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Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Williamson Family: Week 6

Do you remember this house? Maxis originally had it assigned to Cleo Shikibu and Patricia Wan, but in my game, it has been the home of a different family for quite a while already.
        Upon entering the lot on Monday early morning, I find Gunter Goth having kicked over the rubbish bin. What does he have against Wilma, I wonder?
        Wilma is the half-Alien daughter of William Williamson. Klara, William's wife, is not her biological mother, but from Day One she was treated as if she was her own daughter.Both Klara and William are now 60 years old and have been on Permanent Platinum for a long time. They still work as The Law (William) and Education Minister (Klara), and since neither has shown the wish to retire, they will just keep working.
        Here is Wilma, a teenager whose aspiration is Knowledge, with a lifetime want of becoming Mad Scientist.
        When the school bus drops off Wilma that Monday afternoon, Meike Riley is with her.
        But Wilma is an ambitious young lady has her future career already firmly in mind and does her homework before she dedicates much time to her guest.
        Her wombrat Panda is still there, and thriving. Wilma often plays with Panda, and it always brings her fun level back up in no time.
        Tuesday morning, Klara is pleased to see Wilma cleaning Panda's cage. She has never had to tell the girl to do that and is happy to see her daughter so responsible.       
The shrine still sits in front of the house, and today, Wilma rolled the want of tossing a coin.
        She better not have! A swarm of angry bees is after her, and she only escapes when she gets on the school bus.
        In the afternoon, she makes herself a big glass of orange juice from their own orchard.
        Klara loves to make really nice food for her family. Whenever she prepares a meal (always on her own accord), it is something fancy like turkey.
       On Wednesday morning, I find Klara and William being very affectionately with each other. You can tell it is spring!
        Wilma has another glass of fresh juice for breakfast.
        Today, Klara goes to work and William has the day off. He is not quite so interested in making elaborate meals and prepares salad for lunch instead.
        At night, the couple are out cuddling under the stars. They really love each other very much, and it is nice to see that.       
It is Thursday morning when I find William cleaning his daughter's bathroom. Both parents are very neat and often clean and tidy up around the house on their own initiative.
       Klara has the day off today and stays in her PJs longer than she usually would. Melody Tinker does not seem to mind.

        It has not happened very often yet this week, but today, Klara sits down with Wilma for lunch.

        Very early on Friday morning, Klara is out hunting bugs. Her collection has been widely neglected, because this is something my Sims do not do on their own accord, but I really would like to have one Sim with a complete collection in my game - Klara would be the first.

       Today, Stephen Riley comes home from school with Wilma.

        She takes care of the orchard first.

        Meanwhile, Stephen has discovered Panda and has a lot of fun with the furry little animal.

        "I'd love to have a cat or dog, but my parents only allowed me Panda, my wombrat," Wilma tells Stephen over their meal of salad. Stephen does not have any pets at home at all, he confesses.

        On Saturday, father and daughter take advantage of their time off and the beautiful summer weather and go on a hike together.

        They also share a meal later on.

       Klara does not feel so brilliant and opted out of the hike, spending most of the day in bed.
On Sunday, Wilma dresses nicely. She woke up rolling the wish of sneaking out with Stephen - so far, the two of them have been "just friends" and nothing more.

        She invites over several of her half siblings in the afternoon - Lance Landgraab, Martina Martin and Dora Dreamer are pictured - as well as Stephen. Dora tells the boy that one of their fathers comes from a different planet, and that is why they all have green skin, big black eyes and no nose.

        Wilma has made a delicious cheese cake for her siblings and friends, much to Stephen's delight.

        "It's lovely, isn't it, having a family party like this," Perseida Powers, yet another half-sibling, muses. Klara feels only very slightly excluded and is determined to enjoy her piece of cake no matter what.

        The party is still going on when all of a sudden, Wilma and Stephen find each other alone in the living room, sitting close on the settee. Where did everybody go? (They are all still there - some have gone upstairs, some others are still eating, and some are in the garden. It really happened like this, and I took it as a sign!)

        I wonder how Stephen will react when I tell Wilma to cuddle... looks like he has nothing against this new closeness! The two of them now have a crush on each other. Wilma still wants to sneak out with Stephen, but that will only happen during the next round.


  1. aww that is so cute when everybody disappears and their is only the two of them in the room. Glad you decided to play matchmaker any bolts with them? Lovely read

    1. Actually, Wilma has one crossed out bolt for Stephen!!! But everything seemed to point towards them becoming an item, at least for the time being, that I could not resist and had Wilma try and see what would happen with the "cuddle" option :-)


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