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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Summerdream-Pleasant Household: Week 9

For the previous week at his household, click here.

For the second time this round, we are going to spend a week at this hacienda. Why for the second time? Because Sims with two different surnames live here, and each surname is played in alphabetical order.

Here are Puck Summerdream and Angela Pleasant, both 60 years old. Of course, the first time I played this household this round was when I had reached "P" on the list, now we are here because of S as in Summerdream.

There is also Serva Pleasant still living with the family. She still wants to become Hall of Famer. Angela has reached her lifetime want of having 20 best friends a long time ago and is only controlled by me occasionally. Puck's LTW has changed earlier on this round; from wanting 20 best pet friends, he now dreams of becoming The Law, but won't reach that due to his age.

In order to make Puck and Angela a three-bolt-couple again as they were before turning into Elders, I have Puck change his hairstyle. He seems to love it, but he and Angela get to three bolts only for a little while before reverting back to two.

From his former pet-befriending times, Puck still has three dogs and three cats, which means he is always busy washing the dogs, refilling the pet bowls, cleaning pet beds and so on.

Serva helps a lot, but she can't be asked to wash the dogs - water is dangerous for her.

Angela still loves working out. She is in great shape for a 60-year-old!

The same can not be said about her clean bot, though. It keeps breaking down. I think this one was still made by her late mother, Mary-Sue Pleasant. So maybe it has simply reached the end of its lifetime, as machines do at a certain point.

On this Monday, Serva is promoted to MPV.

For her next promotion, she'll need more body points. To achieve them, she does yoga. It looks weird on a robot, doesn't it?

On Tuesday, Serva meets her predecessor, Servo, for the first time. He, too, was built by Angela, but has moved in with and married Calendula Capp, one of Tybalt Capp's plant children. Serva is happy to meet one of her kind - and I find out that she has three bolts for Servo.

The munchie bot has brought pizza, which Angela has for breakfast.

Puck invites his parents, Titania and Oberon, over. Other guests today are Sandra and Brent Roth... well as Puck's sister Bottom. Her husband Björn probably had to work.

This is not what it looks like - three of the six pets fighting for food. No, there are really plenty of food bowls dotted around the hacienda.

On Wednesday, I make a mistake and tell Serva to repair a broken shower. I forgot that she should not deal with water, and poor Serva is seriously ill afterwards. I send her to power up, but you can see her plumbbob is bright red.

When she has recharged, she is still far from well - she runs amok! I don't remember having seen that happening before.

When Puck tries to stop her, he is electrocuted. (Actually, I did not really see what happened immediately before this picture. Did Puck touch Serva, or did she deliberately seek him out?)

As if Serva running amok was not enough, the clean bot breaks again, too. Or did Serva cause this?

After hours of running around like a headless chicken, Serva stops in the kitchen. She holds on to the counter, and then...

...she really breaks down completely.

She stands there motionless until Angela can repair her.

Only then do I notice that the munchie bot broke down, too - it must have happened at the same time when the clean bot broke. So I guess a broken Servo affects the other robots on the lot somehow.

With relief, Angela observes freshly-repaired Serva going about her duties again.

On Thursday, Bottom pays another visit to her brother.

But ever since Serva's amok run, things have not gone back to normal. Puck and Angela only had four wish slots all of a sudden, and any action they started was interrupted. The dirty dishes caused by the broken munchie bot could not cleaned up, and not even deleted by using the cheat move_objects on. Seeing that the whole lot seemed to be corrupted, there was only one thing for the family to do: move to a different place.
As you can see, they did not move far, and once again chose a hacienda-style house. (Their old house is in the background right.)

It is Monday on the new lot (the calendar having been reset by the game automatically with the move), and Martin Biggs is the first visitor. (No welcome committee turned up, by the way.)

Serva longs for love, as she tells a friend on the phone. Or maybe she is just inviting someone over to see their new place and says "You'll love it" :-)

Pepper, the oldest of Puck's dogs, dies that day. He was over 30 and had had a long and happy life.

His four- and two-legged companions grieve for him.

But Pepper's death does not stop two of the cats from fighting.

It's Alabama v. Sake 1:0.

To celebrate their move, Angela invites her sister Lilith with husband David Ottomas, as well as friends Sofia Baldwin and Florence Delarosa. Servo Capp is back again, much to Serva's delight.

Tuesday morning, Serva plays with Scout and Sheba, the two remaining dogs.

In the evening, Servo rings Serva and asks her to join him downtown. They meet at Baliwood Star Lanes.

Many other Sims are here: Shaun Singles, Hermia Capp, Sam Thomas, Jessie Dosser and Jasmine Rai... well as Dina (or Nina?) Caliente and Roxie Sharpe.

Juliette Davis, Hermia's sister, is also there.

Serva buys coffee for everyone...

...while dear Shaun grills ribs for the group. (That reminds me that I still have not put tables and chairs near the grill.)

It's a great night out, even for Mrs. Crumplebottom!

By Wednesday, Serva's relationship with the (married!) Servo has grown to the next level. I find confirmed what I had suspected: Servos can not make babies.

Another cat fight breaks out downstairs.

Once again, Alabama has won against Sake.

Without thinking of the consequences, I have Angela greet Calendula Capp while Servo (her husband) is still here.

Of course, husband and wife flirt or kiss at some stage, and Serva is very upset. Didn't she know Servo is married?

Calendula confronts her.

sWhen Servo hugs Serva, telling her that they will always be one of a kind, it is Calendula's turn to be upset.

She slaps her husband.
And then she attacks Serva in the tiny bathroom.
I would have thought Serva to be physically stronger, but she loses the fight.
It is on this rather dramatic note that we leave this household.
What is going to happen with Servo and Serva? Will Calendula get a divorce, leaving Servo free to be with Serva?
Are Angela and Puck ever going to roll a wish to get married?


  1. fights fights fights everywhere, animals, robots, and sims, a little bit of everything going on their. shame they had to move but sometimes you just a glitch somewhere and you have to move. I have to move sims before because of things just not going right. Enjoyed the read.

    1. Yes, it was a "fightful" week! It is weird how the game gets such glitches and corrupted lots even when there is not a single bit of custom content in it. On the other hand, moving makes for a nice change, especially in cases where I was not too fond of the house in the first place.

    2. Gosh I haven't seen a Servo (or Serva in this case!) go berserk for ages. I'd forgotten that they do break everything electrical and electrocute Sims nearby. Puck was lucky I think!
      It's a shame his LTW changed as he was doing so well wasn't he with the pets?
      Still there is never a dull moment in your homes and I like the sparks flying between the Servo's. (I wonder what it will be like at Mr Servo's during the next round with his wife being mad at him?) haha.

    3. So it really was Serva doing all this? It just happened too fast for me to see it!
      Puck was doing ok with his LTW but it was still very hard work. Knowing that he never will reach his current LTW somehow makes things more peaceful.
      If Mr. Servo Capp and his wife split up, maybe he and Serva have a future together... who knows...

  2. If my calculations are correct, Angela is 66, and is 8-18 days from dying of old age

    1. She was 60 on the Monday of that week, so she should be 67 on Sunday night.

  3. Jeez! Angela is an elder, but Lilith Isn't and it's nearly 2016

    1. Yes, well, they should of course be the same age (as twin sisters), but my way of playing the 'hood according to the alphabetical list of surnames means I play some households more often than others, and that causes the discrepancy.


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