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Friday, 18 September 2015

The Indie-Smith Household: Week 7

One of the Maxis-made houses I have always liked is the Smiths' house. Of course, we have not yet reached the letter "S" on my alphabetical list, but Smith is not the only surname at this household:
Jill's surname has been Indie ever since she married Mitch Indie. Sadly, Mitch died in a fire, and widowhood made Jill want to change her life completely. She did that by (without me doing anything) switching her lifetime want from becoming General to having 20 Lovers.
Her brother Johnny is actually the only Smith still living here. Their parents have died peacefully of old age long ago. Johnny reached his LTW of becoming Mayor when he was 13 days from Elderhood and has been treated by me almost like an NPC ever since.
Maybe you remember that he had a love affair with a vampire lady? While he was a vampire himself, he died through exposure to the sun. But an exception was made for him and he was resurrected, which resulted in him now being one "year" younger than Jill, his little sister.
At present, Johnny is unattached.
Jill's stepdaughter Isabella Indie is the youngest household member. She is a Pleasure Sim with the LTW of becoming Professional Party Guest and is one of the few Sims born in my game who did not go to university. She currently works as a Convenience Store Clerk and has no love interest.
Seeing that her brother and her stepdaughter are not romantically involved, Jill makes up for that by romancing all week. On Monday, Björn Summerdream (son of Loki Beaker and married to Bottom Summerdream) becomes her 10th lover - that's half way through her LTW.
She always has several relationships to work on. Clover Newson - ex-Plantchild of Tybalt Capp and husband of one of the Newson girls - is her next prospect.
Jill and Isabella get along very well most of the time. Only when Jill has a male visitor to "work" on, Isabella reacts with distress. She probably would prefer if Jill never looked at another man again after her Dad.
It is autumn, and Jill lights the fire in the den for the first time this season.
Isabella invites her closest friends over. Here she is having a pillow fight with Meike Riley.
Later, her half-sister Perseida Powers (half-Alien daughter of Joshua Powers) comes over for a game of kicky bag. The Mayor joins in :-)
On Tuesday, Johnny is ill but goes to work nonetheless.
Jill spends some time playing SSX.
After a busy day at his town hall office, Johnny enjoys some quiet time in his room.
On Wednesday morning, Isabella wakes Johnny by playing The Sims on his computer.
Brother and sister have breakfast together.
Isabella comes home from work with a promotion to Record Store Clerk.
Lots of PlantSims and one Robot come visiting when Jill invites Tybalt Capp's household over.
Thursday morning sees Jill again feeling a little cold and lighting the fire in the den.
Isabella rolls the wish to buy new clothes, and I send her to this community lot.
She buys several outfits well suited for the cold season.
Friday sees Johnny resting on his bed. Going to work while he was ill wasn't a very good idea.
In spite of this, he cleans the upstairs bathroom on his own accord.
Jill greets Erin Singles.
Isabella makes Christmas cookies. Every day, Jill rings at least three Sims: two she currently works on, and one to make sure the established relationship does not suffer.
Today, Frances J. Worthington walks by and is invited in.
Isabella's half-sister Perseida has been swimming in the pool and looks therefore a bit out of place eating Christmas cookies in her bathing suit :-)
Saturday morning, Johnny goes for an early swim. Good job the pool is heated!
Jill invites Garrett Newson over. She has been talking to him on the phone all week.
Isabella is promoted to Party DJ.
Some flirting and kissing later, Jill makes Garrett her Lover # 11.
Very early on Sunday morning, Isabella returns from work as a Projectionist.
The computer needs repairing, and she needs more mechanical skill points - so, no repair service is called.
For some time now, Jill has been in touch with a distant relative, Matthew Smith. He is one of two townies having the same surname as the Smith family. (The other townie is, incidentally, another Jill Smith.) Today, he comes visiting for the first time.
This family reunion of sorts calls for champagne!
At 6.00 pm that Sunday afternoon, Jill becomes an Elder.

Who will be the remaining 9 names on her list of lovers?
Is Johnny ever going to fall in love again, or will he roll wants for the Contessa?
How about Isabella, will someone capture her interest when spring comes round?
Is Matthew Smith going to join his relatives in New Maximiliania?


  1. you adding more people to New Maximiliania, and townies too. Even if their have the same surname too. At least this one is an elder and looks like he could be a lost or distant relative. I think when it is spring their roll romantic wants for people or even just dates.

    1. Only townies with the same surnames as the playable ones are going to be added; New Maximiliania's population has shrunk considerably with so many elderly Sims having died and births only happening when it is necessary for a LTW or after an Alien abduction.
      Yes, spring usually brings on a flurry of romantic wishes :-)

  2. I've always loved the Strangetown families and The Smith's are my second favourites (after the Curious Bros!),
    Johnny always got married in my game and I wonder if he will in yours? Jill is doing well toward her LTW.
    Isabella is a pretty Sim, I do love aliens. I wonder if she'll roll any romantic wishes. Do your Sims date much? That often helps roll those desires. :)
    I also like the idea of Matthew Smith joining the family, it adds a nice note of interest to the game if you aren't too overpopulated.

    1. Isabella is pretty now that she has a nose ;-)
      My Sims only date if it is their wish and they are not on PermaPlat already... Johnny has not shown any wish to date this round, he only wanted to be friends with the visitors to the house this week.
      Matthew and maybe two or three other townies with the same surnames as resident families will introduce some "fresh blood" to the neighbourhood; many names have alaready died out so I feel it is OK to add a handful of new inhabitants.

  3. I have never seen Jill all grown up! In your game, did Johnny ever get together with that Nigmos girl? I have not gotten caught up yet. Hey and thanks for my weekly fix. You know I was looking for it :-)

    1. Hmm... not sure about Johnny and Ophelia Nigmos... they may have had a date at some stage, because Ophelia needed it for her LTW, but I can't tell without checking Ophelia's notes.
      You are welcome, I am glad you so enjoy my stories from New Maximiliania!

    2. It took 7 Years to get Jill from Child to Elder?!

    3. Seven years in real life, yes. In Sim-years, nothing out of the ordinary. If you look at other Sims who were kids when the game began, it took the same time for them.
      Of course, my way of playing households according to the alphabetical order of surnames means some houesholds are played twice or more in one round, such as the Cho-Riley household. The Smiths had no other surname in their household most of the time, and so they were played only once a round.


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