born. The way she's been during the first part of this second pregancy, I wouldn't be surprised if it were twins... that would make their LTW come true instantly, and Fenya would not have to have a baby, too.

  2. Hailey is having a great week in her new home. She's doing well towards her LTW so far.
    I like that she is also thinking of her parents' LTW by having children too. It makes it a tougher week but we do like the challenge don't we?!
    Isaiah was a great help bathing and putting Harry to bed, what a guest! :)

    1. Isaiah's help really came as a surprise - he's not even remotely related to Hailey or her son! But it seemed fitting that he'd know what to do, having lived in a household with babies and toddlers and pregnant women for "years" :-)
      It was a tough week for Hailey, but as you say, we do like the challenge!

  3. Whoa, 20 Loves is a very difficult LTW (the hardest one, at least to me), especially with no mods. Hailey is going to have her hands full with that, plus two kids! But you know, it's nice that she's thinking of her parents' dreams as well as her own.

    1. The "good" thing about the 20 Loves LTW is that they don't actually have to woohoo, which saves quite a lot of time ;-) It is enough for them to have the "red hearts" in love status (and not just the pink hearts).
      Seeing as Hailey really only has children for her parents' sake - and not because it is her own wish -, I think it is only fair if they help out a bit financially, and make her life a little easier.

  4. Great story as always! It does always surprise me too when sims that don't seem connected to a family just pitch in to help.In the past hen I've played Isaiah he was family so he always helped in that way also. I love to play the Gavigans' because their kids are cute and I name them all biblical names :) - ok my question...
    - so whenever I have an alien/sim mate the child is always alien even before I learned how to cheat and use cc;since you dont do either, how did you get a normal kid from Hailey?

    1. Thank you!
      I've not done anything to influence what Hailey's child looks like. Maybe his father's (Malcolm Landgraab) genes are so strong :-) Also, Hailey herself is only half-Alien and has a rather "human" look about her, apart from the skintone.

  5. I think its cool that she had a normal baby! Im going back to my 4th grade bio and the dominant/recessive and carried traits possibility during my planning so I guess Hailey's human trait and Malcolm's very strong traits combined. Yep my sim would just have alien after alien even with 10 kids! I could only get a normal one in create a sim when I change the skin color to match the normal parent myself. How I would dream of a mixed up family.

    1. Usually, I don't change anything (except for maybe the hairstyle) on a Sim but let "nature" run its course in my game. But I always feel sorry for those Sims of Alien descendance who do not have a nose, and so I allow them to use the cosmetic surgery career rewards object if they manage to get their hands on one.


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