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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Justin Kim: Week 2

For Jusin's first week back in New Maximiliania after graduating from uni, simply go to the "Kim" label and scroll down to the next post.

Ever since Justin's graduation, he has been living in this modest Downtown home. All of last week, he has not been successful in securing himself a job in the athletic career. But his lifetime want is to become Hall of Famer, and so he insists on this career path. Currently, he only has 491 Simoleons to his name. There are no 3-bolt-ladies in his relationship panel, but he is engaged to Cherry Capp (I suppose this happened when I played Tybalt Capp's household - Cherry is one of his plantchildren).
Maybe you remember how during the previous round, Justin made contact with his "Uncle" Alec and befriended him. Both Justin's parents died in a house fire shortly after he left for uni, and so I thought it would be nice for him to have family living in New Max again - Alec Kim is of course a townie, but having the same surname as a playable qualifies him for citizenship :-)Last week, Uncle Alec would happily visit his nephew, but declined his invitation to move in every time. He spent the weekend, though, and for lack of funds, the two of them had to sleep in the same bed.
You can tell there isn't much money in this household by how plain and empty the living room looks. But on this Monday morning, Justin finally finds a job - he'll start as an All Star today.
With his first earned money, he buys wallpaper for the living room...
... the bathroom and most other rooms, and has some money left over to have the outside walls of his humble house renovated, too.[All the new walls and floors you will see in this chapter are from "The Sims Life Stories", thanks to Twoyysforme who kindly sent me the files.]
On Tuesday, Uncle Alec is back for another visit.
And this time, he finally decides to accept his nephew's invitation and moves in! He brings an astonishing 12k Simoleons with him. At 54 years old, he works currently as Deep Sea Excavator but would have loved to become General - sadly, that's too late now.
Still, he quits his job immediately and will now focus on fulfilling the daily wishes matching his Popularity aspiration. His money allows for a good make-over of the house, still leaving the Kims with more than 8k on their account. Doesn't the place look much better now?
New dining table and chairs...
...Uncle Alec's bedroom...
...Justin's bedroom.
Justin wants to buy new clothes, and the two of them head to the "Frippery Frock".
Upon meeting Ana Patel, Justin discovers he has 3 bolts for her! But the age difference is big, plus she is happily married to Ramir - sorry, Justin, you better stick to the lady you are engaged to.
Alec's daily wishes very much revolve around making friends. When Justin is at work, he invites some of the Sims he has met at the clothes shop over: Björn Summerdream (son of Loki Beaker and husband of Bottom Summerdream), Erik Swain and Sally Riley.
They stay for dinner, when Justin joins them after he's had a quick after-work nap.
Wednesday morning sees Alec up early, chatting online.
When the computer breaks down, I have him repair it... with consequences :-)
Justin makes use of his day off by acquiring more body skill points.
In the afternoon, Frances J. Worthington walks by and is greeted by Alec.
It is Thursday morning, and as usual, Alec is the first to be up and about.
Justin reads the sports section of the newspaper to prepare for his day at work. (He decided to do that on his own.)
Being in the know about the latest facts on sports has paid off - he comes home with a promotion to MVP, just as the first snow flakes begin to fall.
He rolls the wish to invite his old friend Isaiah Capp (formerly Gavigan). Isaiah, his wife Ariel and son Caleb come over.
It is nice for uncle Alec to meet his nephew's friends, too. They seem to be delighted with the delicious scent of Justin's Christmas cookies :-)
When Zoe Zimmermann happens to walk past, she is asked to join in, too.
Alec's other acquaintances, Erik Swain, Frances J. Worthington, Björn Summerdream and Ana Patel, are also invited. A Sim reading a book while walking is something I don't get to see very often in my game!
By now the Capps have left, and Alec's party is in full swing.
Fire crackers are lit...
...and sparklers.
Then it is midnight, and Father Time appears.
The New Year celebration goes on for another hour, then everybody heads home and the Kims go to bed.
The first thing Alec does in the new year is to mop the bathroom floor on this Friday morning.
Justin comes home from work... not with a promotion, although it looks like it, but with the want to kiss and flirt.
