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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Heather Huffington - Week 3

This small but cheerful yellow house belongs to...
...Heather Huffington, who has been living here ever since she graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics. Towards the end of the last round she made her lifetime want come true when she became a Rock Goddess. I now control her only occasionally.

Monday morning starts with her feeling decidedly off peak. The flu, colds and mysterious diseases will stay with her for nearly the entire week.
She spends some time playing The Sims 3.
Later, she practices for her next concert.
In the evening, Pauline Aspir walks by.
"Isn't it so much nicer to have company for a meal," Pauline remarks. Heather isn't so sure that Pauline is the kind of company she'd always like to have around.
Maybe you remember that her one true love (and 3-bolt-man) is Ripp Grunt. But Ripp still has not reached his LTW of having woohoo with 20 different Sims, and Heather knows she can't expect him to settle down with her before that.
Tuesday is Bills Day, as with every household in New Maximiliania.
Heather is not the neatest of Sims; only now, Tuesday lunch time, does she clear the table of last night's dirty dishes.
Shaun Singles walks by and is cordially greeted.
Then Heather is off to work.
On Wednesday morning, she has a bath. Love is quite often on her mind, but so far, she has not rolled any wants about Ripp.
She does, however, roll the want to woohoo - and Ripp is her preferred candidate for that. She invites him over, and to my surprise, he immediately starts on some badly needed yard work for Heather. That is not what she had in mind when she rang him, but she is grateful nonetheless.
After about five attempts - every time I tried to click on "woohoo" when they were both on the bed, one of them got up for a lengthy coughing sesssion - Heather's wish is fulfilled.
Later, Lance Landgraab (one of Malcolm Landgraab's twins) walks by.
On Thursday, Heather wants to buy a synthesizer. As I said, I rarely control her, but this is a wish I have seen very rarely (maybe the second time ever) in my game, and so I let her have one.
Tara Gieke is Heather's guest for today.
This was, of course, done on her own accord.
She is definitely not a neat freak, but she has not left dirty dishes around for long anymore.
Although the toilet and the bathtub could really do with a good scrub, Heather limits her bathroom cleaning to mopping up the puddle she caused earlier.
Friday is off to a firey start when lightning hits the palm tree in front of the house - but just as Heather comes running out, the rain puts out the flames. (Honestly, I was not disappointed!)
Mercutio Ottomas (formerly Monty) walks by.
Very early on Saturday morning, a burglar is paying a most unwelcome visit. Only at the last household I had a burglar - sometimes it is strange, isn't it, how there aren't any for a long time and then, all of a sudden, a wave of crime seems to sweep across the 'hood!
His first object of desire is Heather's flash sports car.
He then proceeds to steal the book case from her bedroom, of all things! Heather wakes up and is left traumatized by the experience. She tries to get back to sleep but keeps waking up for good part of the day.
Today is the first time she rolls wants about Ripp: She wants to flirt with him and invite him over.
As before, Ripp tackles the overgrown shrubs and does all the weeding for the woman he loves. By the time he finishes, Heather's car pool is here to take her to work.
On Sunday, Heather spends nearly all morning playing the synthesizer.
She only stops when I make her greet Sharla Ottomas. Soon afterwards, her limousine is here again to take her to work.
Heather goes to bed on Sunday night - alone.

Does she have a future with Ripp? When is her bathroom going to be cleaned? Will she ever be healthy for more than two days in a row?


  1. I think they both will be old and grey before their both get together. Well unless you instruct her to clean the bathroom she might do it on her own. Lovely read again.

    1. Thanks, peachy!
      Yes, I suspect they won't get together for some time, too. And there is still a chance that Hailey Hart might be the one to set up shop with Ripp, and not Heather.

  2. What a wonderful treat! two stories in 1 weekend! love it! I have been catching up on some of your back stories again. This time around, the one that interested me the most was the Reubin brothers and Marla. I so enjoyed it that i read 1-5 and then I went looking for 6! good read indeed! So I had to make myself stop because i need to go to work and I wanted to just tell you of my enjoyment when lo and behold a new story. I love Heather Huffington I dont know why. Maybe it will be Ripp maybe she'll move on - cant wait to find out what happens. Yay thanks for the double treat!

    1. Why, thank YOU for reading and commenting - I am glad that you enjoy my stories! Sometimes I think they are too report-like with not enough story-telling in them, but from your comments I assume they are fun to read nonetheless :-) I just don't want to make up too much, I really prefer to report on what actually happens in my game.

  3. O Yes, I do love your stories - See I play though Im not playing now so reading is like catching up on my old friends (geeky?) Even though you may be "reporting" they dont come off report like. Im gathering my thoughts right now and cant wait to play again. Until then I must sim vicariously through you!

    1. It's the same for me, when I read other people's stories about the Maxis-made Sims. They often make me want to start my game immediately, and sometimes I get a good idea for decorating/furnishing or even for a business from reading their stories.

  4. Poor Heather- it's hard to shake a cold once they get it isn't it? She was a Rock Goddess in my game too the one time I played her.
    It's funny how Ripp is more interested in gardening than in Heather- maybe he's playing hard to get?!
    I often wonder what triggers the burglaries but I've yet to figure it out.
    A great read and a nicely decorated house, I think the yellows suit Heather a lot.

    1. Thank you! I like Heather's house and looks, too. Yes. she's been poorly nearly all week, so maybe Ripp was just being sensible and helping her in a practical way instead of risking infection :-)

  5. how come heather isn't as old as other single uni sims? such as sarah love or gunnar roque

    1. I really don't know - each Sim is played for one week in the alphabetical order of their surnames, so I can only imagine that Heather graduated later when the other students had already left uni and were living in New Max. It's been over 2 years since I last played her, but it won't be all that long now until it is her turn again :-)


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