Time to invite Cherry over!
On Saturday, he maxes out his body skill.
Out of the blue, when he was just sitting at the computer, looking something up on the Simternet, Alec attacks his nephew!!!
Of course, the elderly man has no chance against a super-fit young man with full body skill, and for a moment I think Alec is going to pack up and leave. What happened here? Look at Alec's thought bubble - he feels "cheated" out of his nephew's affection by Cherry!
Oh dear, what shall I do now? I don't want to lose my only relative, but I want to marry Cherry... Justin thinks.
{What really happened here is this: When on Monday morning I told Justin to "say goodbye" to Alec - so that he could invite him over again and ask him to move in -, very much to my surprise and horror, Justin did so with a kiss!!! There were pink hearts between Alec and Justin all week, but I so did NOT want that - they were supposed to be nephew and uncle, not lovers! So I pretend simply that Uncle Alec is not happy about a young woman moving in with them; he thought he'd have his nephew all to himself for his old age.]
When Justin is at work, Alec meets and greets Guy Wrightley.
A promotion to Superstar means the day was not all bad for Justin, in spite of its unpleasant start.
He is glad when Carla Reamon rings and asks him to meet her and a group of friends downtown. Anything but to be alone in the house with Uncle Alec! But the outing is not quite as good as he thought... there are only elderly people in the group, and he does not feel all that happy going to a night club without his fiancee.
Sunday is a bright sunny spring day, and Justin gets into a new outfit. He feeds his koi carp while waiting for his car pool.
You can tell Alec is NOT looking forward to Cherry's visit, planned for later that day!
Justin has been promoted to Assistant Coach. That's not all that far away from reaching his LTW.
Cherry arrives at the same time as the Gypsy lady. Why has Justin called her? Certainly not because he wants her to set up a date for him!
No, he buys a mysterious little bottle from her. You can guess what it is, can't you :-)
In the house, Alec has decided to show some goodwill and attempts to make dinner - with disastrous consequences.
Soon, the kitchen is ablaze.
Everything is on fire, but so far, none of the Sims has been touched by the flames.
When Alec starts burning, a very brave Cherry plunges right in to save him.
But it is too late. The flames, satisfied by having claimed a life, die out. Alec is no more.
The kitchen is now empty except for piles of ashes and Alec's urn, which is transported to the cemetery. Cherry left; she was parched and was in urgent need of water after her heroic - although failed - deed.
Now that there is no fridge anymore, and a new one can't be put up until the ashes are swept, Justin has no choice but to order food if he does not want to starve to death. Sunday night ends with him eating a lone Chinese takeaway.
Poor Alec! I did not expect things to turn out this way. Instead, I was hoping for him to find a lady to love, and to come to terms with Jusin getting married and Cherry moving in with them. After that fight, Justin soon lost his furiousness with his uncle, but Alec held his grudge for the rest of the week.
So far, I have not come across another townie with the surname Kim. If I do, you know I'll give it another try!


  1. First of all, great job with the redecoration! The house looks lovely. :)

    Oh poor Justin losing Uncle Alec just after he moved in. That was one bug that always annoyed me how 'friends' fell in love with each other so much.
    Still, hopefully next round Cherry will move in and Justin won't be alone anymore.

    1. Thank you :-) It was great fun browsing all the new walls and floors and decide on what to use in each room.
      Yes, poor Justin... don't know when/if he and Cherry will get married, but they definitely both showed the want during their date earlier in the week.

  2. How dear that was another quick relative to die. It must have brought back memories for Justin didn't his family die in a fire too.

    1. That's right, Justin's parents died in a fire, but Justin was at college at that time and never saw it happening. I am still thinking about him getting their old cat and dog back from the animal shelter...

  3. Well about the kiss - I guess that goes to show you theres dysfunction in every family! I like your idea of making sims with same last name family. I gues the prob would be when a situation arises like the one between alec and justin

    1. I never expected that and really didn't like it one bit, it was not part of the plan... the problem was solved in a sad manner, though!


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